viernes, septiembre 23, 2005

Tropical Depression

Rather depressing Intramurals 'Tanga' Day 2.

We lost four games *sigh*! Four! Way sad! We lost in badminton, chess, soccer and scrabble.

The final score in soccer was 0-1. The rivals scored one home just before that umpire announced that it was all over. If there wasn't a time limit or whatever you call that, we could've easily won it back. So, so sad!

I'm not sure if this is exactly what happened, but people say that other year levels have been cheering on the chess match, which is extremely forbidden as it distracts the players. But still, seriously, the cheering could've also distracted the rival team, so it doesn't make sense on my part.

And in scrabble, the players got confused in the schedule. They went late, and the match was forfeited. Which is majorly UNFAIR (to me, seeing as that I am absolutely clueless on sports. Nyaha.)

Oh well, at least the softball team won, even if Kimi wasn't able to play. She's the catcher, and she somehow injured her hand. I missed her presence on the field. She's one of the best, and I'm not saying that just because she's my friend. I said that because she's going to treat me tomorrow... hehe, joke, Kims!

By the way, I'm starting to feel less guilty on being such a prat, because I have now started my critique paper! Applause! Finally. It was about time, you know!

And yes, I ate less than what I ate yesterday. I only drank a mango-lychee shake and lunch. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Still, depressing. =c

Q: was bella ever married? if not... then, andromeda is a lestrange, right? sam
A: Yes, Bellatrix is married to Rodolphus Lestrange. She and her sisters Narcissa and Andromeda were all born Blacks, until, of course, they got married to Rodolphus, Lucius Malfoy and Ted Tonks respectively.

Q: can u send me copies of dvds, cuase i live in the us and some of the dvds you already have are still in theaters and i REALLY wnat them.. i will even pay you!!
A: Um, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't think I can do that, really.

Q: Anak, given a xanga site, where would you put this questions thing? it's really cool.
A: I'd place this under the chatterbox, but of course, Xanga's really strict, so I guess you can place it on top of your Xanga. I was supposed to suggest on the bottom of the xanga site, but people wouldn't notice it until they scroll down.

Gotta run.