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Bantayan: The Second Time Around

Bantayan: The Second Time Around

I am back! :)

I arrived yestie late afternoon from Bantayan, and my weekend was THE BOMB!! Gosh, I don't even know where to start, but we'll start from the beginning.

We left the city at around 3:40 in the morning Saturday. We were all squished in the car: me, my brother Nico, my aunt Joyce, her husband uncle Ding, his mother Lola Mat, and his two other siblings Arnold and Arianne. We left my other uncle behind because we wouldn't fit into the car anymore! And you might wonder why my mother never comes along. It's because she has work and she was never fond of the beach anyway.

Two hours into the car trip and I had to let uncle Ding stop the car because I wanted to barf. Seriously. I don't usually barf on travels but I guess we all have our moments. We arrived at Hagnaya Wharf at 6:15, just in time for the seven a.m. ferry, which was already full. The ferry ride took around 45 minutes and it was sooo slow. Well, patience never was my virtue anyway. We arrived at the Santa Fe pier 7:45 and went to ride a tricycle to Kota Beach. I was so amazed at the tricycle! It could seat around eight people! It looks like a mini-jeep! Soooo cute.

Checked at the Yooneek (pronounced "unique") Beach Resort. Tres, tres cool. The room wasn't necessarily big but it was enough for the seven of us. AND it's way nice. We immediately changed into our suits and swam at the sea. The sea wasn't so nice unlike the last time because of the winds but it was still nice. There were totally huge waves, some of them bigger than me! No kidding. I mean, hello, I know I am short but talking about these waves, man, am I waaay short. So since we couldn't do much swimming we decided to hang around the sandbar where all of us got our fill of white sand. We also rented this really really big ring and my brother and I rode it ala-banana boat style. Needless to say, I got minor bruises because of it, but it was fun. We kept falling from the ring because of the waves. Super cool.

We ate brekkie and went to the town proper, where we visited one of the oldest Churches in the Philippines. We also crossed the plaza and went to the market where my aunt bought crabs and fish, etc. But before that, we visited another beach resort which boasts of an underground cave, the Ogtong Resort. Having never seen an actual cave before, I was way excited. We payed for the entrance fee and went to the entrance, which was a set of stairs leading to an underground freshwater river. Very beautiful, but the cave was full of people! I mean, the water was already blurry and this little boy even stood on top of the stairs and peed- right in front of us. Needless to say, we were horrified and asked the resort to refund our entrance fees. So we went to the town instead.

But one thing pissed me off, by the way. Just because I am short doesn't mean you could pass me off as an eleven-year-old kid to get discounts! Seriously. I mean, hello! I am pretty much a teen, just a short one. And, like, hello, HOW many people would fall for that little fib, that I am an eleven-year-old kid instead of a teen?

Oh, God. Don't answer that.

When we got back to our hotel room--which is funny by the way, because instead of room numbers they use the alphabet, and ours was letter "E." Whoa, that was the first time I checked into a hotel with the alphabet instead of numbers!-- the sea had calmed down because it was low tide. So we got to swim around a bit. My aunt caught three jellyfishes! Ugh. Tres horrible. And while walking on the shore, we saw this really big purple jellyfish!! I swear, I couldn't even describe how big it was. It was already dead, because a big stone was on top of it and this horrible pinkish liquid was squirting out of it. My aunt (brave woman!!) got a stick and rolled the jellyfish upside down. Horrible!

Night came and we ate dinner at the hotel room. That's when some of us started to get bored so they decided to hang around the lobby and have a beer or two. My uncle ordered me and Arianne a bottle of San Miguel Light to share. Seriously. And we also used the internet! Haha, they had an internet cafe right there! So I made Arianne an e-mail since she wanted one so badly.

Next day, got woken up by my uncle at eight. We have to go swimming now, he says, because we're going to leave at eleven. It's high tide again, and the waves were more furious than ever. I was very exhausted because just when you're recovering from your wipe-out from one wave comes another. Even the sandbar wasn't an option, but it was fun jumping around the waves. We ate brekkie and went back to the pier, where we boarded the 12 noon ferry. It was still eleven so-and-so but the ferry was already filled! What time DO they board? Nine?!

Our second ferry ride took longer because of the waves. The little boat was bouncing from side to side and most of us got a little seasick so most of us slept, except for a bunch of drunk people at the back. We arrived at Hagnaya past one and drove back to the city. Whoopee. Didn't barf this time.

Some pictures:

Image hosted by
Posing at the Yooneek Beach Resort! Isn't it neat?

Image hosted by
Hanging by the beach. See the waves? Those are just the small ones!

Image hosted by
(1-2)Palengke Kings and Queens!
(3)The town plaza!

Image hosted by
Hanging out at the resort take 2.

Image hosted by
(1) One of the oldest Churches in the Philippines. It was my first time there, and I made a wish when I saw it! So enchanting!
(2-3) At the beach again!

Image hosted by
Posing, posing!

Hay, back-to-school already. This sucks. Waaa. I haven't even changed my sleeping habits yet. Yaikz.

This Saturday: a picnic at Transcentral! Yipee!


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