jueves, abril 28, 2005

Summer and the News

I still can't believe that today, I got up before one in the afternoon! What an
achievement. I'm trying to change my sleeping habits because, you know, I'm trying
to grow. You have to be tall to be a supermodel (Ha-ha, just kidding).

It's so hot lately. Jeez! And my room is so stuffy I had to open at least one window
for fresh air to get in. All the fans are on full blast (at me, I mean), and when
drinking water, I even have to put ice on it. Ack. Wish I could turn on the AC, but
it's costing us a fortune for the AC to be on only during the night, and with me
practically hooked to Pixie... well, you get the idea.

And my mood is just as blazing hot as the weather. I can't go online because my
uncle somehow tinkered with the connection, and I had to make a new one, but I don't
have the card here with me so I can't log on. I have some tutorials to read to make
more blog templates. And also, he consumed all the ice, so my OJ this morning so did
not have ice.

It's not just me, though. All of us are in raging moods right now.
What a heatwave.


A few hours later...

My internet is WAY freaky. Last night, I was able to go online. And today, I wanted to go online too, but my connection won't budge. Then I realized that my USERNAME and PASSWORD is not the same. There were so many characters in the username box, and my phone number isn't the same! And who can tamper it when Pixie is in my room and I lock it, so, like, duh? Sherry said it must be hackers. HACKERS?! *pissed*

The ending? Had to get a new prepaid card. Geez!


So, the President of China is here, huh? I actually didn't know until today, when I
tuned in to the news. That was uber generous of him to give the Philippines some
money (A billion and something pesos). I just hope that that money is put to good
use, because, you know, that amount of money could do a whole lot of good for this
country, if you'll think about it.


I am not up to date on the latest news, but I do know that there was a fire
recently, in Manila, and a poor family was trapped inside. One of the members of
this family is Erika Theresa Chua, a Sophomore student. I stumbled upon a blog for
her, made by her classmates. May she, Ciara Abalos, the Madrigals (Not Jamby), Ate Toni's aunt and the rest of the Chuas rest in peace.


Kathleen is coming home today! YAY!


Here is my Summer version of, "What I Want for Christmas." I made it, because I am
bored. Bear with me. I had no idea I was so girly.

an out-of-town trip: I have spent nearly all my summers in this island, so I want to
go somewhere else. Even at neighboring islands would be absolutely fine, as long as
there is the sea and the sand. Of course, my ultimate dream is to go abroad, but I
do not see that happening soon. Oh well. I just hope that weekend getaway of ours
will push through this Friday, because I am seriously bummed!

books: I am such a sucker for books. You know, I wouldn't consider my summer as
boring if I just had a new book every week. I still haven't bought Can You Keep A
, Teen Idol, Sophie's World, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Princess Diaries IV, not to mention my own copies of Angels and Demons and All-American Girl.

a dress: I couldn't help but want those cute summer dresses in stores right now. I
am not the dressy kind of girl (or maybe I am), but they are just so cute. Having
one right now would be fantastic.

a skirt: I love skirts! I only have a few ones, but I so like wearing them because
they're very comfortable and make me feel girlish. I think I have four skirts, one
made of denim, one micro-mini in white, a cheerleader-ish skirt in turquoise and a
long, flouncy one in white with blue stripes, and I can't get enough of them!

a bikini: This is probably the biggest joke in this list, because I am not that
comfortable in showing off. I even feel uncomfortable sometimes in my blue tankini.
But I saw so many bikinis in this magazine that I totally found myself wanting them.
But instead of the regular bottom, I want boyshorts with it.

tanning lotion: For once, I actually want to be tan! I probably look like I haven't
seen the sun this summer. I am so sick of all those whitening stuff already.

new jeans: I can't seem to find a good pair, but I am dying for one. It's really
hard to find one that fits me, because I am small, so I just get those bigger sizes
in the children's section. Nyaha.

a clutch: Mum and I were browsing through stuff in the mall when we came across
these cute clutches! Seriously, they were so cute, but we left them anyway. Why did
we ever leave them?! Hel-lo! *knocks on head*

t-shirts: Enough said.

new Chuck Taylors: I can't seem to get enough of one pair! I am fully going to save up when school returns, so I can buy another pair! Remember my post a few months back, saying that I'm going to save up for this black pair? Well, my saving sorta got out of track, so this time, I am REALLY going to save.

I'll be thinking of more. For now, outta here!