jueves, abril 21, 2005

The Lost Blog Princess

Been a while, eh? I was just really lazy to make new entries, though I admit I do have quite a lot on my mind.

Happy Birthday to my only brother, SO cute and SO dear to me, Alfonso Nicolas! He's eight for three hours already, and he's asleep. Oh well. He isn't nocturnal like me, so let him be.

We're going to have a birthday bash for him in a few hours. He has invited all his playmates to his party, and mum is serving hotdogs, spaghetti, cakes and juice. Lovely. And then dinner with the family, here at home. To my certain knowledge, it is buffet style since mum kept mumbling about the caterer. Good thing she was the one who chose the food, with my aunt, because if Nico did, then it will all be fried. Of course, there will be lechon later and mango float in the fridge right now. My hands are scratching to eat that float, but I restrain, which is hard to do since it looks very tempting. Ah.

Anyways, I made this new template all by myself! It took me sheer hard work, an old version of Adobe Photoshop, endless tutorials and republishing, and three days, but look at the outcome! It's basic though, since I just meddled with one of Blogger's templates, but still. This is actually version two, because version ones' background is yellow, and it is so not me. If I posted that, then I'd be changing templates in a day, because blogging is supposed to be expressing yourself, and if the template isn't me, then what IS the point?

And so I came up with a new one, and this is it. It's not really done yet, because it may have some glitches, but whatever. I made a template!

I just hope I don't seem SO self-obsessed, because my picture is all over the place. I cannot think of a design, so this is what I came up with. It reminds me of the cover of All-American Girl!

INSTRUCTION: Click the images on my sidebar to reveal more.

Also, I can't help but feel sad, letting go of my previous template which I used for quite some time. I've become too attached to it. Oh my.

And yeah, Natalie Portman, whoever you are, I want you to know that I will NOT appreciate sarcastic comments about my new template, as I've worked very hard on it. It's not like I completely lost my sense of humor, I'm just touchy on this one since it's new. Once I get over the, "Wow-I-made-this-template-all-by-myself!" feeling, then do feel free to hurl your very humorous sarcastic comments at me.

Thank you.