domingo, junio 26, 2005


Here I am... and I survived the first month of school! Whee, way fun! Of course, it helped that I had an endless supply of Revicon Ion (no thanks to my uncle), which tastes fine, by the way. I like to drink it once a day, but instead, it makes me sleepy, but it keeps me up. Weird.

School? Well, it's fine. I'm doing fine, except I flunked the first Math test! Harhar. And even though I can just say that it wasn't on solving, I still felt bad. Imagine, five points out of fifteen! Gah, so disappointing. Is it my fault? When I was about to go home, I asked everyone if we were going to have quizzes the next day and they all go, "Nothing," but when I walked in the next day, there they were, studying! Sheesh! At least I aced a Science test. That made me feel proud. Of course it helped that I actually listened, but last Thursday, I got sooo sleepy after lunch, and the teacher was going on and on about this and that and I barely heard a word. And she gave out a quiz! I somehow managed to answer it (16 points out of 20, tcha!) but there was a part two, and I was so sleepy I didn't get to finish answering it.

And get this! Every fourth Friday of the month, no classes! Yay! But my teachers will be loading us with assignments, like this weekend, for instance. I have a few quizzes to ace and a few projects here and there. *sigh* And it'll get tougher. How worse can it get? My backbone is already strained from lugging all my school stuff. Will it get to the point that I will forget how to comb my hair? And don't get me wrong, these projects are way hard. I'm getting dizzy thinking about it.

I think I need to clean my room.It's not messy or anything. I just don't like the way my things are arranged. And speaking of which, my mirror fell down from the wall while I was asleep and the frame broke! Well, it was old, anyway, I don't blame it. The good things I see in this are that 1. The mirror did not fall on my head while I was asleep and 2. Mom had it reframed and it totally rocks! It's like one of those expensive mirrors you can find in rich people's houses! Yay!

I have lots of new things! Yipee. At the risk of sounding materialistic, here are my new things.

1. A blue bag from Heartstrings... but I think I need to buy a new one 'cause my stuff won't fit!
2. A brandless top from HongKong... supah dupah sexy!
3. Polos from my aunt
4. A Hermes wallet... oh wait, it's not mine yet. It's my moms, but I'm planning to get it *wink* Did you know my old Gucci one is broken?! Gah! First my Salvatore Ferragamo and now this! *sob*

and I want to buy more stuff!

1. A fedora. I don't know why, but I saw one and it looked so cool
2. A straw hat. Summer's over, I know. Don't remind me.
3. A bolero. But I can't find just the bolero, there's always a matching shirt.
4. A skirt! I swear, there are so many pretty skirts around.
5. A clutch. Well, they're cute! I think I like the blue one.
6. T-shirts.
7. Pink ballet flats!!

I haven't been watching too much TV nowadays, but there's this commercial I sooo hate! Probably you have seen the Palmolive shampoo commerical, the "Freshness... bounce" one. If you haven't, I am going to kick you. It's shown in nearly every commercial gap possible! I'll ask you, does real hair move like a tidal wave everytime you move? *tries moving hair* oh, noooo. Does hair always stick together like glue, except for the ends? Well, no! But look at the commercial and you'll see what I mean. Tsk tsk. Too bad, the commercial model is one of my favorites, Georgina Wilson, but her real hair color is brown, and she had it dyed black for the commercial. Oh yeah, I heard Georgina's going to join a pageant, Miss World or Miss Universe. I don't really know, I just read it somewhere. And I also heard that Verns Buckley's joining a pageant too! Cool, I hope they do join. And going back to that commercial, it totally irks me. Oh, you know already?

I'm getting sleepy... gotta say bye-bye! Outta here!