sábado, noviembre 05, 2005


Finally, I finished editing my template. You like it? *grins* Actually, it isn't that original, if you've seen my LiveJournal. Remmy and Tonksie again, of course. I posted here a few months ago that I had an urge to change my template to a Remus and Tonks one, so here it is. It wasn't really part of my original plan, but at the last minute, I just decided to make it a Remus and Tonks one. And Potterpuffs. I have a weakness for them. =)

I only have one day left, and I'm going back to school. I don't want to yet! I still want to laze around, wake up late, eat whenever I can and do whatever I want, but does it look like I have a choice? No. Of course not.

At least I'll have Christmas break to look forward to. Should be good.

And OMG, Harry Potter will be in ten more days! *squeals* Though I'm not so sure about the countdown anymore. Maybe I got the wrong countdown for the wrong country, but anyway, it does not change the fact that next next Wednesday, GoF will finally be released! I heard some cinemas in Manila are already selling tickets. OMG OMG. I want to see it on the sixteenth!!

Plus, I just realized, Barty Crouch Jr. is HOT. Abso-freakin'-lutely HOT.

Okay, if you are a Harry Potter fan, these are the ten things you should do while watching the movie. Actually, there's more. I just picked the ten best ones.

  1. When Mad-Eye Moody and his funky eyepatched magical eye come on screen, promptly start singing the Spongebob song: "Are you ready kids?""Aye-aye, captain!""I can't hear you!""Aye-aye, captain!""Ohhhhh!!!!"
  2. When the Yule Ball scene comes, shout out, "Hermione's dress is PERIWINKLE! Read the books, costume designers!"
  3. You may also, if you wish, bring wands and pretend to be the fairies from Sleeping Beauty who change the color of Princess Aurora's dress from blue to pink to blue to back again. Do this process by pointing your wand at Hermione on the screen with a friend, and arguing "Blue!" "Pink!" "Blue!"
  4. After Cedric dies, declare loudly, "I want a taco. You know who can't have a taco? CEDRIC! Because he's DEAD!!" and then break into huge hysterical sobs.
  5. When Sirius' head appears in the fire, yell, "OMG WHAT THE HOWL WHO BARBECUED MY SIRIUS?"
  6. When Dumbledore introduces Beauxbatons and pronounces it Bow-BATT-ons, shout, "Dear Michael Gambon, your French sucks. Love, BEAU-batons."
  7. Scream "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" in an ominous voice everytime Moody comes on screen, and give maddeningly superior looks everytime you do this at the people who haven't read the books.
  8. When Cedric dies, and it is confirmed that he is dead, cry out:"Guess we should call him DEADric now!"
  9. At the beginning, yell, "This film has champions, merpeople, dragons, mad eyes, goblets, yule balls, but NO REMUS. What's up with that?" You can, of course, replace Remus with Lockhart or Quirrell or whoever was in the first three movies and isn't in the fourth.
  10. During the second task, yell, "Hey Cedric, don't bother rescuing Cho, just leave her on the bottom of the lake!"

Anyway, even though I still have my Sem Break fever, I think I've made the most out of it when it comes to movies. I've watched a lot. I watched The Legend of Zorro. It was SO freaking cool, and hot, and sexy. I love Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and the accents. I watched If Only. It's a certified tearjerker. It was so sad and beautiful and heartbreaking. I also cried while watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Especially with the little girl, Bailey, and the parts where Carmen felt left out. I watched Cadet Kelly, which is this original Disney movie. I didn't like it that much. That's all. I also watched Taxi. I love the movie, and I can't help but wonder why people like Gisele Bundchen are so freaking tall when there are shorter people in the world. *sigh* Guess I'll never win.

Hafta go and take a bath. This template took me most of the afternoon, and dinner's starting soon. Bye-bye.


EDIT: Can someone please tell me how to activate your cookies? I can't comment on my shoutbox because my cookies are supposedly deactivated. *frowns*