domingo, enero 22, 2006


Bloody sodding hell, is this me? Have I actually stayed away from blogging in ages? Oh, my gawd, the world is ending, the world is ending, the world is ending...


Like what I've told Kryzzy in our text-message exchange yesterday, everything's been kind of a blur for me lately, thus the title of this blog post. Random, because I am not blogging about anything in particular... it's... well, random.

I do miss my blog. I terribly do.

All righty, on to the entry. The other day my class and I had our Peace Day. The Peace Day is just a fancy name for the Free Day, which is what the school awards the class who wins best class for three consecutive times. We SO wanted to go to the beach, but we were forbidden, so off we went to the South. So now, let's play a little game. Guess who bought three pairs of shoes in Carcar?

But, honestly, can you BLAME me? I mean, there were a lot of shoes to choose from, and I could not resist them. So I bought two pairs of espadrilles and a pair of slippers, and I'm feeling slightly guilty that I've bought a lot, but what the heck. Had I brought along more money, I would've seriously bought more, but I'm not the only one though. I can name two people who are in the same boat. Our class President Daryl bought three pairs, and my friend Bre bought four pairs. I took photos, but have not uploaded them yet so I might edit this entry to include the photos later.

Lately, I've been feeling SO lazy. It seems as if I could not pester myself to do things, but maybe it's because of the fact that the school year is ending. How could I not act this way? The bad part is, teachers have been piling a lot on us. There lies the problem. I even want to finish my fanfiction so badly, but I am too lazy to do so. What do I do? I surf the internet or watch DVDs. Recent ones I've watched is The Mask of Zorro *drools over Antonio Banderas* and Love, Actually *ahem* Honestly, I should just bugger off and buy my own copy, I'm forever borrowing Akkie's. Well... she does owe me a DVD. *cough*getmeloveactuallyplzkthx*cough*

By the way, I just heard from friends that Manny Pacquiao won the boxing match against the Morales guy, who some of my classmates find hot. Er.. right. But anyway, this just means I won a bet! Hahahaha. I get Yellowcab pizza! Hurrah!

Well... I better bugger off and attempt to do my assignments. Summer break's just a corner away, and I totally cannot wait. Lahahaha.