sábado, octubre 01, 2005

Onset of Questions

I am SO sorry for not blogging lately. I've been really busy with school... did I mention about my Sugbuak critique paper? It's giving me a right-righteous headache. Seriously.

I'm rather in a hurry, so I'll just post some answers to questions that had been asked a long time ago. SO sorry for not answering them soon enough! Well, here you go!

Q: What is the capital of Vietnam? -fio
A: Hanoi, Fio. Seriously, you're THAT bored?

Q: Do you have a boyfriend or sort of? [like ka-m.u?] hehehe
A: I think I don't have, but people think otherwise.

Q: Patty, how do add music to my blog? -ate cathy
A: Got the codes from CreateBlog

Q: sugbuak
A: Whaa, I'm not a bloody search engine *sobs*. Okay, what do you want to know about Sugbuak? That it's Supak sa Pag-Buak (Against Breaking)? That it's the proposal for dividing Cebu into three provinces namely Occidental Cebu, Cebu del Sur and Cebu del Norte? That there are currently three House Bills for this, filed by Rep. Antonio Yapha, Rep. Clavel Asas Martinez and Rep. Simeon Kintanar? That my mom and I thinks that Cebu is Cebu and not just because of some people who are power hungry, they will divide Cebu so that they can rule and have their own people to rule? What?! Or that I just really oppose this proposal?

*sigh* Hafta run and finish my paper. I swear, if my teacher sees me now, she'll probably kill me for not doing it. Miss, I did it naman!! I did the Series of Events Chain and the Problem-Solution Chart! See, that's something!!!!

Okay, I'm turning bloody pathetic. Tah-tah.