domingo, mayo 29, 2005

I am drowning in watermelon.

*cough cough*

My room underwent an extreme makeover over the weekend.

My mom promised me that we'd renovate my room when I decided to move in, like, five years ago. But this was a promise she only got to fulfill now. Actually, it wasn't really her who fulfilled it, it was my aunt.

We talked about this several times already. She was itching to paint my walls because most of the paint was chipped. We agreed on light blue because my room is positioned where the sun hits, so it's totally hot in the afternoons. Light blue will help make it feel airy. And we agreed to paint only one wall, because technically there was only one wall whose paint was chipped.

So imagine my surprise when my maid woke me up around ten yesterday telling me I had to go to the other room because my room will be repainted. And so I did, but my aunt didn't arrive until one. She brought a gallon or so of paint, in the color of-- guess what?-- watermelon! Sheesh. I looked at the paint bucket in horror, but I wasn't able to ask her why the hell she got that color.

She and my maid painted ALL four walls. Even my maid got a little too excited and painted the doorknob and the switch in the same color. It took a few hours to get everything done, and good thing the paint she bought was quick drying. But, watermelon?! Hello!! Is she on crack?

Even my door is watermelon.

She painted the back of my door white though, along with the inside doorframe. She painted the closet that came with the room (and is completely unmoveable AND a total hassle) white. The linings of my floor are white.

Actually they weren't done yet. The topmost of the walls are still off-white because they had a hard time reaching it. I'm not having a hard time adjusting to the color, but still. It's watermelon! And since the watermelon color on the switchh looked absolutely revolting I had the maid paint it white again. So that's cool, I guess.

And since the paint has dried for a few hours already, I slept in the same room and woke up with a cough, to which I can only blame on the paint fumes. My throat hurts. Ow. Darn.

jueves, mayo 26, 2005

Come to think of it...

... I look better with curly hair. Really. I realized this last night when I was sooo bored that I got out my curling tongs (kikay!) and curled my hair. Haha. Really, though, I noticed that straight hair is sooo limp. Boring. It won't make you stand out.

Now, I happened to have curly hair. That was nearly three years ago, because three years ago I went into the salon a curl-head and went out with my hair straight. And it needs to be retouched every year to keep the straightness in. If not, your hair will do this bending thing that looks so pathetic. I'm sick of straight hair. Why did I ever have it straightened in the first place? I miss my curls. It's not like I don't love my straight hair, it's just that I miss my old hair.

So, my message to curl-heads who want to have their hair straightened: Don't. Keep it as it is. Unless you want to have regrets. Really, you just need to find the right products to tame your hair.


The lesson I learned this week is not to act on impulse unless I want to look stupid and feel uneasy.

Something triggered me yesterday to have an outburst and, like, say something to someone. Now, this something is really private and I shouldn't have said it because it is the stupidest thing ever on mankind (except for the hypothalamus thing, I guess). But I can't help myself because I was so frustrated. And so, I did the crime. And I'm fast regretting it. THAT WAS SO STUPID, MAN! Why? Why?! WHY can't I keep my big mouth shut?!


I really hate it when people rub it in. Bullcrap. Like, for example, your friend met a person you were really dying to meet. And then she goes around telling you this and that. Yuck, man. That is like rubbing salt on a stinging, fresh, open wound. I AM SO FRICKEN' ANNOYED!!!! And then she goes around telling how that special person treated everyone like this and how she treated you specially and how you got super close to her in the picture and whatsit! Feeler.

Of course, I understand the feeling, especially if that person is rather famous and and an idol to everyone. It is understandable. But... but... but... it's like rubbing salt on a stinging, fresh, open wound!! Do you know this feeling?!

Or maybe I just don't need this right now.

I'm sorry for the things I said back up there.


Carrie Underwood is the new Idol. Wahoo.

martes, mayo 24, 2005

Magpaplastikan muna ako ngayon, dahil sa totoo lang, hindi ko talaga feel mag-blog. This is only for the sake of updating. Eh I love my blog naman eh. And a note lang. If you dare ask me if I am okay, sorry nalang but I will claw at your eyeballs using my super long fingernails. Hala.

I only have two weeks more of summer freedom. And I have not done anything productive at all. Hay naku. Bahala na si Batman.

My hair is doing this weird jutting-out thing. It is kind of cool.

I think I grew taller. Baka siguro dahil yan sa palagi akong natutulog. I mean, come on. What else is there to do? Do something productive? Poke into my eyeballs using a fork?

Whoever heard ballet flats could be painful? I was literally limping a few hours after I wore this pair my aunt bought me. I don't know where the hell she got it, but it sure does hurt. I'm sure it was cheap. I am fully going to buy a new, comfortable pair.

But even so, I've been wanting to have ballet flats. BUT when I got that pair, I wasn't overjoyed.

I do have new shoes. School shoes. From Florsheim. And socks. And a Converse messenger bag.

Natalie Portman is bald. But she's still beautiful. It's just a matter of getting used to her without hair.

Our next door neighbors, which are also extended family, were robbed recently. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is my uncle, who robbed our house a few years ago, taking mostly jewelry. I have a feeling it is my uncle because he always strikes whenever someone's about to have a birthday. But whoever heard of a magnanakaw taking a broken VHS player (hello, we are sooo DVD nowadays!) and a broken rewinder, plus the blender without the pitcher thing, and taking PhP1,500 but leaving PhP100 behind? Stupid.

It hit me like a ton of bricks after I posted my other entry. Why don't I look for Ate Mimi in Friendster? This IS the Friendster age, after all. So I searched for her and I did find her. I sent her a message, and she replied. But I have not replied to her yet. She is in Makati na pala, for good. And she wants me to come visit her in Makati. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Obviously, no.

For a TV commercial para sa isang fast-food, masyado namang sexy yung kay Paris Hilton.

Masarap sa Kenny Rogers. Ang tagal na kaya niyan dito sa Ayala, pero last Monday lang ako nakakain doon. Swear.

I feel naked without lip balm.

The hypothalamus is located in the human brain. This sentence goes out to this person I've sort-of dealt with recently online. Porquet Kapuso siya eh ang hypothalamus niya, which is the organ of emotion, is located in the heart. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Sheesh.

I saw Spongebob undies!! Too bad they were briefs. I would've wanted a pair.

Naka-unlimited internet na ako. Yay. As if I'm not perpetually online in the first place. Doi.

I miss Hiram. Hiram. Hiram.

sábado, mayo 21, 2005

No More Hiram.

I feel kind of sad. Hiram ended tonight, and, like, it's the only soap opera I've faithfully watched in, like, years! Technically, I've never been a faithful soap opera viewer because I find them dragging at times, but certainly Hiram is the only soap opera which I've seen most of the episodes. And-- do not bash me-- it's the only soap opera I ever cried over. Really!

So, now I have nothing to look forward to weeknights. Blah.

But I do love how Hiram ended. No stupid wedding polls. You know what I mean. It's rather unforgettable... see, the main character does not have to be killed for a soap opera to be unforgettable. :) I also love Hiram's theme songs, like, Hiram itself, plus Say You Love Me, then Fallin', and Minsan Pa.

Too bad Pixie is acting up again. Would've loved to post some choice caps.

Meteor Garden

There's Meteor Garden mania all over again! Is that bad? Probably not for ABS-CBN. I heard that MG's ratings are high. No offense, but F4 is so two years ago.

I wasn't really a fan of F4. MG, maybe, but not F4. Oh okay, I'll admit I used to like Vic so much... haha. I remember two years ago, the mall beside our school would be full of STC students tuning into Meteor Garden that our discipline-in-charge had the TV set turned off. Me? Nah. I rush home to watch it. Nyaha.

Now, I just tune in whenever I can. All I can say is... it sure gives me a lot of ideas for fanfictions!


Not again. I'm not satisfied with my summer break yet! Hehe, damot. I still need a vacation from my vacation. Worse, my über-cool posse and I are split up! Damn.

My books are incomprehensible. Whatever that means. My mind is so fuzzy right now, I can't think.

I'm Afraid

Eek, lightning just flashed outside. I really get scared of lightning (duh, who won't?). But I also get scared of thunder. And I'm alone in my room! Aack! *scared*

Weird Feeling

Earlier, I felt really, really weird! Like a lunatic, which I already am. I was having a fit of giggles and I was smiling at totally ridiculous things. But the weird thing in that is the weird feeling in my stomach. It felt like butterflies were flying around. I felt excited. But WHY?

Also, this feeling involved the feeling that something really good is happening/happened, but I looked over it. What is it?!

Hay naku, Patricia. Ano na naman itong kagagahan mo?

Missing You

I so miss a lot of people, that I lost count. I don't even hear from them anymore! :( Here are two special ones:

Ate Mimi... drat, last time I saw her was on TV pa, when she was in the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant. Worse, that was YEARS ago, five years or so. I haven't heard from her in e-mail or text.

Ate Rina... last time I saw her was in school, when I passed our CD to Miss Jumillier. I remember I was wearing my mini-skirt and the guard refused to let me into school because it was so short!

Sometimes, when these people aren't busy, they do take time to say hello, but lately there were no hellos from... Michi, Kathleen, Ate Amor & Doris, Liezel, Jess, Zandy, Tammy, Maky, etc. Hay, I so miss you guys! Actually, kulang pa yan. I just can't think of anyone else right now (uh, hello, it's two a.m.). But I bet I can make a long list of who I miss.

Aww :(

martes, mayo 17, 2005

The Heat Is On

(tacky title, I know)

Here is the promised longer entry about my weekend getaway!


My brother Nico and I packed our bags for the two-day trip. We were to go to my Uncle and Aunt's house in Talisay because they were the ones who will take us to Bantayan Is. Or so, we thought. With us are next door neighbors, who are my uncle's siblings, Arianne and Arnold.


Arianne, Arnold, Nico and I woke up at four in the morning, because my uncle told us that we should be awake by that time. We barely had sleep because we weren't really used to sleeping early, and I couldn't sleep well because Arnold was snoring like crazy.

So we went downstairs to get ready, and to our annoyance my uncle and aunt aren't awake yet. In the kitchen we found Yaya Ivy preparing egg sandwiches for the trip. I munched on a cold donut while Arianne and Arnold had sandwiches and milk. We watched TV for around half an hour or so before aunt and uncle woke up. We all rushed to get dressed and left the house around five.

The sun was beginning to rise as we travel down the streets of Cebu, and we stopped by our house (meaning mine and Nico's) to pick up my other uncle who was coming with us. Mum was still asleep.

We arrived at Hagnaya Wharf at around eight thirty, nearly three hours since we took off. It was a fun drive, I think. We just slept, talked and ate. But I was a little uncomfortable, since I was squished in the front seat with Arianne, but it's okay.

The barge that's supposed to take us to Bantayan is scheduled to leave at ten, so we bummed around the wharf for a while and ate barbeque. While doing this, my uncle's cousin Reinna called and said that there was a fiesta at Maya, another wharf, and where her family lives. After several negotiations, the grown-ups decided to go to Maya, where we could take a boat to Malapascua Is., come back late in the afternoon, celebrate the fiesta and sleep in a hotel, wake
up early and drive back to Hagnaya to take a barge to Bantayan, come back after a few hours and then go home. Pretty hectic, eh? I was pretty peeved about this at first, but I cooled off after a while.

We cancelled our tickets to the barge and drove to Maya, which is around an hour away from Hagnaya. I found out that my relatives had a restaurant and a beauty parlor there, and they were kinda prominent. Like, if you don't know the directions to the house, which we didn't, all you had to do was mention the family name and they would know where to lead you. Cool, huh?

The first two pictures are of us, the first one with my Lola (the farthest one on the left side, behind my aunt) in their restaurant in Hagnaya. It's called Fits All, and so is their parlor. Why, I do not know. We bummed there for a few minutes, then we drove to this resort nearby where we stayed the night. See last three photos. The first one is me with Arianne and Arnold, with the Tina Turner bird as background. We called it as the Tina Turner bird because we didn't know what kind of bird it was. I mean, it was baby blue with scary red eyes and curly hair, like Tina Turner. And we also had a mock game of billiards. And in the last photo is us in a little bridge over the fishpond. And oh yeah, see my sunglasses? They're really cool, huge ones from my uncle, who claims it's an original Louis Vuitton. And, yeah, it does look original.

After we had lunch, we went to the wharf to get a pump boat to cross the sea. That was around twelve, but the boat does not leave until a half-hour later, so we took photos. The first three were of us bumming around the boat. On board with us were a few local people and three foreigners. One was a baldy American with a huge bag and the other two looked like a German couple who were photographers. The boat reached Malapascua in an hour, and we immediately swam (fourth jpeg). And the last photo is me, my brother and my aunt on the boat back to Maya. It's not noticeable, but we were soaking wet there. It's because we just put on our clothes on top of our suits and jumped on the boat.

An hour later the boat arrived at Maya. We checked into the resort and showered, before going to Aunt Reinna's house nearby for dinner. It was yummy. We had lechon and scallops. And then we all settled to ponder on life (ha-ha). My uncle insisted on taking our picture because he says that we will all be recognized as a family because of our wide foreheads. Thanks a lot, uncle. So that's my aunt at the left, my Aunt Reinna, me, Aunt Reinna's husband and my uncle Owen.

We browsed the streets which were full with people. There were perya booths and ukay-ukay. After a few minutes we finally left for the resort because we still had to get up early for the next day. It turns out that my uncle scored a deal with a captain, and for a specific fee, the boat would take us to Bantayan from Maya. And mind you, it would take three hours, but it was worth it. And so after preparing, we finally slept. That's my brother with my uncle there. But I don't know if they were really asleep when this photo was taken.


We woke up at around five to do some last minute preparations. But I woke up before then to use the bathroom because I had been hard-headed and drank Coke, but I really didn't have a choice. We ate brekkie and drove to the wharf where our boat was waiting. The trip took more than three hours, but I didn't mind because I could appreciate beauty of nature (Miss Cebu, here I come!). But really, the sights were amazing. I even saw some flying fishes. The sea was so clear and it was a beautiful day. We alternated between sleeping, eating and taking photos. And best part is there was a signal! Cool! The pictures above are of all of us in the boat. First two is me and my brother goofing for the camera, third is Arianne, Nico, me and Arnoldand fourth is my Aunt with Arnold at the back.

It was my first time in Bantayan, and it is really beautiful. More beautiful than Malapascua, because Bantayan is purely sand whereas Malapascua has rocks. Doesn't this remind you of Bora? All pictures contain Arianne, me, Arnold, my uncle Owen, my brother and uncle Ding, except for the third one because it's just uncle O with my brother and the second, fourth and fifth picture because uncle O isn't there.

Oh yes, more pictures in Bantayan. First is my, err, sizzling hot babe of a brother. Ha-ha! The second one is my aunt who looks like she's wrestling my brother to a good pose for the cam. My caption for the third photo is "Small, Medium, Large." :) See, I am so tiny! And fourth is "Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large." Why not?

We rode the boat back to Maya at around noon because it'll take forever to get home, and my uncle O still has to pack for his Manila trip. And yeaahh, I got naked on the boat! Oh, um, not really. See, we didn't check into a resort in Bantayan, and we were driving straight home after we arrive in Maya, so we had to change clothes on the boat. My aunt did it first, facing away from us and covered by her husband with a towel. I was a little apprehensive but my aunt did
say that we're in the middle of the sea, so it's not like anyone's gonna see us changing. So I changed. I went to the back of the boat with my towel, peeled off my suit and changed into a colorful spaghetti top and white shorts. The trip back was quicker than the trip to the island.

I was practically burning when we arrived at Maya. I am burnt! I totally ran to the shade when I got out of the boat. We went home and arrived at our house at seven in the evening, where I watched TV before finally falling asleep- so asleep that my mom couldn't even wake me up. The end.

Here are some other choice photos from our trip.

My brother, Nico! The first photo was taken at the resort we stayed, and behind is the Tina Turner Bird. The second was in Malapascua Is. on the beach in front of the floating bar. I wanted to swim there, but I wasn't able to. And third was a photo I took myself. That was early morning on Sunday, on the boat to Bantayan. I guess this is his best picture (because it was taken by me- haha!) But seriously, it's better if you took shots of Nico when he's not posing
because he poses rather badly.

And that is me, on the pump boat, in my blue racerback and LV shades. I can't say anything about myself! The second pic is me with Arianne (and I just noticed Nico's at my feet), and the third one is me in Bantayan. For some reason I was camera-shy there. :-p

You might wonder how tanned I am right now.

Oh yes, that is me, very tanned. Wait... why do my eyes look bigger? That's weird. My sun burnt shoulders are better now, but my nose is starting to peel. Already! Geez!

And may I just add.... I missed Ranger!

Yes, Ranger, our rather primadonna dog. I have not seen him for days and I missed his kakulitan. And when I whipped out the camera to take photos of him, aba, nag-pose!

So that's how my weekend went. It was a totally cool weekend getaway, and at
least I could write something significant in those "What I Did Last
" essays in school.

And if my photos won't convince you to come to Cebu, I don't know what else

jueves, mayo 12, 2005


Okay, so even with only four hours of sleep, I watched Amazing Race 7's Season Finale. It was kinda funny because I had set my alarm at 8:50 a.m. earlier so I can watch, but I woke up five minutes earlier so I just lay down and waited for time to pass when suddenly there was a brown-out. I was SO annoyed but luckily, eight minutes later the electricity came back on, and TAR hasn't begun.

It was a 2-hour special, with three teams remaining: Ron & Kelly, the POW and the Pageant Queen, Romber, the engaged Survivor couple and Uchenna and Joyce, the childless couple. For me it was an exciting ending because there were so many twists, like, U & J didn't have money to pay their cab right outside the gate that separated them from the finish line, and still they begged for money even though other teams could be coming. It was exciting.

Ron and Kelly finished last, because they missed the earlier flight that U&J and Romber took. I was totally cheering for Romber (and I dunno why!) but they only came second place because U&J finished first!

I felt a little bad that Romber didn't win, but what the heck, they're already millionaires from Survivor All Stars. And U&J are totally deserving winners. They're the nicest team on the race, they don't play dirty that much, and how many girls like Joyce are willing to shave off their beautiful hair so they could be in the first place? I sincerely hope that their in-vitro procedure will be successful so they could finally have a kid. If not, there's always adoption.

And Romber won a ton of prizes anyway, for always being first. Ron and Kelly have some serious talking to do.

Can't wait for the new season! Outta here!

domingo, mayo 08, 2005


Before anything else, I'd like to greet my Mommy a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

This is a card that I made for her, using my new Photoshop skills. Last year, I had given her an e-card, so I'm doing something else this time around.

After typing the things below, I realized that even when I am the one pissed, annoyed and maybe hurt, I am still concerned how others might feel. Why?!

On with the post:


I am really trying to calm myself down. And I had several attempts not to post an entry like this, but in the end, I ended up writing an entry anyway. You see it naman, diba?

See, I have a major tampo on a few people. And I know it is wrong because these people are the nicest ever, really. But I can't help myself from having a tampo, diba? Yes, I know I could use the excuse of PMS for this, but when you're infurated, you're not supposed to unleash your anger to other people. That is just so wrong. And I do feel guilty now that I'm sober. I guess an entry written while I'm sober is better than an impulsive entry, as I do not want to hurt the feelings of those I have a tampo on. But it's still so wrong!

So bakit ako may tampo sa kanila?

Sabihin na lang natin na you were really looking forward to talking to your friends again after a week hopelessly trapped. And then you're really sleepy na (plus the fact you have a wedding to attend and you need your sleep) but still you're forcing yourself to stay awake just so you can talk to them, but when you arrive, PAK! Walang tao. Nada.

Nabwibwiset ako ngayon, to tell you the truth. For others, this may not seem like it's a big deal, but I am not one of you. I felt really really bad. I felt like I was invisible, like I didn't exist at all. I hate being ignored, but I am not KSP. I just really really hate the feeling of being ignore. Hello, you guys could always say that, "Hey, I can't talk tonight..." but nothing!! No text messages or anything! I'm really pissed and annoyed. And really, it is not just now that I felt so invisible. Life is so unfair. Others get noticed all the time and some people don't.

So nagtatampo ako ngayon. But my tampos are not to be taken seriously (in my opinion), because I could never hold a grudge against a person for long. I don't want the uncomfortable feeling of being mad at someone and having someone mad at me. I may say, "I will not speak to you for a week!" but after a day, hey, guess who's talking? I can easily be won over with a smile and an apology. That's the kind of person I am. Unless of course, my tampo has a valid reason that made me so mad.

To the people whom I have a tampo on (come on, it's obvious!), I just hope that you will understand. And I will get over this tampo after a good night sleep or two. I know that I couldn't really blame you guys 'cause I realize you probably have reasons, but what I don't understand, and what hurts (gee, drama) is why you didn't just tell me. I would've fully understood. And it is not like I'm so hard to reach. I'm just here, damnit.

Look, I know I may sound way too selfish, but it's how I feel. And this is my fucking blog. Off with it.

I am so childish.

sábado, mayo 07, 2005

Caught My Attention

Here are a few things that caught my attention lately:

  • One- this is an organization-slash-campaign. It's a new effort to rally Americans to fight the emergency of global AIDS. Each ONE of us can make a difference. Together as ONE we can change the world. And oh, in the commercial, I see Brad Pitt. ;)
  • Staying Alive- I found some of their commercials way tacky, but I suppose it's for a good cause. It's also a campaign to promote awareness about and prevention of AIDS.
  • Natalie Imbruglia- I think she's featured in MTV this month. I love her new song, Shiver, and she is very, very beautiful. And I also like her voice, kinda relaxed.
  • Gwen Stefani- I didn't really pay much attention to her first song, Rich Girl, but I sat around long enough to catch her latest video, Hollaback Girl, which is my LSS. She's so thin, but I find her also pretty.
  • The Emancipation of Mimi- Mariah is back! I love her latest releases, It's Like That (feat. JD & Fatman Scoop) and We Belong Together. Like, isn't it obvious I've been watching too much MTV?
  • Hiram- I've been trying not to miss an episode, since I know it'll be ending on May 20. Hiram is practically my favorite soap opera of this moment (ha-ha). I can't wait to see how it will end. Some people say it will be William who will end up dying, because he will donate his heart to the dying Margaret. Haha, addict no?
  • The Amazing Race- Next week will be the season finale already! I can't wait. Too bad Meredith and Gretchen got booted out. I like them a lot; they've been really strong even though they're slightly older than the rest. I don't know which team am I going to cheer for: Rob and Amber, Ron and Kelly or Uchenna and Joyce because I like them all! But I have a feeling it'll be Uchenna and Joyce. And no matter how bad Romber are... I still like them, and I don't know why! They didn't stop over when another team had an accident, and Rob even did a few sneaky tricks, but whatever. We'll see. Wednesday on AXN and Studio 23, with a primetime telecast Thursday evening at Studio 23. (Ehem, plugging...)
  • The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best- A very promising show. And Richard Branson is really cute, even if he has white hair. I hated Jermaine, so I'm glad he's out.
  • Bikinis- Until now, I am still not over them, even though I gained an inch on my waistline. I. AM. NOT. DRINKING. COKE. AGAIN.
  • Dismissed- I like the concept of the show, especially now that it's Globally Dismissed, although I doubt the couples formed in that show last long, as they're countries away from each other.
  • The Bachelor/ette- The Bachelor 5 just ended last week, and Jesse picked Jessica B. over Tara. Not a bad choice, but I felt bad for Tara. And Jesse didn't pick Trish! Yay! And The Bachelorette 2 is starting tonight.
  • Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes- Oh my gosh, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going out! All I can say is, "Haba ng hair ni Katie!"

Hay. That's all. Good night.