jueves, agosto 25, 2005

And she blogs...

... a week, a controversial issue, pounds of homework, large doses of iced tea, a million packs of Sky Flakes and undeniably huge eyebags later. Seriously, I need to get a life.

I don't even know what to say in this blog anymore. At times I find myself on the Create Post page, to no avail. Whaaa, school is corrupting my mind!!

But anyway. Last weekend (was it really just last weekend?), Meg, Fiona, Gabrielle, Meg's cousin Randy and I watched The Great Raid. I originally wanted to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I was outvoted. But it was a fair trade since Gabe treated me anyway to popcorn. And it was a fun movie, especially the part where the soldiers crawled and we get to see their butts wiggle. And of course, the explosion thingy.

My mom picked me up at around six, and I begged her to watch Charlie with me. She won't, but instead, she bought a DVD player. So now we have one. Yipee! Tres cool. Then she treated me to dinner, and a foot reflex. Yay! =p

There won't be any classes tomorrow, and I'm going to have friends over. We're going to have two play productions, one of which is The Merchant of Venice by W. Shakespeare. In which I wrote the script. All I could say when Julie started to hand out roles was, "Oh, no, not me!" because believe me, it was hard writing that script. *sigh* If I knew this schoolyear's going to be this tough, like Gabe, I would have asked for five more brains, five more hands, and etc. I even SLEPT on my notebook last night, trying to study for a quiz!

I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith on DVD tonight. It was a fun movie, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt make such a cute pair! The sad thing though, was that while I was watching, my uncle barged in to come and take the DVDs we already had watched. And then he saw three DVDs my mom and I had bought and he totally went, "Why did you bother buying these DVDs when I already have them?" and he said in in this way that really annoyed me. At first I didn't answer, just kept on watching the movie, until I got really irritated and said, "So what?" And then he got major annoyed and went, "So what nga!" and grabbed all his DVDs and walked out. Hmph. I'm still a little miffed with that one. I mean, it's really so what. So what if my mom and I bought those DVDs, even if he already has them? Is that a crime or something? Jeez!

I'm going to change my template soon. It's another personalized one. Well, semi-personalized to be honest... I'm slowly polishing it, and I don't know, honestly, when I'll be able to put that up. Oh well.

Time to say goodnight... I'm absolutely drained.