martes, abril 12, 2005

Mumble Mumble

Hey! It's been so long since I totally updated, you know? It pains me not to blog (hehe), but since I'm on free internet from midnight onwards, Blogger loads so slowly. It's really a grr.
Eh, what can I say? I miss school! Lol! Believe it or not, I do. Not that I miss the meanie teachers, but I do miss my nice teachers, my friends, my schoolmates, the nice janitors and janitresses, the strict, yet very cool security guards, the hardworking hardineras, the cafeteria food, basically lahat. Yes, I missed you all, and I miss my beloved STC! I miss the pressures of waking up at three in the morning to study, spending hours on the PC writing term papers, spending a ridiculous amount for a creative project... book and movie reviews, algebra... yay! I never thought I'd miss school this early(The irony)! But I don't want summer hols to be over, as I'm not over school yet. But if there'd be a day to go to school just to hang out with everybody else, no WORK whatsoever, then I would definitely go there. :)

Really, I'm having fun with my summer. I've regained my original status as puyatan queen, but don't ask. Mostly I'm stuck at home but I don't really mind. I can do anything I want, with no pressure what-so-ever. I can sleep without being reprimanded and I can eat whenever I want. Speaking of eat, I really must control my very voracious appetite. Even my mum pointed out that I'm fat na (WTF?)! I'm trying to lessen what I eat now. But I had this week-long craving for the soup part of Lucky Me's beef noodles which I was only able to satisfy today. Swear, it was all I could think of, like BEEF NOODLES! BEEF NOODLES! And swear again, I mostly had the soup because I didn't care for the noodles part. Everyone knows you can satisfy cravings by drinking water but it SO didn't work for me. I had enough so I asked Yaya to buy me Lucky Me.

Another bad news is that I can't fit into my favorite white miniskirt without it being fully stretched! Grr. And you could clearly see it fully-stretched. Argh, I so hate that! Bad bad bad!

Meanwhile, I would like to greet my little cousin Lynn a happy birthday! She turned six last Sunday night and had a grand party in their house in Bulacao. It was really fun. They hired a clown to supervise games and etc, and he was really funny. He even tried to persuade me to join the game but I totally refused. I wasn't really game. And they had good food too. So, Lynn, happy birthday! Love you!

My mood these days is always swinging. It seems that I am like that every two weeks. Earlier I was a bit emotional and just wanted to sleep, but now I totally feel giddy for no reason. You know, I'd laugh at something funny (Which I don't really do when I'm reading), and flash this gazillion-watt smile as if photographers are around me, taking my picture, and batting my eyes. Weird no? I am chuckling amusedly as I type this. Forgive my whacko mood. But it is nice to be in a good mood. Really.

Oh yeah, by the way, I took advantage of my high Math grade. I'm so mean, but I do deserve it. I asked nearly everyone to buy me a new book as a reward for my sheer, hard work. And so the people I asked agreed, they're gonna give me new books! So very happy. :)

I've been thinking a lot lately. Nothing really special, but just basic stuff. And I wanted to write about my reflections here, but because of my stupid mood, I forgot all about them. Typical. As for now, I'm working on a poem called Handwriting. And it's not done yet.

Must go to bed. I am sleepy (NOT), and I have cramps. Again. Good night.


Fiona- You lucky lucky girl! Don't forget my pasalubong!

Bloghoppers- Thanks for dropping by! I've been totally lazy but I will visit your blogs soon.

Friends- You do realize my phone, my mobile and my e-mail has been socially inactive (well, except for Liezel). What gives?