sábado, mayo 21, 2005

No More Hiram.

I feel kind of sad. Hiram ended tonight, and, like, it's the only soap opera I've faithfully watched in, like, years! Technically, I've never been a faithful soap opera viewer because I find them dragging at times, but certainly Hiram is the only soap opera which I've seen most of the episodes. And-- do not bash me-- it's the only soap opera I ever cried over. Really!

So, now I have nothing to look forward to weeknights. Blah.

But I do love how Hiram ended. No stupid wedding polls. You know what I mean. It's rather unforgettable... see, the main character does not have to be killed for a soap opera to be unforgettable. :) I also love Hiram's theme songs, like, Hiram itself, plus Say You Love Me, then Fallin', and Minsan Pa.

Too bad Pixie is acting up again. Would've loved to post some choice caps.

Meteor Garden

There's Meteor Garden mania all over again! Is that bad? Probably not for ABS-CBN. I heard that MG's ratings are high. No offense, but F4 is so two years ago.

I wasn't really a fan of F4. MG, maybe, but not F4. Oh okay, I'll admit I used to like Vic so much... haha. I remember two years ago, the mall beside our school would be full of STC students tuning into Meteor Garden that our discipline-in-charge had the TV set turned off. Me? Nah. I rush home to watch it. Nyaha.

Now, I just tune in whenever I can. All I can say is... it sure gives me a lot of ideas for fanfictions!


Not again. I'm not satisfied with my summer break yet! Hehe, damot. I still need a vacation from my vacation. Worse, my über-cool posse and I are split up! Damn.

My books are incomprehensible. Whatever that means. My mind is so fuzzy right now, I can't think.

I'm Afraid

Eek, lightning just flashed outside. I really get scared of lightning (duh, who won't?). But I also get scared of thunder. And I'm alone in my room! Aack! *scared*

Weird Feeling

Earlier, I felt really, really weird! Like a lunatic, which I already am. I was having a fit of giggles and I was smiling at totally ridiculous things. But the weird thing in that is the weird feeling in my stomach. It felt like butterflies were flying around. I felt excited. But WHY?

Also, this feeling involved the feeling that something really good is happening/happened, but I looked over it. What is it?!

Hay naku, Patricia. Ano na naman itong kagagahan mo?

Missing You

I so miss a lot of people, that I lost count. I don't even hear from them anymore! :( Here are two special ones:

Ate Mimi... drat, last time I saw her was on TV pa, when she was in the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant. Worse, that was YEARS ago, five years or so. I haven't heard from her in e-mail or text.

Ate Rina... last time I saw her was in school, when I passed our CD to Miss Jumillier. I remember I was wearing my mini-skirt and the guard refused to let me into school because it was so short!

Sometimes, when these people aren't busy, they do take time to say hello, but lately there were no hellos from... Michi, Kathleen, Ate Amor & Doris, Liezel, Jess, Zandy, Tammy, Maky, etc. Hay, I so miss you guys! Actually, kulang pa yan. I just can't think of anyone else right now (uh, hello, it's two a.m.). But I bet I can make a long list of who I miss.

Aww :(