viernes, noviembre 11, 2005


Thank God it's Friday!

Somehow I feel I did a lot of things today when actually I didn't do a lot. So let's see.

I had P.E. earlier. My hand really hurts from throwing and catching the soccer ball. Seriously, sports just aren't for me. But I think I really improved on my throwing, because Manie told me not to hold my hand too high in the air. We won the soccer game against the other group without me breaking into a sweat. *grins* I was about to kick the ball when one of my mateys scored a home, and we won, so there.

We presented our sixty-second presentation in S.S. I forgot to bring my FAN to the platform. But oh well, what's done was done. And oh, did I mention that MM and I learned the actions just a few hours before the presentation? Ha-ha!

My teacher left us on our own today in Science, so I went with Julie, Angela and Shein to the canteen. My English teacher told Shein she was gonna exhibit her portfolio for the PAASCU exhibit, and since Shein left her portfolio at home, she had to ask her driver to bring it to school. It was fascinating to hear her babble loudly in Korean. ;)

By teh way, said English teacher told me she has a surprise for me. I wonder what it is? She just kept on bringing it up. I asked her, at one point, if it was a surprise for my birthday. She just pinched me on the cheek. Now she really got me curious. Julie bet that I got a high grade in my testpaper... dunno, really. But I WONDER WHAT IT IS!!!

Had institutional mass at the grounds. Halfway through, it rained, so a few of us scattered to the grade school buildings. After the mass though, the rain hadn't stopped so we were forced to go to the classroom under the rain. Got wet, of course.

When I logged on today, I saw Ate Rina was online, who didn't tell me she moved to Singapore last April! We chatted for a short time and she left me a birthday card. Grool.

Q: Hey, you know any good links that offer icons? tnx! -j-me
A: You can try some communities in LiveJournal. And I take requests. :)

Q: I'm hungry. Are you? LOL! - Jheca
A: Hi Jheca! Yeah, I am. Perpetually. *wink*

Outta here.

PS: By the way, I just want to announce:

I Need Icon Love
So if you have any ideas for icons, please let me know. You can post in my Haloscan or type in my question box. I'm dying to make lots and lots of icons. Harry Potter ones. If only I had ideas on my own. My mind is blissfully blank lately.