miƩrcoles, noviembre 23, 2005

Oh, Bullocks

is currently feeling angsty, demented


I have time to blog. Gee, what about?

I STILL wasn't able to watch Harry Potter! *is seriously annoyed now* I wasn't able to go last Monday because my dear mother forbade me to watch it in E-Mall, and no one would come with me to Ayala to watch it. Good thing, Fiona talked me into waiting until Friday, because by then she would watch with me. But major UNFAIR, she'll be watching it the second time, whereas it would be my first.


I swear on my blog I have to catch it twice in the cinema.

Yesterday, in THE, we started garnishing foods, but Lord knows that I am a major disaster in the kitchen because frankly, I do not actually spend time in the kitchen handling knives and cutting things. I only go there for washing my hands, checking what the food is, and opening the fridge. And that is saying something, seeing as I pass the kitchen every time I go up or down the stairs.

Yesterday also, around this time, my dear mother told me off for perpetually using the internet. I do not! Oh, well, maybe I do, but when she told me off, I was actually doing homework, i.e. looking for suitable lines for my English monologue. *starts speaking to herself in Shakespearean language*

Oh, no. I just remembered. Tomorrow will be card giving! Oh no oh no oh no. Oh, bullocks! What do I do now? Well, obviously I couldn't do anything since my grades are final, but oh no oh no oh no.

Well, yes. For sure I so did not fail Science, because Marvic was handing out slips for remedial classes, and I didn't get one, and they only hand out those stuff to failing people, i.e. me last year, in Math.

And I got good scores in Math this year, and I also didn't receive a slip.


Oh no oh no oh no. *breathe in, breathe out*