sábado, julio 09, 2005

Here I Am, Once Again

(Kelly Clarkson)

I'm so tired. Today, I went to the mall with Fiona, Meg, Gabrielle, Kimi and Alyssa to watch Fantastic Four. Was the movie fantastic? Uhm, it was okay, I guess. It's not too bad and not too good. Julian McMahon's in this, by the way. I hate his character in Charmed, and I swear, if you'll watch him on this film, you'll hate him more!

I spent the better half of the morning trying to decide what to wear. I finally settled for one of my better outfits: a white, 80s style bolero, a light blue racerback, a skirt and ballet flats (they set a dress code: a skirt!). Ahh, a vision in blue and white *wink* So I got in Ayala around one and found the guys all there. We bought popcorn and other junk foods and went inside the cinemas. And boy, did we get lucky! I mean, we saw the Harry Potter 4 trailer, although it was kinda bitin! And I just have to say this: OhmygawdDanRadcliffeisnowsohot! =p

Then we went to the photo studio and had our pictures taken. And Kimi's mom treated us to yummy food in Idea Italia. You can never go wrong with Italian! And then mom arrived and we bought a suit bag, because on Fridays I will be going to school already in my P.E. and therefore need to bring my uniform to school. Then we went home. Some day huh?

How are my studies, you may ask. They're fine... except for Math! =p It's not just me though. Even Meg's having problems that she nearly tore her hair out. And Meg's one of the smartest people I know (in Math). But other than that, I've aced all my quizzes in other subjects, and that's a pretty good thing. I really think I've put in a lot of effort, so I hope my teachers grade me well... hey, you see the labor of my effort naman ah!

Which reminds me. We're going to have a summative test in Math. On Monday. Holy cow. I think I'll spend tomorrow studying. And in three weeks, it's going to be our exams already! How quick is that! Seriously.

No news yet if I'd been accepted in the Glee Club.

Honorable Mentions:
  1. My name in Korean is pretty long! I had my Korean classmate, Shein, write it out last week. Darn.
  2. Weird things happen a lot... so pray, pray and pray! =)
  3. The white banner up there... I'm not putting it just for decoration's sake. I support MakePovertyHistory. You should, too.
  4. My current favorite songs were my favorite songs a few months ago: Somebody Told Me (The Killers) & Talk to Me (Keri Noble)
  5. The current songs that totally make me kilig are: Falling (Janno Gibbs) and Stick Around (Azure)
  6. I'm having a current obsession for Korean songs, though I don't understand them. Must ask Shein.
  7. Was not able to watch Hale.
  8. Was not able to see Epi & Boy 2 Quizon when they promoted Pinoy Blonde in our school. Heard they're both HOT!
  9. Wazzup-Wazzup is not the same without Drew! Man, I miss him so much.
  10. I have not finished my poem in Filipino yet. The topic is supposed to be about someone special to your heart. Argh.

Until next update! Bye-bye! Please do not forget Candy! *wink*