jueves, mayo 12, 2005


Okay, so even with only four hours of sleep, I watched Amazing Race 7's Season Finale. It was kinda funny because I had set my alarm at 8:50 a.m. earlier so I can watch, but I woke up five minutes earlier so I just lay down and waited for time to pass when suddenly there was a brown-out. I was SO annoyed but luckily, eight minutes later the electricity came back on, and TAR hasn't begun.

It was a 2-hour special, with three teams remaining: Ron & Kelly, the POW and the Pageant Queen, Romber, the engaged Survivor couple and Uchenna and Joyce, the childless couple. For me it was an exciting ending because there were so many twists, like, U & J didn't have money to pay their cab right outside the gate that separated them from the finish line, and still they begged for money even though other teams could be coming. It was exciting.

Ron and Kelly finished last, because they missed the earlier flight that U&J and Romber took. I was totally cheering for Romber (and I dunno why!) but they only came second place because U&J finished first!

I felt a little bad that Romber didn't win, but what the heck, they're already millionaires from Survivor All Stars. And U&J are totally deserving winners. They're the nicest team on the race, they don't play dirty that much, and how many girls like Joyce are willing to shave off their beautiful hair so they could be in the first place? I sincerely hope that their in-vitro procedure will be successful so they could finally have a kid. If not, there's always adoption.

And Romber won a ton of prizes anyway, for always being first. Ron and Kelly have some serious talking to do.

Can't wait for the new season! Outta here!