jueves, diciembre 29, 2005

Random Holiday

WARNING: If you find this post totally random, forgive me. As of typing time, it's, like, 1:27 in the morning.

Friday, 23rd December

This was the day when I had to wake up at an unthinkable hour (for the holidays, anyway) to do a project. Seriously, half past six in the morning? Who are you KIDDING me? But I had no choice, anyway. I had to get up and get dressed and troop to Rustans where my ever-lovely groupmates were waiting for me. So we rode a taxi to my house and did the project for 30 minutes, because we got lazy and decided to just have separate assignments, which we will compile later on. Like I said in my early post, I downed caffeine to perk myself up.

Later on, in the afternoon, I was whiling away the time until five, because that's when I thought the Fingal Christmas Party would be. Apparently I mixed up the time with Jehra's birthday bash, since at three-fifty-something, I received a call from Meg telling me to get ready since she's heading for my place already, to give me a ride. Needless to say, I panicked, so I threw on the first clothes I could see, turn the PC off immediately and asked Yaya to pack some Macaroni salad. Wow, I never thought I had the ability to get party-ready in five minutes. :-D Seriously, even I thought I looked glammed-up enough even with five minutes of preparation.

Had the party at Gabrielle's house, but sadly the people count was bust. Only Meg, Kimi, Miles and I came... and Gabey of course, since it was at her place. So we ate, watched this hilarious video in PinoyStyle, the Star Wars rap thing and played the Harry Potter trivia game. It was fun, only that Meg's mom picked us up rather early. Sad.

Saturday, 24th December, Christmas Eve

My mom had work off today, so at around noon, she took me and Nico to Robinsons for some self-holiday shopping. We met my grandfather there and we had lunch at Jollibee (Nico's doing, mind you). I tell you, the lines were seriously killing me - they were so bloody long they should be banned!

But I'm happy, since my mom bought me a lot of things. According to her, I was on a roll. Yup, sorry guys, that comes along with my being an expensive daughter. God, I'm expensive.

Okay, so my mom bought me...
  • A black Infinity top from Penshoppe. You know, that top that you can wear fourteen ways? I've been wanting that for so long, and it was only now that I actually got it. Hurrah.
  • A turquoise bolero. Why turquoise? Because I realized that I already had two white boleros and I have a pink one. I also wanted the black one, but I opted for the turquoise because it looks fun.
  • A pair of sparkly sandals, but I don't actually own these. They're my moms', and we've decided to share them, since God knows we share the same size.
  • A bandeau bra
  • A pack of Kiamoy!

Around three, we dropped by the house to get some things, and since we were going to give my grandfather a ride to his home in the South, we gave my Yaya a lift as well, since she was headed South for the Christmas. On the way, we dropped by the house of my lolo's brother, which technically makes him my other lolo, but it'll be hard to explain. Anyway, we dropped by just to pick some food for my lolo.

We stayed at my Lolo's house for an hour or so, because my brother played Family Computer with my cousins Lynn and Moriah. Eventually we had to leave since it was getting dark and we had to order take-out, because my mom did not cook anything.

So we went back to the city and headed to Laguna Garden, where we ordered Crispy Pata, Sotanghon, and Kare-Kare. While we waited for the food, we went to Ayala, which is beside the restaurant. We bought my brother KFC, because God knows he doesn't eat anything aside from fast food fried chicken, and we, as I put it, went on a wild goose chase because my brother SO insisted on buying a new watch even though the available watches were big. Needless to say, it tired me and mom out. Along with that, my brother also bought a Pinoy Big Brother shirt. Hehe.

I was supposed to buy a skirt that I have been eyeing for weeks, but the mall sadly had to close. ^.^ But I got a Kids World Alamanac 2006 anyway, from my aunt and uncle, so whoopee.

And lastly... we now have cable! Courtesy of Nico, of course, but still, yehey, even though I have not watched a whole hour of cable TV, because my dearest brother hogged the television. Darn, there goes my attempt at being civilized.

Sunday, December 25, Christmas Day

Kinda forgot what we did on Christmas Day... oh, right, my cousins Faye and Kyle came over (do you notice the pattern that we cousins are so, like, four letter names? Moriah is often called Ahya, which makes it four. And they call me Isha. Huh, only noticed that now). I got a new blouse from them. They stayed for Chocolate Cake and Coke, and I burned Faye a CD, and then we trooped to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner.

My aunt and my uncle gave me a bottle of Victoria Secret perfume, and a tube of Maybelline Lip Smooth. It was similar to my old new lip balm, which, after only a few weeks of purchasing it, got lost. Apparently it fell from my pocket while I was getting out of the car, since Meg saw the remains of the lippy when she arrived at school. Poor lip balm.

Dinner was okay, but the dessert was divine, because it was blueberry cheesecake. So even though I was full from le steak, I took a slice anyway. I love blueberry cheesecake. Honestly.

Monday, 26th December, Boxing Day

I think my mom, my brother and I just lounged around the house. Well, maybe not exactly, since my mom decided to clean the house. I slept the entire afternoon off, not waking up until six something. Had dinner, and then my mom and I went to the spa to have body massages. R. r. good.

Random Stuff

  • Sometime after Christmas, my keyboard acted up. The "S," "V," and "I" keys, along with "Shift" and "Tab" did not work properly, unless you really pound on them. After a few pounds, my hand was shaking already so I enlisted the help of my new lip balm to help me pound. But the point is... I HAVE A NEW KEYBOARD!! It's black, and it's really sleek and sexy. Vhoopee. Along with that is a new mousey-mousey, which is also black and it's optical, so it's shiny, and flashy, and sleek and sexy. Hurrah for adjectives!
  • I miss the beach.
  • I wish I had $548 right now.