viernes, septiembre 23, 2005

Tropical Depression

Rather depressing Intramurals 'Tanga' Day 2.

We lost four games *sigh*! Four! Way sad! We lost in badminton, chess, soccer and scrabble.

The final score in soccer was 0-1. The rivals scored one home just before that umpire announced that it was all over. If there wasn't a time limit or whatever you call that, we could've easily won it back. So, so sad!

I'm not sure if this is exactly what happened, but people say that other year levels have been cheering on the chess match, which is extremely forbidden as it distracts the players. But still, seriously, the cheering could've also distracted the rival team, so it doesn't make sense on my part.

And in scrabble, the players got confused in the schedule. They went late, and the match was forfeited. Which is majorly UNFAIR (to me, seeing as that I am absolutely clueless on sports. Nyaha.)

Oh well, at least the softball team won, even if Kimi wasn't able to play. She's the catcher, and she somehow injured her hand. I missed her presence on the field. She's one of the best, and I'm not saying that just because she's my friend. I said that because she's going to treat me tomorrow... hehe, joke, Kims!

By the way, I'm starting to feel less guilty on being such a prat, because I have now started my critique paper! Applause! Finally. It was about time, you know!

And yes, I ate less than what I ate yesterday. I only drank a mango-lychee shake and lunch. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Still, depressing. =c

Q: was bella ever married? if not... then, andromeda is a lestrange, right? sam
A: Yes, Bellatrix is married to Rodolphus Lestrange. She and her sisters Narcissa and Andromeda were all born Blacks, until, of course, they got married to Rodolphus, Lucius Malfoy and Ted Tonks respectively.

Q: can u send me copies of dvds, cuase i live in the us and some of the dvds you already have are still in theaters and i REALLY wnat them.. i will even pay you!!
A: Um, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't think I can do that, really.

Q: Anak, given a xanga site, where would you put this questions thing? it's really cool.
A: I'd place this under the chatterbox, but of course, Xanga's really strict, so I guess you can place it on top of your Xanga. I was supposed to suggest on the bottom of the xanga site, but people wouldn't notice it until they scroll down.

Gotta run.


jueves, septiembre 22, 2005

Professional Procrastinator

I'm the worst procrastinator in the world!

Mind you, I've always been a procrastinator, no doubt about it. It's just that it's getting worse. But I have a suspicion that it is brought about by the Intramurals. We haven't had regular classes for a few days already (which is good), but schoolwork is starting to pile up already.

I'm supposed to do this paper on the Sugbuak for S.S. and it has been assigned to us a month or so ago, and it's due in October, and yet I haven't written a single word *hides under a rock*. Also, I'm having a hard time in my research, seeing as the results in Yahoo and Google are latest ones, and they don't really mention the information that I need, the back-up stories, etc. Which, I guess, makes me always put it off. I've been telling myself weeks ago that I need to start the damn paper already, but I just couldn't. Bad. Bad Patty!

Secondly, I have two projects for (ugh) Filipino. Which I don't really have the heart to do. Whatever the hell happened to my so-called determination to do better in school?! One is a book report for a Filipino short story and it's due next week. Yet I haven't read a book, let alone HAVE a book. This is sad, I tell you! And I also have to make a movie review on the movie we watched a month ago, titled Abacada...ina. It's a good thing my Filipino teacher, Mdme. Sales changed this from an individual project to a group project. So I have to make only the "disenyong pamproduksyon" which doesn't even make sense to me. WHAT in sweet Malfoy's name is that? It's also due next week and... there.

Third, I have to make an outline for the assigned act in Macbeth. Also due next week. And I have not written a word! Ohmimama. I now feel like slapping myself.

Fourth, another journal in Health. On the difference in boys and girls. Aaaargh!

I really do know, that I need to do all this stuff before next week hits, but admittedly, there are a lot of things I would much rather do. Things I actually wanna do, like writing (or in this case, blogging), reading, eating, sleeping, and watching DVDs. So many temptations. Sigh. Sad.

With no connection whatsoever to post above, I'm currently reading three books. One is the fifth Georgia Nicolson book, Away Laughing on a Fast Camel; Sophie's World, which got a little more exciting; and Harry Potter six. Yes, deal with it. I'm reading it again, but this time, on the book! YES! I finally bought my own copy yestie. Oh yes, I may sound truly pathetic but I only got my copy yesterday *sticks tongue out*. Anyway, it doesn't matter. What matters is, I have my own copy! Yey!

My co-Fingalls and I also composed this song yestie. It's kind of an imitation to one of the songs of the years above us. The original song goes like this (I think. I don't have lyrics).

Musso plus Lini equals Teacher Mussolini. Kung siya ang Presidente, ma-dato na mi!
(Musso plus Lini equals Teacher Mussolini. If she's the President, we would be rich
.-- It's because Teacher Mussolini, Fiona told me, is actually the economics teacher.)

And our own Harry Potter version goes like this:

Seve plus Rus Snape equals Teacher Severus Snape. Kung siya ang DADA teacher, mangamatay na mi!
(Seve plus Rus Snape equals Teacher Severus Snape. If he's the DADA [
Defense Against the Dark Arts] teacher, we would all die!)

Fun! Ha-ha. We're really weird.

Okay, today's actually the first day of Intramurals. Fun (ish). We had our cheering exhibition, and I must say, our paraphenelia looks way, way awesome. We sewed 'em ourselves. One is a headband, wherein we glue-gunned a strip of white ribbon, where we sewed the beads and the sparkly stuff. The others are two bracelets, one in white and one in blue. Actually they're hair clips, wherein we sewed beads and the sparkly stuff to. They look tres nice in the sunlight.

Weather was pretty weird, raining and shining, and Meg ended up sick. Actually, she WAS sick in the first place. But she fell really sick so Gabe called her mom and asked her to pick Meg up. We watched a couple of games, like the varsity team versus a rival school in volleyball, Kimi's team in softball and Miles and Sherry's team in soccer baseball. The rival school won, sadly, but Kimi's, Miles and Sherry's team won anyway, which is tres cool. Our year's team in scrabble also won, so congratulations should be said to my friends Julie and Vera, and the rest of the lot.

We ended up eating quite a lot (which hurt our pockets!). First it was a footlong cheesedog and a bottle of iced tea, then pizza (which was shared between me, Fiona and Gabe), then when I went home I ate a pack of Nova. Ohmygawd. I have to stop eating so much! This is bad! Actually, since September started, I've been eating quite a lot, and I really should stop since it'll make me fatter than I am. Don't people realize that? I mean, when I tell my friends I'm fat, they always retort "If you're fat, what am I?" or "Stop complaining and consider yourself lucky!" Seriously!

Which is why I'm going on a diet after Intrams. And wait before you jump to conclusions. "Diet" in my book doesn't really mean anything but go back to your old eating habits. Which simply means, to put it shortly, "no trips to Angelica's or Brown Cup after school." That's all! Seriously! I'm not about to skip meals or start eating less, you know!

Oops, mom's arrived. Have to go down and eat din-din. See you!

Q: can i add you up in my blog?
A: Sure!


PS: Ooh, I just realized, there are boxes of GoNuts donuts in the fridge! Hmm... why are you looking at me like that?!

sábado, septiembre 17, 2005

Anything Goes

Intramurals (themed as Pakiglambigit this year) will be a five days from now. Yipee.

Like I've said before, my batchmates and I have been practicing nonstop. And I just have to tell you about Thursday. Since a section is going to have their recollection on Friday, we had our whole-day practice Thursday. Literally. We practiced from 8:20 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. then 10:20 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and then straight (I mean it. No sitting down for more than a few minutes. Five at the most) from 12:40 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Gawd! What are they trying to do to us over there? Kill us? And furthermore, I went home by myself, which involved, oh, I don't know, walking. I had a hard time walking when I reached home. Sheer torture.

Friday was better, in the standing-up aspect. We didn't have classes even if we only practiced at 10:20 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and half of the afternoon. The other half we spent cleaning the campus *twitch*.

To put it shortly, it was a really long week for all of us. You can actually see people tired and all sweaty and majorly grumpy. Get a grip, you guys! Ha-ha!

For the second time in my life, I subscribed to the Globe unlimited thing. And I actually had fun texting a lot of people including Shein, Tonie, Meg, Angela, etc. Fun!

Today I was supposed to go to the mall with Pearl to buy Intrams things like we usually do. But unfortunately for me, she already went into the theater with Edjie. They watched LoveStruck. They will probably kill me for saying this, but I wasn't interested in the film. Furthermore, I'm broke. So instead, I wandered the mall by myself, and for some reason I couldn't find a good shirt or belt or hat for intrams. Will have to ask my dear mother to go with me to the mall probably tomorrow. Instead, today I just bought a pack of kiamoy from Aji Ichiban and a book, which I'm currently reading. With my savings, mother, okay? Not with the spending money you gave me for today. God, I really am an expensive daughter!

I'm currently reading Sophie's World. Contrary to other books, I'm reading this slowly. I'm a fast reader, but I actually want to understand the book on my first read, so there. And barely ten pages into the book and I am amazed. A lot of things written there really made me think. I feel compelled to get a highligher and highlight the learnings I've picked up, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Or maybe I should use pencil? Heh-heh.

Current LSS:
  • Cool - Gwen Stefani
  • Buses and Trains - Bachelor Girl
  • Take My Heart Back - Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Recently Watched DVDs

  • Monster-in-Law
  • Ice Princess
  • Harry Potter 3 (YES! I watched it AGAIN! Deal with it! =p )

Q: What is the formula for water? -fio
A: H2O. As in, H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O.

In case you're wondering why I answered that, well, Fio's classroom's Science corner featured jokes about Science. And they're so corny! Below are a few examples:

Q: Why do Chemists prefer nitrates?
A: Because they're cheaper than day-rates

Q: If you see a dead scientist, what should you do?
A: Barium (as in, bury him)

Q: What does a doctor do to a sick person?
A: Helium (as in, heal him)


That's all for now!


miércoles, septiembre 14, 2005


It's 10:54 in the evening and here I am. =) Nothing to be guilty about though, as tomorrow we will not have classes, but we'll be cheerleading the entire day! Hurrah!

Now that my blog's out in the know, my family has been reading what I've written here. Yay! Just what I need. It doesn't mean I'll be shutting up soon, though. I'll still continue to babble and babble and babble here absolutely whatever I want... after all, I'm allowed to, aren't I? It's my blog.

So what can I babble about? Ooh, yestie, I went to my aunt's and uncle's and lola's house right after school and I was still in my uniform and my pigtails (thanks to my seatmate). My uncle's sister who's living in the US had sent goodies, so I got branded loafers. They're a little hard but they fit just fine.

Two weeks ago I had a CD burned from Lora. It took her two weeks to give it to me! But, oh well, it's worth it. I guess. I mostly had her burn songs I heard were nice, but have not actually heard them. So there. I'm currently having an LSS on the Full House OST by Geh Deh Ji Geum. I barely understand it and yet, I was really hit by the song. Weirdo.

Ooh, by the way, Meg finally finished my fanfic! It's a... uh, Lupin and Tonks one. See! *points finger at you* I told you I'm still not over them!! I told you a million times... wait, this is becoming familiar. Tonks, is this me?

Speaking of which, my co-Fingalls (um, it's this group formed by the SPUD members. To shorten it, this group is just made up of supporters of guy-on-guy fictional characters ships. Although do not ask me how come I got in there. I don't support guy-to-guy. I'm guessing I got initiated by that innocent comment I made while watching a scene between two men in The Great Raid) call me Tonks. We've started calling each other by Harry Potter characters. Isn't that fun (ish)? So now I'm Tonks, Sherry is Moony, Miles is Padfoot (or Snuffles), Fiona is Wormtail, Tanya is Cho Chang, Meg is Bambi (or Prongs) and Regina is Angelina. Whee.

And speaking of Tonks, I'm kinda becoming like Tonks! Earlier today, I was in front of my mirror when my mother knocked on the door. As I went to answer her, I tripped on this scotch tape dispenser and nearly fell to the floor. Ten seconds later, I tripped again. Seriously. My foot hurts a lot. And did I mention that I injured my finger last week by accidentally cutting myself with the cutter?

Also today, I had dysmenorrhea but I couldn't bear myself to miss classes like I did last year. So for my first two periods (SS and Math), I looked like an eejit and I was moaning and groaning in pain. Good thing my teachers were nice about it. Mdme. Fontanosa just let me sit on the chair while the others were on the floor working on problems, and Ms. Mendoza said she'll try to get warm water from the faculty room and put it on my puson (in a bottle or something, of course) or whatever you call it in English. Which she didn't, but I appreciated the concern anyway.

Oh yay, I did babble! Wheeee! Fun! But it's getting late, and I hafta go and sleep and try to get rid of these eyebags. Ugh, tres horribles.

Q: Oi. Pat, Want me to make ya a web banner? ~AKI
A: Sure. Talk to you soon.

Q: So, you miss dining at Mooons'
A: Clearly stated... mom? You're reading this! Yay... right?


EDIT: As I was reading Ate D's blog, I realized that Grandparents' Day had just passed! A belated Happy Grandparent's Day to Lola Mat, Lora Serie (who is up in Heaven right now and whom I miss so much) and of course to my Lolo Nelie! While most kids I know are daddy's girls, I'm more of a grandfather's girl *wink*. My Lolo Nelie always spoils me a lot and buys me stuff. I always had this theory that I'm his favorite granddaughter because... well, I'm the first one. He even compares my little cousin Lynn to me. How I'm such a nice girl whereas Lynn is "bad." Too bad for Lynn. Hah-hah. Well anyway, another Happy Grandparent's Day goes out to them. And I really have to go now. =p


domingo, septiembre 11, 2005

Food for Thought

  1. I like red kiamoy. And brown.
  2. I like the leaf thing with the lechon
  3. I like my McDonalds' French Fries with McDonalds' gravy
  4. I like the vanilla-cinnamon drink from Dessert Factory
  5. I can eat 8+ (that's an estimate) pieces of siomai in one sitting
  6. I like V-Cuts and Nova
  7. I like Lime Mentos the most.
  8. I like chocolate but I prefer strawberry
  9. I like Lipton green tea
  10. I drink an average of two glasses of iced tea every single day.
  11. I thought it was pork, but now that I've really thought about it, I mostly eat beef. Why? Our school cafeteria always have: Beef with Oyster Sauce, Beef with Mushrooms, Beef Stew, Beef with Broccoli, and so on. Sad.
  12. It's been forever since I last ate at one of my favorite restaurants, the Mooon Café. And...
  13. ... I missed the capiseños. Mom, are you reading this?
  14. I drink milk with strawberry syrup.
  15. The only fish I'll eat is Century Tuna. Chunks in Water, to be exact.
  16. This week was probably the week wherein I ate the most. This was due to the fact that I went to Angelica's every day after school with Fiona. Last Monday, I had a tuna bun and coffee. Tuesday and Wednesday I had cheese rolls and cups of iced tea. Thursday I had an iced tea and a blueberry cheese cake. Oh my, something has got to give!
  17. And the result is, I now feel fatter.

And I guess I should mention that:

  1. There are dark circles under my eyes
  2. I am absolutely tired with cheerleading practices the entire week
  3. I have unconsciously referred Gary Oldman as My Gary Oldman. I noticed it while watching Batman Begins on DVD earlier, and whenever I see him, I go, "Oh, there's my Gary Oldman!" Dio mio! What is happening to me and where did THAT come from?
  4. I have admitted it ages ago and I'm admitting it again: I'm mean. And bitchy. Really.
  5. I have not been online for a week.
  6. In connection to number sixteen of the previous list, this was the week wherein I spent the most.
  7. And the result is, I don't have savings for this week.

Argh. Argherama. Zoot allors. This is sad.

Q: What is 2 + 2?
A: Er, I should know the answer to this one. I didn't get an 81 in Math for nothing (harhar). Quattro, correct? =p Hmm, let me guess. Fio, you're the one who asked this quessie, no?

Q: Wotcher, Pahte! How did you get this thingy?
A: Wotcher, Gabe! Got it from Response-O-Matic.


viernes, septiembre 02, 2005

Gee, When Did I Last Blog Again?

(I know. It's a crappy title but I couldn't think of anything else.)

A little preview on what's been happening in my life nowadays:

Saturday, 27 August

I got my grades. Suffice to say, I was pretty amazed that I managed to survive with an 81 in Science and Math. 81!!! That's something already! I usually get lines of seven in these subjects. Hahahaha *laughs evilly*

My History and English grades are a different matter, though. How come I only got 85 in these subjects? I so do not understand. At all. I know I do good at these subjects, but somehow I'm not satisfied with my 85. Tell me something, am I really just not satisfied or am I just ungrateful for getting an 85? Sheesh.

Monday, 29 August

Had no classes because of the National Heroes Day thing. Yipee. I spent most of the day watching DVDs. But something really got me annoyed that day. My aunt just stormed in the middle of my DVD marathon and told me that my uncle (her hubbie-- same one I got annoyed to over the DVD-buying thing) was coming over, and is going to sleep in my freaking room with the freaking aircon on. Can you just believe that? I mean, seriously. I don't even get to use the aircon during the day (except when I have friends over) and he wants to sleep in MY room with the aircon ON. So you could see why that got me miffed.

But mom told me that I should just be polite to people who annoy me (most especially those older than me, and that includes my aunt and uncle). So I didn't say anything. Because they're old. Haha. =p

Tuesday, 30 August

Linggo ng Wika na naman! Oh, yes. Originally I was supposed to wear that dress with the big sleeves, but it was so hard to find one! And my uncle (the other one) was not in town to make me a dress. So what happened? I had to improvise. Mom and I went to the mall and bought this floor-length, black and white lacy skirt, and I paired it with a pristine sleeveless turtleneck, a black shawl and white flats. I probably looked like I just came from a funeral, but whaddaheck. My only concern was that it wasn't really Maria Clara, but more like a modern version. Especially with the ballet flats.

Wednesday, 31 August

We presented the entire play, Merchant of Venice. Hurrah. Like I said before, I didn't have any roles so I was in charge of music. It was not really horrible but it was bad. A member of my group had not been present in ALL the practices, had not memorized the lines, AND had no costume, so we ended up deleting her role. But some of the cast forgot their lines... oh well.

Friday, 02 September

Today, I was pulled out from my classes in the afternoon because my brother and I had to go to the DFA office for personal appearance, before we get our passports. I wasn't really that sorry to miss Filipino, since I hadn't studied for that quiz (because I did not understand the lesson), but I was sorry to miss Science and History. Science, because the current topic is complicated and I know I'm going to have a hard time catching up with what I missed. History, because we've been discussing something really fascinating, and I missed a part of it. Sad.

There were so many people in the DFA office. Seriously. It's a good thing my mom had an appointment so we were luckier than most of the people there waiting. Teehee. We've only been there for fifteen minutes and then we went to the mall. I guess mom was starving due to the fact that she had not eaten lunch, and me, I took an early lunch so I was also starving by then. We ate at Sbarro's, a big plate of lasagna and a big plate of pizza, all of which we shared. =)

My latest DVDs are:

  1. The Wedding Date- Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Johnny Depp
  3. Wedding Crashers- Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn
  4. The Truth About Love- Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dougray Scott and Jimi Mistry
  5. Must Love Dogs- Diane Lane and John Cusack
  6. Sky High- Michael Angarano
  7. Bewitched- Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell

And I'm dying to grab a copy of:

  1. My Sassy Girl- Kyun Woo and Ji-Hyun Jun
  2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants- Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera and Blake Lively
  3. Batman Begins- Christian Bale and Katie Holmes
  4. If Only- Jennifer Love Hewitt

Oh, and as I bought some of these DVDs, I noticed a copy of Harry Potter. The whole three movies. I totally go, whoa, but I promised myself I would buy the original copy. Heh-heh.

Current Song: Pale September by Fiona Apple

Hay... so tired. Outta here.