viernes, abril 22, 2005

A Tale of Two Lists

This is the sort of list one would be making at the beginning, or at the end of the year, but whatever.


1. Started my own blog
2. Got a rather low grade on Math (wah wah wah)
3. Fought with stupid teachers who think they're right
4. Started sleeping early and waking early to study
5. Learned HTML
6. Learned Photoshop
7. Made more friends *wink*wink*
8. Watched less of TV
9. Spent more time on Pixie (that's my computer)
10. Got used to having a dog in the house
11. Spent the night at a girlfriend's house
12. Managed not to get a warning
13. Got interested in books again, rather than magazines
14. Raised a grade five points
15. Lowered a grade by nearly 8 points (How could you do this to me, Mdme. G? I have high scores on your tests, for the love of heaven!)

Accomplishment, accomplishment.

And this is the sort of list one should be making at the beginning of summer, but whatever.


1. Lessen intake of soda and iced tea
2. Memorize something useful for the next school-year
3. Learn to touch our dog without being afraid
4. Overcome shyness (yeah right)
5. Learn more HTML and Photoshop
6. Make more friends
7. Spend time outdoors
8. Wear my specs when I am in front of the computer
9. Exercise to straighten spinal cord
10. Stop wasting time answering surveys on Friendster
11. Update my blog regularly
12. Overcome insecurities
13. Dutifully watch Full House, Hiram, The Bachelor/ette, The Amazing Race, Charmed, and The Rebel Billionaire. Except that when I feel diligent to watch Charmed, someone else is hogging the fricken' television set.
14. Sleep
15. Watch movies


16. Not speak to this guy, or whatever he is, who keeps on farting in my face, orders me around, says bad words in front of my brother, promises me things, but never comes around to fulfill it anyway, and basically just pisses me off. Idiot. I'm not talking abut

You know what the sad part is?

Except for numbers 5, 6, 11, and 14 (+16), I will probably not come around to accomplish these stuff.