sábado, diciembre 10, 2005

Pre-Exams Blues

I'm feeling rather glum, for no reason at all (as usual), though I think this may be because it's the weekend prior to exams. Argh.

Homework is driving me nuts. Our teachers have been piling a lot of them this week! And speaking of school, I haven't redeemed myself in some waterloo subjects yet because I haven't met some of our teachers this week. Most of them are participating in the Days of Wonder, Seasons of Love concert, which is a concert for a noble cause. They're using the profits for the renovation of the auditorium and for scholarship funds.

I watched the concert twice: the first one was the matinee with the entire department, and yesterday, because I got a P500 ticket and it was a shame to let it go to waste. I have to admit though, yesterday's showing was better than the matinee because they've added a number which we haven't seen in the matinee, plus the darkness of the evening made the lighting stand out better.

I felt half-bad that I wasn't in the concert, because I really wanted to, but it's all for the best. The participants had to go to school today and catch up with our current lessons so that they won't fail the exams. Too bad for Angela, Dixie, Breanna and Stephanie, four girls who are all dear to me.

Speaking of which, I TOTALLY MISSED THESE GUYS! I so miss Angela, who is my seatmate and tends to whack me in the nearest body part whenever she's having a fit of laughter. I saw her yesterday before the concert, and she hugged me so tight, and even lifted me from the ground. I miss you too, Shalala.

I miss Dixie, one of my constant companions during break times. I miss your obsession about Hale, even though I would never admit it to you and the only possibility you'll know of this is if you read my blog.

I miss Breanna, who I always talk to in assemblies and line formations. I miss your funny stories, even though sometimes you talk so fast that I could hardly catch up.

I miss Stephanie, my love. I miss having someone to talk to about problems, always asking me how I am. :(

Prior to the concert, Fiona, Meg, Gabrielle and I went to Mother's in St. Patrick Square at around five to eat an early dinner. Fiona and I were hungry because we ate our lunch at recess and had nothing for lunch. So we ate, and then the door opens and our principal walks in to eat there also.

After dinner, we went all the way to Mango to grab my glasses, because heaven knows I have such a bad eyesight, and who do I bump on the way? Ate Rina! It was rather dark while Fiona and I headed down, and then I see this couple walking towards us, and they got nearer, and the next thing I knew, someone screamed, "Patricia!"

Needless to say, I was frozen for one second, then I let out a shriek. Honestly, I did that. And I go, "OMG!" and gave her a hug that could easily rival Angela's, except that no one carried the other. ;) She was with her boyfriend, and they were both there from Singapore to watch the concert too!

After exchanging numbers, went to get glasses and spritz some cologne, which prompted Fiona to say, "Um, we're not seeing anyone. We're just watching a concert." But heaven knows I can't deal not smelling good. Ish.

Since we were silver sponsors, we got good seats right at the middle, but there was this overly huge guy in front of me, and I kept complaining to Fiona and Sherry that I can't see a thing, but luckily the guy moved a few seats to the left because he was taping the concert. Go me!

The concert ended half past eight. Fiona and I walked with Gabrielle to the back gate, then Fiona and I walked towards the front gate to wait for our rides. Mine arrived at a quarter to nine, but unfortunately, the AC was broken so I had to roll down the windows to be able to breathe. I spotted my teachers who were participants in the concert, so I gave them a little wave too.

Drove to McDonalds to buy Nico chicken. I bought a McFlurry and then a guy selling pirated DVDs went to us. Easily saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I bought it (well, my mom did, since I was bankrupt), despite having said that I will buy the original. Haha. Anyway, I could just save a peso a day, since the DVD will be released next April. For sure, I'll have enough pesos by then to buy a copy! Hehe!

Woke up early this morning because Charmagne and Athena R. were coming over to do our project. We accomplished a lot, even while we laughing at Athena's cellphone, which is so broken. We had lunch-y lunch-y and then they left to attend Christmas parties.

Spent the afternoon watching a movie and pigging out (as usual). Darn... I just realized I could've studied. What a waste of a Saturday! I'll study tomorrow... wait, we're going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Oh no. I'll study in the evening... no, I'm doing my homework then! Ah, I'll just have to wake up early and study. There!

Accomplishment of the Week: Yelling "Shut up!" at the dog, Ranger. Hey, you don't see that everyday, don't you? Yeah, well, whatever. It's my accomplishment for the week, after all.

Gonna go to bed... night-y night-y. Hugs and lots of love. Feeling much happier now (ish).