domingo, diciembre 25, 2005

So, despite greeting everyone a Happy Christmas...

... I am NOT happy.

Truth to be told, today wasn't such a bad day. I mean, it was Christmas Eve, and my mom took me and Nico out for shopping, and I bought loads of clothes, so that made me happy.

See, the thing is, there are only two people using Nokia handsets for mobile phones in our household, and those two people happened to share one charger, since I am completely spazzy and broke the charger that came with my phone. Today, my Yaya went home to her relatives and she brought the charger with her, and I ran out of batteries... so...

Good thing we had a spare phone in the house, so lucky me. BUT, the worse thing is that I've stored all my contacts in my mobile phone, not in my SIM card, so people have been texting me all night and I have absolutely NO idea who they are.


Signing off,
who is NOT happy, thank you very much.
Merry Christmas anyway.