domingo, mayo 29, 2005

I am drowning in watermelon.

*cough cough*

My room underwent an extreme makeover over the weekend.

My mom promised me that we'd renovate my room when I decided to move in, like, five years ago. But this was a promise she only got to fulfill now. Actually, it wasn't really her who fulfilled it, it was my aunt.

We talked about this several times already. She was itching to paint my walls because most of the paint was chipped. We agreed on light blue because my room is positioned where the sun hits, so it's totally hot in the afternoons. Light blue will help make it feel airy. And we agreed to paint only one wall, because technically there was only one wall whose paint was chipped.

So imagine my surprise when my maid woke me up around ten yesterday telling me I had to go to the other room because my room will be repainted. And so I did, but my aunt didn't arrive until one. She brought a gallon or so of paint, in the color of-- guess what?-- watermelon! Sheesh. I looked at the paint bucket in horror, but I wasn't able to ask her why the hell she got that color.

She and my maid painted ALL four walls. Even my maid got a little too excited and painted the doorknob and the switch in the same color. It took a few hours to get everything done, and good thing the paint she bought was quick drying. But, watermelon?! Hello!! Is she on crack?

Even my door is watermelon.

She painted the back of my door white though, along with the inside doorframe. She painted the closet that came with the room (and is completely unmoveable AND a total hassle) white. The linings of my floor are white.

Actually they weren't done yet. The topmost of the walls are still off-white because they had a hard time reaching it. I'm not having a hard time adjusting to the color, but still. It's watermelon! And since the watermelon color on the switchh looked absolutely revolting I had the maid paint it white again. So that's cool, I guess.

And since the paint has dried for a few hours already, I slept in the same room and woke up with a cough, to which I can only blame on the paint fumes. My throat hurts. Ow. Darn.