jueves, noviembre 10, 2005

Big, Fat Crap

*blogger enters, dancing to the tune of Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes.*

With a little help from my friend Sheena, I was able to make that as my background song. I don't know, it's just catchy and amusing. I was searching for that song for AGES, back from the days that Daryl asked me to amplify her profile and put that song in her profile.

I love iWebTunes. :-)

Have not done my homework yet. I just got home two hours ago (ish), because I stayed late in school. We were actually planning our sixty-second Social Studies presentation, and then my Filipino teacher barged in and took photos of all of us. And she made us help her on some stuff for PAASCU. Wheee.

I received my other testpaper in Math today, and I did pretty good for myself, so I'm happy about that. Received my T.H.E. testpaper, and I'm still not over the essay part. Imagine that, three points out of freakin' TEN, and the question was asking for my opinion! *is astounded* So how did Patty react? She got tongue-tied. I mean, seriously, 3/10?

I also received my paper in Filipino. I passed... ish. Well, anyway, I did better on it than the last exam, and at least my teacher was nice 'nuff to give us three bonuses, which helped.

Had a funny conversation with my English teacher earlier, during Social Studies. Something about me "starting to bloom," and that "there's someone special in your life," to which I got tongue-tied again. Seeing me like that, she goes, "How did I know?" with a knowing look on her face, and then she continues, "Because I see it in the way you look at me!"

She can just be crazy at times (and she wanted us to tell PAASCU that!).

I'm planning a little get-together on the weekend after my birthday. I'm treating some friends to lunchy-lunchy and we're gonna go watch the new Harry Potter flick. Whoopee.

T.H.E. got cut off by one period today because we had a general cleaning. OMG. My hand totally hurts from sweeping those dead leaves from the tree beside the faculty room.

I'm feeling a little hazy. Must be the effects of those chemicals we were messing around earlier. It must've gotten to me, because I accidentally spilled a solution of lead nitrate and sodium chloride (or something like that) earlier. Typical me. Such a klutz extrordinaire. Just call me Tonks.

Hafta run and finish my Homework-y. So that my mom and my teachers won't go mad-y. I tell you, I'm losing my mind.