jueves, junio 30, 2005

I. Am. Sorry. ?

Note: These are MY opinions, lest you forget.

She said SORRY daw.

Oh, well, it was pretty obvious that it was her voice in the GloriaGate CD.

So her public apology was live, but it was obviously still scripted. And for me, um, she may mean what she said, but she totally doesn't look sincere. She looked way fake, like, a cross between looking tired and looking blank.

Personally, she is forgivable. But politically? I don't really know. What she did really betrayed our trust on her, but I guess I can forgive her na rin IF (I emphasize: IF) she makes up for the mistakes she has done. I believe we shouldn't impeach our President just yet. Let's give her a chance to redeem herself, because who knows, she might be able to save this country (um) but if she does not prove to us that she is worthy of the chance we give her, then I am sorry, but kick her off Malacanang. Am I making sense of what I said?

So what happens now?