miƩrcoles, julio 13, 2005


Dear Diary,

I am currently living in perennial fear of snakes.

Snakes. Seriously.

It is the rainy season, and for some reason the snakes have decided to hang out in our apartment. Sounds gross eh? Actually, I'm exaggerating. There's only one snake, and my maids caught it yesterday. Whoopeedoo! They told me it's actually the size of the index finger, so it's a baby snake, whom I have named Snakey (R.I.P.). Anywack, the bad news is that the mother snake might still be around. And so I continue to live on in fear. I hate snakes. Don't get me wrong, you're not supposed to hate snakes because everything is connected to everything else (Hi, Teacher Donna!). Snakes have a role in the cycle of life and they actually have important roles... but I still hate them. =p

I actually had a pretty good dream last night. It was about Drew! Seriously. I dreamt that he was leaving Wazzup, and I didn't want him and I started crying and he was hugging me until I stopped, which took quite a long time. *sighs happily*

Yesterday we had an unannounced diagnostic test in Math. We're supposed to take another one at the end of the year to measure how much we learned. I guess it's for a good reason, but come on! They should've just announced it anyway! Everyone knows how bad I am at Math. And so I'm not expecting a good score. Whatever.

My uncle got a new cellphone! It's a Sony Ericsson K700i. Suya kaayo ko, promise. It's not that I don't love my phone. I totally do. And I don't want to let go of it. I will die if I lose my phone. Why? Secret! :p

By the way, I was rejected for the Glee Club. Got me bummed for two hours earlier. And boy, at the workshop, I totally let Teacher Carah have it. I'm exaggerating, again. All I told her when we introduced ourselves was, "I auditioned for the Glee Club, but Ms. won't accept me!" to which she replied, "Not yet!" Hahaha. And she also added that she hopes that I'll have a musical experience thingy soon. Which was nice of her.

Right now, I'm also upset because I made a friend feel bad about what I said. I don't really like to hurt other's feelings, simply because I know how hard and bad it feels to be hurt. It's about something I said, but I didn't expect that she'd react that way. I hope we'll get to talk soon though.

Outta here and 'til next update! Mwahs and hugs! =)