sábado, abril 02, 2005


I'm supposed to be INCOHERENT!!!

.:: First of all, I'm sorry for not linking and replying to your tags. Really, very sorry. I'm just so tamad to bloghop lately, with my connection so slow and me being sleepy most of the time. I promise to drop by your blogs when I can. :)

.:: A fact that I've only recently discovered: I'm addicted to lip glosses! How come I have never noticed this before? When I would receive a lip gloss as a gift, I would immediately brighten up. Tsk tsk, must add it to Friendster interests. Lip glosses, shimmers and balms I love are GlamShine (Forgot the brand... I think it's Revlon?), The Body Shop's Born Lippy in Strawberry, Dior, Penshoppe's Fruity Pout in (what else?) Strawberry, Careline, Nivea, and more!!! I am seriously considering telling everyone to get me different lip glosses for Christmas but would you take me seriously? Tee-hee. I'm dying to have my own GlamShine, though, because I only had a tester, but I love it, so... *hint! hint!* I cannot live without lip balms, seriously. Everyday I must put some on, because I'd feel so incomplete. Nyaha.

.:: I received this in YM as an offline message

Pope John Paul 2 is dying. He was given last rites. He has high fever due to urinary tract infection. His BP is slowly lowering. Let's all pray for him. PLS PASS...

Please do pray for him!!

.:: Scoliosis. Enough said.

.:: Card-getting at school on Monday. I really don't wanna go, but because I'm the one supposed to be handing out CDs, it can't be avoided. One thing I can avoid though, is going to the classroom. Please don't let me have summer classes in Math. Please. I would even sign up for 10 sessions of Personality Dev't Lessons as long as I won't attend Math Summer Class.

My grades are so bad. I mean, okay, I got a passing grade in 1st and 3rd grading. In 2nd... well, never mind. But what about the fourth?! I swear, I did so well! Only 3 exams went kaboo, and the rest (there were lots) of them were perfect! Or maybe not, but they were good scores, like three mistakes maximum. And I think I did well in the finals. Miss Zerda has to make my grades go higher! Erlack.

.:: Got a new swimsuit. Well, mum was the one who bought it, without me knowing it. Nice, but I doubt if gray really is my color.

.:: I'm bursting with ideas... for fanfiction titles. :D

.:: Current LSS. Ngee, sabay-sabay!

1. Candy Shop- 50 Cent feat. Olivia
2. It's Like That- Mariah Carey feat. Fatman Scoop and Jermaine Dupri
3. What You're Made Of- Lucie Silvas
4. Get Right- Jennifer Lopez feat. Fabolous
5. Scotty Doesn't Know- Lustra

.:: Fiona and I were talking today. Here are some lines I thought were funny. (Yes, Ming, I am bored.)

All About Failng Math

Me: Does 3 quizzes make a difference? We did have a lot of quizzes

Fi: Yes, it does!

Me: But they're not really failing. Does it still make a difference?

Fi: Yes

Me: I am officially going to barf. Fiona!!!! what to do, what to do???!!!

Fi: Barf

The Recent Philippine Airlines-Korina S. Controversy

Fi: I'm going to Manila, btw. Using PAL

Me: Make sure your luggage isn't Louie Vuitton


Me: Can i come with you? Hahaha!

Fi: Sure. You can fit in my bag. (Patty's note: Must-add to my list of Funny Things About Being Small)

Me: With my height, I can. As long as they dont start slashing the bags. *gulp


Me: Because I'd be killed. I can see the headlines now... GIRL FOUND SLASHED IN PASSENGER'S MALETA!

Fi: And I'll make a scene in the airport

Me: Tell me about it

Fi: NOOOO! My bag! My beautiful bag!

*Ming is really fun to talk with. :)

.:: Thinking about getting belly-button pieced. Wala lang, just a stupid thing to do to reward myself for all the hard work I've been doing (esp. in Math). Will mum approve kaya?