miƩrcoles, abril 06, 2005

Little Miss Natalie

Tres amusant.

I went to this website that Ate J recommended to me. It's really, erm, funny. See, all you gotta do is register, then you upload a good pic, and they determine your race, personality, and your celebrity match.

Click here for an enlarged size.

This is a screenshot of my own page. It says that my race is SouthEast Asian (Which is true) and Anglo-Saxon. Erlack. I asked mum, who was checking the site at the same time, and she said it's an old race of people in the past! In my words, "Sooo last century!" Amazing.

My celebrity look-alike? No other than Natalie Portman, aka Padme Amidala of Star Wars. Amusing. Judging from the photos, we do look alike (kinda). What do you think? Do we look alike?

This is very, very amusing. Mum hasn't registered, so she didn't see her celebrity look a like, but her race is Chinese daw. Ha-ha-ha.

And tell me one more thing: What happened to Jennifer Garner?!