sábado, diciembre 17, 2005


Nearly a week without blogetivity! My gulay, how did I manage to survive?

We had our exams this week, from Wednesday to Friday.

And. I. Survived.

*bows and bends to pick up flowers thrown at me*

I think I can safely say that I did better in these tests than the previous one last October. Even though I didn't study earlier, I studied longer and understood the lessons more. I'm fairly convinced I pulled it off, and I cannot wait until January to see the results of my exams.

On Friday afternoon, I went with Dixie and Princess to Ayala. Dixie was to buy her gift for her Manita, who is Abby. And me? I bought Daryl a pair of silver earrings. Sad to say, it wasn't from Colorstone, which is her favorite accessory store. It was from Silver Works. Fairly decent enough, it was a dangling butterfly earring.

Met up with Pearl and Faye in Penshoppe. They were too buying gifts for their manitas. We got separated, so Pearl and I shopped together and Dixie and Faye did the same.

It was raining like hell yesterday. I hitched a ride to Fuente with Pearl, then I got left with my own devices, so I took out my T.H.E. notebook and used it as a cover for my head, as I wait for the jeep to arrive. And the weather worsened. Had a headache when I came home, but good thing I didn't get the fever.

So today was our Christmas party. Started off with a Eucharistic celebration, then we went to our classrooms and played games while we waited for the KFC to arrive with our food. We also invited our student teachers, Teacher Mark and Teacher Janice, whom we teased together... so many kilig moments! Ha-ha! T. Mark even played the guitar and T. Janice sang Crazy For You. Woo-hoo! I have photos, but I don't have the USB port though, so can't upload 'em.

Guess what I gave everyone?



I am SORRY, but I am truly bankrupt and wasn't able to save up. Sahd. Fiona gave me this really cute bag-tag with my photo on it, and a box of Spongebob Squarepants chocolates (Which enabled Athena R to yell loudly, in my ear). Miggy and my manita, Rio (whose name I also picked!) gave me purses. Akkie had promised to give me a Love Actually DVD but attempts to burn the DVD was a failure, so she lent me her copy for the meantime and gave me a coin purse and wads of paper. Mileszy gave me a bookmark with my name on it and a note at the back. Daryl gave me this uber-cute cellphone chain shaped like a moon, with Colorstones on it. And Pearlaloo gave me a bottle of cologne! Yipee!

So. If I haven't given you a gift yet, just presume I'll hand it over next year when I get allowances back. Hee.

By the way, before I end this blogpost, let me just mourn over the demise of the Potterpuffs. I'm really gonna miss them, but I wish the creator, Naomi, the best.