miƩrcoles, septiembre 14, 2005


It's 10:54 in the evening and here I am. =) Nothing to be guilty about though, as tomorrow we will not have classes, but we'll be cheerleading the entire day! Hurrah!

Now that my blog's out in the know, my family has been reading what I've written here. Yay! Just what I need. It doesn't mean I'll be shutting up soon, though. I'll still continue to babble and babble and babble here absolutely whatever I want... after all, I'm allowed to, aren't I? It's my blog.

So what can I babble about? Ooh, yestie, I went to my aunt's and uncle's and lola's house right after school and I was still in my uniform and my pigtails (thanks to my seatmate). My uncle's sister who's living in the US had sent goodies, so I got branded loafers. They're a little hard but they fit just fine.

Two weeks ago I had a CD burned from Lora. It took her two weeks to give it to me! But, oh well, it's worth it. I guess. I mostly had her burn songs I heard were nice, but have not actually heard them. So there. I'm currently having an LSS on the Full House OST by Geh Deh Ji Geum. I barely understand it and yet, I was really hit by the song. Weirdo.

Ooh, by the way, Meg finally finished my fanfic! It's a... uh, Lupin and Tonks one. See! *points finger at you* I told you I'm still not over them!! I told you a million times... wait, this is becoming familiar. Tonks, is this me?

Speaking of which, my co-Fingalls (um, it's this group formed by the SPUD members. To shorten it, this group is just made up of supporters of guy-on-guy fictional characters ships. Although do not ask me how come I got in there. I don't support guy-to-guy. I'm guessing I got initiated by that innocent comment I made while watching a scene between two men in The Great Raid) call me Tonks. We've started calling each other by Harry Potter characters. Isn't that fun (ish)? So now I'm Tonks, Sherry is Moony, Miles is Padfoot (or Snuffles), Fiona is Wormtail, Tanya is Cho Chang, Meg is Bambi (or Prongs) and Regina is Angelina. Whee.

And speaking of Tonks, I'm kinda becoming like Tonks! Earlier today, I was in front of my mirror when my mother knocked on the door. As I went to answer her, I tripped on this scotch tape dispenser and nearly fell to the floor. Ten seconds later, I tripped again. Seriously. My foot hurts a lot. And did I mention that I injured my finger last week by accidentally cutting myself with the cutter?

Also today, I had dysmenorrhea but I couldn't bear myself to miss classes like I did last year. So for my first two periods (SS and Math), I looked like an eejit and I was moaning and groaning in pain. Good thing my teachers were nice about it. Mdme. Fontanosa just let me sit on the chair while the others were on the floor working on problems, and Ms. Mendoza said she'll try to get warm water from the faculty room and put it on my puson (in a bottle or something, of course) or whatever you call it in English. Which she didn't, but I appreciated the concern anyway.

Oh yay, I did babble! Wheeee! Fun! But it's getting late, and I hafta go and sleep and try to get rid of these eyebags. Ugh, tres horribles.

Q: Oi. Pat, Want me to make ya a web banner? ~AKI
A: Sure. Talk to you soon.

Q: So, you miss dining at Mooons'
A: Clearly stated... mom? You're reading this! Yay... right?


EDIT: As I was reading Ate D's blog, I realized that Grandparents' Day had just passed! A belated Happy Grandparent's Day to Lola Mat, Lora Serie (who is up in Heaven right now and whom I miss so much) and of course to my Lolo Nelie! While most kids I know are daddy's girls, I'm more of a grandfather's girl *wink*. My Lolo Nelie always spoils me a lot and buys me stuff. I always had this theory that I'm his favorite granddaughter because... well, I'm the first one. He even compares my little cousin Lynn to me. How I'm such a nice girl whereas Lynn is "bad." Too bad for Lynn. Hah-hah. Well anyway, another Happy Grandparent's Day goes out to them. And I really have to go now. =p