viernes, julio 01, 2005

Bye, Drew...

My heart is being torn into pieces.

Drew. Yes, my Drew Arellano, my most requested, my juan and only, my prince charming, he already left Wazzup-Wazzup. Isn't it so sad? WW's the D-show (Drew show) I watch, and it turns out he's LEAVING it? Tonight, July 1 2005, was his last appearance on the show and he's going to be replaced by Archie Alemania starting Monday! I do not think I can handle that.

Toni, Vhong and Drew

Isn't it funny, with all the problems in the country right now, I'm making this a big deal? But you don't understand! I love Drew! And do not ask me why I do. Among all the guys in the local and international showbizness, he was the one who caught my attention! And believe me, no showbiz guy ever lasted as my ultimate crush for so long. I started liking him, like, since his Sunsilk commercial days. That was years ago, man. And until now, he's still my number 1 crush. You might be wondering why? I honestly don't know, but just LOOK at him! He's adorable! He's cute and charming, and charmingly bulol and you can't help but love his smile. And it's pretty obvious that he's very nice. He's the type of boy you want to take home to meet your parents! Lucky Iya.

Drew, Toni and Vhong

I honestly don't know why he's leaving. Maybe it's the GMA-7 factor, I don't freaking know! I'm starting to feel depressed already. I know, I sound so weird, and I feel weird typing up this entry, but then, so what? I feel really bad! I know that he has a pretty good reason for leaving, for career reasons maybe, and I wish him all the best. Like Toni and Vhong said, WW's doors are always open for him. WW is not the same without the tagapagbalitang walang kinikilingan, ngunit kinakikiligan. Man, this is so hard to digest!

Toni and Drew... DrewNi

To Drew, I am so totally going to miss you on WW... your sense of humor, your uber-cute get-ups, the hairstyle, the kabulolan, and everything. You're the one and only.

Love you, Potpot!

Photos courtesy of TFC Godfather and Tinsters