martes, agosto 02, 2005

Felix Felicis

You would never believe how dried out my little brain is!

I broke my computer a week or so ago, and I let mom bring it to my uncle's house for immediate fixing, which took one week. But I didn't really mind much because at least I was able to spend more time on schoolwork which our teachers piled on top of our heads. And now I'm studying for exams. Tomorrow will be Math. And Filipino. Argh, two of my hatest subjects! Do you know that I'm a disgrace to the Filipino language? I pronounced 'dibdib' as 'debdeb' (they said. I didn't notice at all.). And 'pagtatalo' became 'patatalo.' Huh.

So, my little brain is dried out because I've been studying too much! Seriously. It started last week, and I've been, like, waking up early just to digest those little words I see on my notebook! Torture!!

I also joined this essay writing contest (!!). Well, not really joined. My English teacher just announced it and I didn't hear the part about the topic so I asked my teacher what the topic was, and you know what she did? She wrote my name on her notebook!! Aargh! It's on Remembering Ninoy Aquino. But how can I remember Ninoy when he died when I wasn't even born yet? It's due on Thursday, and so I'm doing it right now (yes, at the same time), because I'm almost done studying Math, and there are only a few things to study in Filipino, whereas tomorrow I'll be loaded with so many things to study. *sigh* I need a dose of Felix Felicis (from Harry Potter. It's a potion that's supposed to make you lucky) so badly. I just cannot wait for exams to be over.

So, okay, back to the essay thing. Which I labored over the weekend and I only made a few sentences! And my mom wouldn't even help me! Whaa!!

Someone, please hand me a bottle of Felix Felicis. NOW.