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Lamentations of a Starry-Eyed Twit

or, My Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie Review

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Yay! I finally watched it! I finally watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! And because I, Patty, am a dork extraordinaire, here is my ticket to prove to you that I really watched it already:

Ha! See?! I told you!

Everything school taught me about making movie reviews got thrown out of the window, so please bear with me as you read my thoughts about the movie.

  • The film opens with Nagini slithering through a giant skull in the Riddle's graveyard. It really sets the mood for the whole movie. It's very impressive and dark. I like. The Riddle house looked castle-like, more impressive and scary than my mental image, which was of a regular house.
  • Like I said, Barty Crouch Jr. is tres hawt, even if he does that snake-like thing with his tongue. Yum. Rarr.
  • The Portkey scene is even better than anticipated! It was really cool, with this whirly, vortex-ish thing to indicate they were all spinning, and there was this funny thing when all the kids hit the ground, sprawled all around, only to look up and see Mr. Weasley, Mr. Diggory and Cedric Diggory (<3!)
  • The Weasley's tent looked way cool. "I love magic!" Hee!
  • Even though we didn't see the action in the Quidditch World Cup, I have to say that the stadium was really impressive. Brilliant lighting and people everywhere made me feel really excited. The entrance of the Irish Quidditch team was really great, and I loved that huge poster-thing-ish of Viktor Krum that flashed when he was introduced. I loved it when poster!Krum looked on to the real Krum flying around the stadium. Magnificent!
  • Plus, Lucius Malfoy looked really hot, even with the snakehead cane. Draco Malfoy looked hot in a black suit. God, this movie is so full of hot people!
  • The movie people really outdone themselves with the Dark Mark. It looked mighy impressive than the one at the back of the book jacket in Book Six. It was even animated! I guess, evil as he is, Lord Voldemort is actually pretty creative. Ha!
  • The entrance of the Beauxbatons students was cute. They do some sort of dance thing, accompanied by magical blue butterflies. Fleur Delacour looked quite pretty there. I love Fleur, that's why I'm kinda disappointed she doesn't have much speaking lines. But what's with Madame Maxime? I expected her to be large all over, but she was rather thin and VERY tall.
  • Then the Durmstrang students enter, and it is WAY impressive. They do some march thing, pounding their staffs on the floor, and it's really coordinated. When they reach Professor Dumbledore, one of 'em sort of blew red flames. Very impressive. That's all I have to say.
  • I heart the Weasley twins. They got a lot of screen time, which is really good, because they are so adorable! I love their interaction with Hermione Granger on the Ageing Potion. Krum comes in and he and Hermione share a Look. By the way, I have to mention that I got sort of converted to a Krum/Hermione fan because of this movie. Their moments were so dang sweet!
  • The Champions are selected! I had to chuckle when I saw that Fleur had folded her entry into a fan. Very cute. I didn't quite like Professor Dumbledore getting angry at Harry. Yes, I know I mentioned once in this blog that it looked funny, but actually, it wasn't. Bad Dumbly. Whatever happened to gentle, caring, twinkling-clear-blue-gaze, everyone's grandpa Dumbledore? He actually slams Harry on the wall, and, like, he said in the fifth book he doesn't like to manhandle his students. Hello? Can anyone say "hypocrite" here? But, well, yes... there are differences between the movies and the books, but what the hell, I don't like it.
  • Rita Skeeter is hilarious! I love that scene when she and Harry were in the broom cupboard. Made me go, "ohhhh!" for some weird reason. She has great body language and I love that femme fatale look, even though I hate book!Rita Skeeter.
  • I hate the "Potter Stinks" badges, but it looked really cool in the movie. I wish I had one of those, even though I think Harry DOES NOT STINK. I felt sad for Harry when he saw everyone wearing those badges. Cedric told him he tried to do something about the badges, which was so nice of him. Loff!
  • The ferret scene is even funnier than expected! Ferret!Malfoy is cute, and Professor McGonagall was so funny! Yay for more McGonagall screen time. I mean, come on, it's a shame to have a very respected actress do so little in the movie. I just wished they made it a little canon and made her carry books that fall off when she realized that the ferret was a student.
  • Harry and Hermione hugging = squeal! Then Rita Skeeter had to jump in and take a photo. Harry and Hermione looked embarrassed post-hug. Viktor tells her to get lost, and I go "ooooh!" because his accent is very sexeh.
  • The Hungarian Horntail chasing Harry around the Hogwarts Castle, as everyone and their dogs know, is not canon, yet I loved that scene. It was breathtakingly exciting, and Harry falling off looked downright scary.
  • In the Great Hall, Cho Chang smiles at Harry, and he spits out pumpkin juice. Yay!
  • Professor McGonagall has a really huge gramophone which beats out Lupin's in the third movie. Yes, only recently did I know that those things were called a gramophone, and I am truly pathetic, but moving on. Professor McGonagall is teaching them how to dance to avoid disgracing the name of Godric Gryffindor, and it was quite funny when she ranted on about swans in every lady, and lions in every guy. I was trying not to laugh so loud, even more so when she called Ron Weasley and told him to put his right hand on her waist. Ron looked so funny there! And so they danced, and everyone joined them. Very hilarious. And I loved it when we see Neville Longbottom practicing by himself in the dormitory.
  • Krum groupies! I love that scene by the lake when he was walking, and a dozen girls were tailing him. Ha! Adorable!
  • Also love that part where Fred Weasley demonstrates to Ron by asking Angelina Johnson to go with him to the ball. Smooth, yet incredibly funny! And Fred's so cute! Then we see Professor Snape smacking Harry and Ron. It was so funny when Professor Snape notices Harry and Ron being annoying, and he pulls the cuffs on his robes, getting ready for another round of slap-down. Hysterical!
  • Ron's dress robes are beyond hideous, and he begs Harry to murder him. The Great Hall is covered in ice, which looks lovely and very Christmas-y, and I just have to say that Harry CANNOT dance! Sorry, Godric Gryffindor. Fiona, who came with me to the movies, got on a high when she saw Filch cradling Mrs. Norris and swaying to the music. Fiona loves Mrs. Norris, after all. Hagrid on Madame Maxime's chest was cute as well, and made me go "Wheee!" :p
  • The Prefect's Bathroom is better than I imagined! Hundreds of taps in different colors-- bloody awesome. I should make it a goal to be able to bathe in there. Then Moaning Myrtle appears and molests Harry by looking down there. Harry desperately covers himself with more bubbles, yet Myrtle continues to sidle up to Harry. Then he covers himself with the Golden Egg. *laughs hysterically*
  • The underwater effects in the second task were really awesome. It was amusing to see Harry swimming quite gracefully, and Ron, Hermione, Cho and Gabrielle Delacour looked like dolls underwater. Viktor comes as a half-transfigured shark, which looked genuinely scary to me, and he goes off to grab Hermione and bring her to the surface. Cedric gets Cho, points at his watch, and Harry nods. Harry waits for Fleur to turn up but she doesn't, and time was about to end, so he grabs both Ron and Gabrielle, and swims for the surface, but unluckily, he was attacked by what I assumed were grindylows, but he casts the Ascendio and shoots up to the lake.
  • The mazes are genuinely creepy. It makes up for the lack of obstacles, like the Sphinx, the giant spider, the Blast Ended Skewt, and whatever else was in the maze. The walls close in behind Harry and Cedric. Cedric looking scared is way hot, and I tear up, realizing he's going to be killed in a few screen-minutes. But this isn't the first time I tear up. Sometimes when I see Cedric looking exceptionally gorgeous, I remember the fact that he only had the end of the movie to live. :-(
  • Fleur looks absolutely petrified. Good acting there. Clemence Poesy's acting is really good, in my opinion. There was also a part in the second task when she looked petrified, which was really convincing and very good. Krum attacks her and the vines and the branches take her body into the maze walls.
  • Cedric and Harry spot the Triwizard Cup and race off to get there first, but somehow Cedric falls to the ground and Harry is torn between running for the Cup or helping Cedric. In the end, he decides to rescue Cedric, and they take the cup together, which turns out to be a Portkey.
  • The Riddle graveyard once more. Harry sees the tombstone. Uh-oh. A hissing voice, well, hisses to kill the spare, and Cedric got AKed, and I start tearing up! He's dead! It was heartbreaking. :-(
  • Wormtail does the flesh, blood and bones, or whatever they were scene, and it is so gruesome, especially when he cuts his own hand. I had to cover my eyes when he was about to, so I couldn't really see that scene, but I know it's gruesome anyway. Voldie rises, and it genuinely petrified me. He looked horrible, even though Ralph Fiennes is hot, and he moves with sheer grace to where Harry was, and ranted on about how he lived because Lily loved you, and how he could touch him already, and blah blah. Wormtail's silver hand looks pretty cool.
  • Voldemort stepping on Cedric's face with bare feet breaks my heart into even more pieces.
  • Harry and Voldemort duel, and Priori Incantatem happens. The dome looks awesome. Lily, James, and Cedric broke my heart again ( as if it weren't broken in the first place!) because it was so sad, particularly when Ced whispered that Harry take his body back to his parents.
  • Harry grabs the Portkey with Cedric in his other hand, and they arrive in Hogwarts. Everyone starts to cheer, including Amos Diggory, until Fleur screams in horror, and everything turns into a disaster. It was really heartbreaking to see Amos mourning over his son.
  • Professor Dumbledore visits Harry in the Gryffindor dormitory and says sorry for putting his life into danger. Krum gives Hermione his address, then Fleur and Gabrielle give Ron kisses on the cheek, then Hermione goes, "Everything's going to change." Then the movie ends with the Beauxbatons carriage flying off into the sunset and the Durmstrang ship submerging into the lake.

Whew, that was long. But I enjoyed every moment of the movie. It was awesome and the best Harry Potter flick yet. It was even reported on the news that it's going to overthrow Sorcerer's Stone as the most successful movie, even. Mike Newell did a great job, and I love the soundtrack. Yes, Fio, I heard Magic Works and it IS heartbreaking. And poor Cedric.

The things that miffed me were that the Champions didn't have much speaking lines. I expected they were going to say a lot, but they didn't. Especially Fleur and Krum. Krum's accent is really sexy, and I wanted to hear Fleur's voice, but I was disappointed in that part.

And yes, I really did not like violent!Dumbledore. Michael Gambon portrays a different kind of Dumbledore, and so does the late Richard Harris. I miss Richard Harris already.

Too bad Sirius didn't get screen time, unless you call him in the embers of the fire "screen-time." I was compelled to shout the "OMG who barbecued my Sirius?!" line, but I didn't. :p

The Pensieve was also impressive. I loved how Dumbledore's thoughts swirled around. And the court scene was impressive. Yes, this movie is all about hot men and impressiveness. I have to say, though. Barty Crouch Jr.'s clean look in that scene did not suit him. He looks hotter in his other scenes, where he had the dirty look. Professor Dumbledore, I also thought, looked more Dumbledore-ish in the court scene. Too bad we didn't see Bellatrix Lestrange. It would have been cool. No Narcissa Malfoy, even, since the entire house-elves plot was cut. I'm telling you, this movie may be about hot mean and impressiveness, but it genuinely lacks in the Black sisters. Gah.

I don't remember anything else I should babble about in this so-called review, but feel free to point out some things if you want to. I need to rant... and rant... and rant...

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