viernes, abril 29, 2005

Suddenly Inspired

*poem deleted*

Heehee, sorry to those who haven't read it. It was just a poem poem poem. No meaning what-so-ever. I was just possessed to write it one night.

By the way, let me say this with feeling: I'M BACK! I'M FREE!

My week was hellish. I had to be deported to my aunt's house in the south because my Yaya Vilma took a leave. It was a bit fun, because we (my brother, Anne, Arnold and I) had the house to ourselves, but it was so bloody boring! There were only a few shows that caught my interest in their cable TV. And the house was so noisy. And they drank Coke every meal of the day (oh, wait, that's not boring)! Okay, there were so many things you could do there, but I just found my stay there lonely, because I had no one to talk to, no communication, and NOT A SINGLE PERSON WHOM I TEXTED TEXTED ME BACK!!! Oh, except for Tams, Kryzzle and Ate Toni, who is my consistent ka-text. And Meg. And Fiona, who's in the hospital because of dengue. But still. WHY WON'T YOU BLOODY TEXT ME BACK?! (hehe, parinig)

Speaking of Coke, my tummy hurts. How many times do I absolutely have to tell myself not to drink bloody coke for breakfast! I really need to live out this rule of mine, otherwise I will suffer more. Aack, my tummy hurts!!

My mum's cousin's wedding is this Sunday, May 8 (mum's day), and my bloody dress is not yet done! In fact, my uncle hasn't started working on it. What did I tell you about his (her) punctuality? He only showed me the design last night. It's a tube dress in orange with powder blue ruffles, and it stops right above my knee. I think it will be cool, just as long as he finishes it ASAP!

Also, I was dragged to Ayala last Sunday, because Anne and Arnold wanted to watch ASAP '05. There were so many people in Ayala, and it was so shocking. It's like half of Cebu's population is there! I was amazed.

Not surprisingly, the parking lot was crowded. And it was a sunny day that people were all sweaty and smelly, and I so had a hard time breathing. And because of my, um, smallness, I hardly saw anyone. Wee.

Outta here!