sábado, septiembre 17, 2005

Anything Goes

Intramurals (themed as Pakiglambigit this year) will be a five days from now. Yipee.

Like I've said before, my batchmates and I have been practicing nonstop. And I just have to tell you about Thursday. Since a section is going to have their recollection on Friday, we had our whole-day practice Thursday. Literally. We practiced from 8:20 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. then 10:20 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and then straight (I mean it. No sitting down for more than a few minutes. Five at the most) from 12:40 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Gawd! What are they trying to do to us over there? Kill us? And furthermore, I went home by myself, which involved, oh, I don't know, walking. I had a hard time walking when I reached home. Sheer torture.

Friday was better, in the standing-up aspect. We didn't have classes even if we only practiced at 10:20 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and half of the afternoon. The other half we spent cleaning the campus *twitch*.

To put it shortly, it was a really long week for all of us. You can actually see people tired and all sweaty and majorly grumpy. Get a grip, you guys! Ha-ha!

For the second time in my life, I subscribed to the Globe unlimited thing. And I actually had fun texting a lot of people including Shein, Tonie, Meg, Angela, etc. Fun!

Today I was supposed to go to the mall with Pearl to buy Intrams things like we usually do. But unfortunately for me, she already went into the theater with Edjie. They watched LoveStruck. They will probably kill me for saying this, but I wasn't interested in the film. Furthermore, I'm broke. So instead, I wandered the mall by myself, and for some reason I couldn't find a good shirt or belt or hat for intrams. Will have to ask my dear mother to go with me to the mall probably tomorrow. Instead, today I just bought a pack of kiamoy from Aji Ichiban and a book, which I'm currently reading. With my savings, mother, okay? Not with the spending money you gave me for today. God, I really am an expensive daughter!

I'm currently reading Sophie's World. Contrary to other books, I'm reading this slowly. I'm a fast reader, but I actually want to understand the book on my first read, so there. And barely ten pages into the book and I am amazed. A lot of things written there really made me think. I feel compelled to get a highligher and highlight the learnings I've picked up, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Or maybe I should use pencil? Heh-heh.

Current LSS:
  • Cool - Gwen Stefani
  • Buses and Trains - Bachelor Girl
  • Take My Heart Back - Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Recently Watched DVDs

  • Monster-in-Law
  • Ice Princess
  • Harry Potter 3 (YES! I watched it AGAIN! Deal with it! =p )

Q: What is the formula for water? -fio
A: H2O. As in, H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O.

In case you're wondering why I answered that, well, Fio's classroom's Science corner featured jokes about Science. And they're so corny! Below are a few examples:

Q: Why do Chemists prefer nitrates?
A: Because they're cheaper than day-rates

Q: If you see a dead scientist, what should you do?
A: Barium (as in, bury him)

Q: What does a doctor do to a sick person?
A: Helium (as in, heal him)


That's all for now!