miƩrcoles, junio 15, 2005


Hello, beautiful people of the Philippines!! *waves beauty-queen style*

Whoopee, I sooo missed updating my blog, and I want to blog about several, several things! So much has happened since last week. I mean, summer's officially over and I somehow managed to drag my butt to school again. :)

Well, school started (kinda) last Wednesday, June, uhh, 8. For the first time in many years I actually got sleep before the first day. I discovered that my cruel teachers did not put me, Pearl, my two good friends Fiona and Meg and the rest of the group in one section. Gah. And my homeroom adviser is my Math teacher a few years back, and she's way nice. Only now, we're supposed to call her Teacher (name)! Seriously. We're all used to Ms/Mrs. (family name), then it became Ms/Mrs. (first name) and now TEACHER?! You. Have. To. Be. Kidding. Me. So I made a joke out of it and call my teachers in a childish voice (very good at it). Like kindergartners. Cute.

Had no classes Monday but wasn't able to blog because I went to the dentist. I'm going to wear those special retainers now, just when I sleep. Whoopee. Looking forward to it. NOT.

And, yeah, congratulations to my friends for being the class officers. Daryl, our VP last year, is now the President. Marvic is the VP, Charmagne is the secretary (again), Maureen is the treasurer, and Gabrielle is the assistant treasurer!! Yay, go Gabe!!

I'm auditioning for the Glee Club next week (explains the song *points below*), so good luck to me. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAAAAIIN. And Josine, MYMP is not overrated. Well, that's your opinion.

Speaking of opinions, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO THE PHILIPPINES?! I don't freaking know! I heard about this audio tape of PGMA and Garcilliano, and I think people are so making a big deal out of this. Way big. And now they want to impeach our president! Again?! Why, was it already proven that it was truly our president on that tape? And do we really need an impeachment issue right now? What about the Philippine economy!? What about the wages of the workers and the prices of the gasoline and the goods? What about them?! I so can't see why the people can't be united in order to move on as a country, but they sure are united when it comes to impeaching presidents. *blag*

Well, gotta go. I have to do my homework. But I just want to say that I'm so starting this school year right by being optimistic. I realized now that last year, I was being too pessimistic. Look what happened to my Math grade.