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I know last night was supposed to be my last night of freedom, but I just had to see the new Harry Potter trailer via Quicktime. The last time I viewed it, it was in WMP, and it rather sucked because it was small and low quality. So while I'm whiling away the time, here's my megapost.

Intrams Aftermath

After Intramurals, we tried to catch up with our lessons. Things had been difficult then, for we had to catch up, knowing that the exams were coming soon. And so we had loads of new lessons and quizzes and stuff. It was driving me insane, having to memorize things all the time.

Downstream Tour

We also had our Downstream Tour first week of October. It was really fun to go out of school for even just a day. Our chaperons were Teacher Jean and Teacher Krish. We had four stops wherein we learned how the water is processed so that it'll be potable enough to drink. We had two cars, one is a mini-bus and the other was an L3. We might've been squeezed in the L3, but it was fun. I had Breanna, Cha-Cha, Julie, Shein, Nina, Ova, Marvic, Angela, Judene, Athena R, Fatty, Stephie, MM, She-She, and Lynde with me. We called ourselves the "L3" with Cha-Cha as the "Nanay," Julie, because she was the tallest, was ironically the youngest, which leaves... me as the "eldest." *snorts*

We even crossed this stream, wherein I slipped and injured my hand. I had to wear this really uncomfortable bandage for a few days until I was able to move it again. I considered it lucky though, that I brought extra jeans and had worn shorts under my jogging pants so my undies weren't drenched, that I left my hanky AND the digital camera in my bag. But it didn't matter, nearly everyone got drenched. While the others trooped to Tita Gwapa supermarket to buy food, Athena C and I changed into dry clothes.

Over lunch, we had a picnic. Lynde had brought two cans of Century Tuna, but we didn't have a can opener, so most of the L3 took turns in poking the cans with a fork. We managed to open both of them, though Julie had a bloody finger. But, yep, it was really fun.

Head over to my Multiply account for loads of pictures from the Downstream Tour. :)

Wow, Harry Potter is downloading nicely. To continue...

Back to Curls

Once a curlhead, always a curlhead. Just days before the Downstream, I had my hair permed, and now it's curly. Korky (who also recently had her hair permed) said it looked like noodles, and Regina said that I looked like an American. I take it they like it... do you? =D It's not super curly like it was first, but nevertheless, it is still curly, so there.

Harry Potter 5

I borrowed a copy from Gracielle last Wednesday, and she brought the book over on Thursday. I told her it's a date with Harry Potter a.k.a. SemBreak reading (two weeks! Yay!), yet... since there weren't assignments, I read it. By the time I went to bed, I was already in Chapter 25. Yikes. So much for sembreak reading then. I finished it already. *grins sheepishly*


Pearl's birthday is tomorrow, Mom's is on Tuesday. Happy birthday, you guys!

Oh, and as of typing time, it's 31 days, 5 minutes and 20 seconds until my birthday. How did I know? Well, I have this Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire countdown thing on my desktop, and since GoF will open on my birthday here in the Philippines, I had an automatic countdown to my day as well! I'm overly excited for the film. Well, I'm downloading the trailer, aren't I? Can't wait for my date with Harry. ;)


Reading: Harry Potter 5. Again. Deal with it.
Watching: (rather peeking) HPGoF trailer. Deal with it.
Listening to: That Pinoy Big Brother theme. Really catchy.
Wearing: Clothes. Do you expect me to wear a barrel?

Christmas Around the Corner

Just a few more weeks and it's Christmas already! How did that happen? I have to get started in brainstorming on what to get everyone for Christmas. I could feel the economic crisis already *sigh*. And I can't wait to get to Disneyland HK. =D I just hope I wouldn't miss exams, seeing that I CANNOT miss exams for first and third gradings. Ugh. Also, I cannot wait to get gifts. Hahaha.


I made this study schedule for my exams. I have to admit, I don't really follow it but it rather helps. I devised a way to get as much sleep as possible while having enough time to study, seeing that one of my teachers told us that the best memory enhancer is sleep. I'm keen on doing well in the exams so that I could make up for my lousy grades in Math and Science. I swear to God, I cannot comprehend a single thing. I was supposed to study Health and Home Economics today, but I ended up falling asleep. I feel guilty wasting a Saturday, but it has passed already. Have to make up for it tomorrow... tomorrow...

... and besides, half of the people I texted haven't even studied yet. *cough*Angela*cough*Shein*cough*Tonie. ^.^

To help me with my waterloo subjects, I have arranged for a four-hour tutor session with a private tutor on Monday. I hope that it will actually help, seeing that my brain cells aren't even working. My God!

Oh yay, my download has just passed the 50% mark. Anyway...

I don't know if you know this, but I'm stressed for the exams. I had a headache yesterday, and Thursday evening I had this-- shit, nooo! I can't believe I just got cut off! What about my Harry Potter download?!!!?

Okay, it's reconnected, and my download has been spared! I'll just have to see if it continues downloading, but anyway. Yes! Thank you Lord!

Now, where was I?

Thursday evening, I had this urge to throw up. Seriously. That can't happen often. And I feel that I lack so much sleep, having woken up early to study *repoints at eyebags*-- oh great, my Quicktime closed! Nooo, I have to download AGAIN!!

Ooh, it's fast. *grins happily*

Well, let's see. Still, this is gonna be one long post. How about a quiz?

List 20 people you can think of right off your head:

1. Mom
2. Nico
3. Ate Judie
4. Ate Toni
5. Tammy
6. Maky
7. Eramm
8. Kryzzy
9. Fiona
10. Gabrielle
11. Korky
12. Kimi
13. Sherry
14. Stephanie
15. Marvic
16. Miles
17. Tonie
18. Teacher Krishna
19. Teacher Jean
20. Teacher Anne

How did you meet 4?
Through an organization I'm also in. ;)

What do you honestly think of 10?
Gabrielle is nutty in a good way. I really enjoy being with her. She has a wild imagination and blurts funny things out unintentionally. She's also responsible and a good friend.

Have you ever liked 3?
Yeah. She's a great person: funny, sweet, intelligent, and a good conversationalist.

Would 2 and 11 make a good couple?
Nico and Korky? Nico is 8 and Korky is like 14 or 15! But well... it could happen. They would pair nicely, seeing that both of them are playful and love watching cartoons.

Who is 8 going out with?
She's currently single, I think. That's what she said.

Is 9 a boy or a girl?
She's a cat. Hehe, no seriously, she's a she.

When was the last time you talked to 5?
Last week.

What is 1's favorite band?
I don't know. I think Mom likes The Carpenters

Does 2 have any siblings?
What else would you call me?

Would you ever date 6?
Maky's a girl! But if I were a guy, then yeah, I would probably date her. She's really cool and intelligent

Would you ever date 7?
Probably, if he asks. After all, he is a nice guy.

Is 15 single?
I don't know. I'll have to ask the next time I see her.

What is 19's last name?

What does 17 look like?
Tonie has a sharp nose, nicely tanned skin and long, silky dark hair.

What is 10's fantasy?
With Gabrielle's imagination, I wouldn't know.

Would 14 and 19 ever get together?
Nah. 19's already married. Furthermore, they're both women.

What school does 16 go to?
St. Theresa's College

What school does 1 go to?
She graduated already... but if I'm not mistaken, she went to San Carlos.

Where does 9 live?
I don't know the exact place. Labangon, I think.

Would you fight 13?
If I had a reason to, but she's a good friend. Why would I do that?

Are 5 and 6 best friends?
No, but they're friends.

Is 20 older than you?
Yep. By... 7 or 8 years, I think.

Is 18 the sexiest person alive?
Not exactly the sexiest, but she's sexy. Miss, I'm not asking for a 90+ in my card! =p

Ugh, my download is still not there. It's taking like, forever. I swear, the things I do for HP. Saving up for the new book... borrowing copies.... soon, I'd do just what that girl from Moldova did, which was to copy out HBP onto five notebooks because HP wasn't sold in her country and she couldn't afford to have one sent from the UK. Needless to say, that is SO cool, yet tiring.

My shoulder hurts. I don't know why. I just found out late afternoon when my hand hurt too much to move. Probably it was because of me playing soccer Friday morning. I have used up three pads of Salonpas already. Good stuff, that.

I just peeked in the trailer again! It looks terribly exciting. Did I say that already? =) I love the part when Harry spat what he was drinking (downright hilarious) and this scene:

Professor McGonagall: Mr. Weasley, place your right hand on my waist.
Ron: *pause* ... what?

Though the bad thing about this movie is that there is no Professor Lupin. I have to wait for the fifth movie to come out before I could see him again, and that could take forever! Ugherama. Ooh, I peeked again and I'm now in the part wherein Cedric Diggory gets to be picked as Champion. He looks so darn handsome. I don't understand why in Merlin's beard do Sherry and Gracielle think he is not handsome. He IS!!! He is he is he is!!!

Ranting about HP again. Hay, okay. I just can't stop, can I? But there's nothing else to do. Hey... I could study, but I doubt I'll be able to with constant checking to see the trailer. So there.

Ooh, I see the part when Dumbledore gets REALLY mad when Harry's name is picked... "HARRY POTTER!!!" That was fun.

I don't see the point in this. I lost my original goal to inform my readers of what I've been up to and instead I'm ranting about Harry Potter. *sigh*

So, okay. Back to the main point. Mom bought a new cellphone a few days ago. It's a Japanese brand, Prince, and looks like a Samsung model. It's a flip phone in red, and has a rotating camera and everything. Good one for the price she got it. ;) I just hope she wouldn't regret her purchase, seeing that Prince is not a common brand here and if it gets broken, well, good luck to her.

Oh, yay, 75% already! I absolutely cannot wait already. It's already in the part where Harry talks to Sirius through the fireplace. And I am so tired. But it's a waste if I just let it go right now, isn't it?

Wait, I know. I'll just read some fanfics to while away the time. *shuffles off to read fanfics*

*shuffles back to continue blogging* I've had my fill, and it's... what, 82%? Sheesh!

... 90%!

... 96%!

... 100%! Done! I'm outta here! Wish me luck on my exams! =)



At 10:11 p. m., Blogger The Blah Brain said...

I found a site while searching google and the site gives you previews of I found previes for the NEW - NEXT Harry Potter book 8, the book AFTER the half blood prince, it's insane... i have no idea how they got the previews maybe they know J.K. Rowling..


I also heard that J.K. Rowlings AOL screename is SQUIDWARD - I've actualy chatted with her on there...


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