viernes, octubre 14, 2005

It's Nice to be Back

Aaaaahhh, finally! Another new entry in my blog! So, how are my readers (ehem, that is, if you still bother to read my blog after I haven't posted for weeks!!)?

I think I have to explain myself. Okay, see, a few weeks ago, before October 1, I edited my template a little. That's when my entries refused to show up. Seriously! What you guys probably kept on seeing was that "Tropical Depression" entry when I made a new one (see post below). And so, I got a little lazy editing it, and I only managed to do so now. Whee, fun. And it's not even a real edit. I just changed my layout to one of Blogger's basics, but I assure you, that old template's gonna be back again soon... soon... promise! With all the goodies like the color schemes and everything!!!

Oh yes. I have to stop posting for a week or so, because exams are coming. Tonight's my last night of freedom, for I have to fry my brains studying in the next few days. Yay! Hehe.

I so missed blogging. Seriously. So, uhm, the past few weeks were really nuts for me. I had to study EVERY NIGHT... rather, MORNING *points at eyebags*. And I have loads and loads of stuff to do and lessons to understand and blah blah blah... there were so many things that happened and I could not possibly cramp them into this lousy blog entry right now. I'll have to do it after my exams. Mwahahahay. See how much I missed blogging? I'm not even making the freakingest (wait, is that a word?) sense!!!! Tralalala.

Well, it's nice to be back into the blogging world, really. I love my blog to bits.

Hafta run. See you next week!