jueves, mayo 26, 2005

Come to think of it...

... I look better with curly hair. Really. I realized this last night when I was sooo bored that I got out my curling tongs (kikay!) and curled my hair. Haha. Really, though, I noticed that straight hair is sooo limp. Boring. It won't make you stand out.

Now, I happened to have curly hair. That was nearly three years ago, because three years ago I went into the salon a curl-head and went out with my hair straight. And it needs to be retouched every year to keep the straightness in. If not, your hair will do this bending thing that looks so pathetic. I'm sick of straight hair. Why did I ever have it straightened in the first place? I miss my curls. It's not like I don't love my straight hair, it's just that I miss my old hair.

So, my message to curl-heads who want to have their hair straightened: Don't. Keep it as it is. Unless you want to have regrets. Really, you just need to find the right products to tame your hair.


The lesson I learned this week is not to act on impulse unless I want to look stupid and feel uneasy.

Something triggered me yesterday to have an outburst and, like, say something to someone. Now, this something is really private and I shouldn't have said it because it is the stupidest thing ever on mankind (except for the hypothalamus thing, I guess). But I can't help myself because I was so frustrated. And so, I did the crime. And I'm fast regretting it. THAT WAS SO STUPID, MAN! Why? Why?! WHY can't I keep my big mouth shut?!


I really hate it when people rub it in. Bullcrap. Like, for example, your friend met a person you were really dying to meet. And then she goes around telling you this and that. Yuck, man. That is like rubbing salt on a stinging, fresh, open wound. I AM SO FRICKEN' ANNOYED!!!! And then she goes around telling how that special person treated everyone like this and how she treated you specially and how you got super close to her in the picture and whatsit! Feeler.

Of course, I understand the feeling, especially if that person is rather famous and and an idol to everyone. It is understandable. But... but... but... it's like rubbing salt on a stinging, fresh, open wound!! Do you know this feeling?!

Or maybe I just don't need this right now.

I'm sorry for the things I said back up there.


Carrie Underwood is the new Idol. Wahoo.