jueves, abril 14, 2005

On Fashion and Photoshop


Needtofindadressdesign. Needtofindadressdesign.


We're to attend my mom's cousin's wedding in May and she requests us to be there. So, my uncle is sewing my dress. Wee, tres fun! Well, he's also a fashion designer so he could totally design it too. But he also told me to look for styles I want and now I'm looking. Which brings us to the topic: Fashion.

Most friends consider me as a 'fashionista' but I really don't think so. I tend to mismatch stuff and when I realize it (usually it's too late), I so feel uncomfortable.

Back to The Topic. Yes, so I'm looking for dress designs (online) and I told my uncle to start sketching designs that I can choose, but he hasn't done that yet. The most he says is that my dress will be a short one, tube, and either peach or orange (Orange is the motif, hello Ate J!). At one point he said I will wear (be prepared) leg warmers!?! That totally does not match, but he says, "Look at Heart (Evangelista), her clothes don't match but she looks fine." Duh.

Anyways, it's a bit exciting to have him sew me a nice dress. I trust him (just not in terms of punctuality!). He had me browsing over several couture and bridal magazines, and telling me to pick a style but I couldn't find anything. Most of them were too outrageous for a simple garden wedding! But I do find Monique Lhuillier's bridal collection so beautiful. I was never a fan of lace, but I found myself liking it now, hehe. Just take a look:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
... oh yes...

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... yay!! (I do sound idiotic here)

Sadly, I could not find the original gown of my dreams that I fell in love with a few months ago. Tammy, a few friends and I were chatting and looking at Ms. Lhuillier's website for gowns. Frustrated. But it's not like I'll be getting married soon!

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I watched Full House earlier, and I really find Jessie's (Song Hye Kyo) fashion style really cool! She dresses like a doll, and she uses very vibrant colors, making her look very fresh. I love how she matches her tops, her skirts, those high-heels, the totes, and that off-center ponytail! Hmm, might be doing that off-center ponytail soon. I just hate Justin's style. It's so.. blah compared to Jessie's fun clothes!

Also, before I went online, I was watching Oprah and their guest was none other than... Valentino! I was mesmerized by the clothes that he designed, like that orange one worn by Jennifer Garner, the black one worn by Julia Roberts when she won best actress for Erin Brockovich, the lavender one worn by Halle Berry, etc! His creations are also so beautiful. I loved this specific dress, in red, tube, and fell just above the knees with poufy stuff on it which looked like roses to me. A model wore a longer version of that dress in the show. It was a signature Valentino creation, and it was just so pretty! But I can't find a picture online. Hey... moving on.


Man, this must be sooo last century ago. I heard a lot about what photoshop can do, but it's only now that I'm making the effort to actually learn it. :) I asked mom for an installation CD, and I now have version 6. I'm kinda looking for version 7, so if you're willing to help, then do so. I can't even apply what I learned in tutorials because there are some features missing in version 6. V. v. frustrating. But I did experiment and I was able to do a few magic tricks:

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I call this Duckie in Paris. This is the first image I ever photoshopped, using photos from samples. I didn't bother editing it well, since I got the hang of it anyway (hmph). Hehe, isn't it cute?

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And this is what I call Muffins and Strawberries. Actually, the tutorial came with an iced tea image but when I downloaded it, it was way smaller than the strawberries and the muffin.

It's 4:15 in the morning now!! Erlack. I told myself not to go beyond 3am. Bad, bad me. Sleeping now. G'night!