viernes, abril 29, 2005

Suddenly Inspired

*poem deleted*

Heehee, sorry to those who haven't read it. It was just a poem poem poem. No meaning what-so-ever. I was just possessed to write it one night.

By the way, let me say this with feeling: I'M BACK! I'M FREE!

My week was hellish. I had to be deported to my aunt's house in the south because my Yaya Vilma took a leave. It was a bit fun, because we (my brother, Anne, Arnold and I) had the house to ourselves, but it was so bloody boring! There were only a few shows that caught my interest in their cable TV. And the house was so noisy. And they drank Coke every meal of the day (oh, wait, that's not boring)! Okay, there were so many things you could do there, but I just found my stay there lonely, because I had no one to talk to, no communication, and NOT A SINGLE PERSON WHOM I TEXTED TEXTED ME BACK!!! Oh, except for Tams, Kryzzle and Ate Toni, who is my consistent ka-text. And Meg. And Fiona, who's in the hospital because of dengue. But still. WHY WON'T YOU BLOODY TEXT ME BACK?! (hehe, parinig)

Speaking of Coke, my tummy hurts. How many times do I absolutely have to tell myself not to drink bloody coke for breakfast! I really need to live out this rule of mine, otherwise I will suffer more. Aack, my tummy hurts!!

My mum's cousin's wedding is this Sunday, May 8 (mum's day), and my bloody dress is not yet done! In fact, my uncle hasn't started working on it. What did I tell you about his (her) punctuality? He only showed me the design last night. It's a tube dress in orange with powder blue ruffles, and it stops right above my knee. I think it will be cool, just as long as he finishes it ASAP!

Also, I was dragged to Ayala last Sunday, because Anne and Arnold wanted to watch ASAP '05. There were so many people in Ayala, and it was so shocking. It's like half of Cebu's population is there! I was amazed.

Not surprisingly, the parking lot was crowded. And it was a sunny day that people were all sweaty and smelly, and I so had a hard time breathing. And because of my, um, smallness, I hardly saw anyone. Wee.

Outta here!

jueves, abril 28, 2005

Summer and the News

I still can't believe that today, I got up before one in the afternoon! What an
achievement. I'm trying to change my sleeping habits because, you know, I'm trying
to grow. You have to be tall to be a supermodel (Ha-ha, just kidding).

It's so hot lately. Jeez! And my room is so stuffy I had to open at least one window
for fresh air to get in. All the fans are on full blast (at me, I mean), and when
drinking water, I even have to put ice on it. Ack. Wish I could turn on the AC, but
it's costing us a fortune for the AC to be on only during the night, and with me
practically hooked to Pixie... well, you get the idea.

And my mood is just as blazing hot as the weather. I can't go online because my
uncle somehow tinkered with the connection, and I had to make a new one, but I don't
have the card here with me so I can't log on. I have some tutorials to read to make
more blog templates. And also, he consumed all the ice, so my OJ this morning so did
not have ice.

It's not just me, though. All of us are in raging moods right now.
What a heatwave.


A few hours later...

My internet is WAY freaky. Last night, I was able to go online. And today, I wanted to go online too, but my connection won't budge. Then I realized that my USERNAME and PASSWORD is not the same. There were so many characters in the username box, and my phone number isn't the same! And who can tamper it when Pixie is in my room and I lock it, so, like, duh? Sherry said it must be hackers. HACKERS?! *pissed*

The ending? Had to get a new prepaid card. Geez!


So, the President of China is here, huh? I actually didn't know until today, when I
tuned in to the news. That was uber generous of him to give the Philippines some
money (A billion and something pesos). I just hope that that money is put to good
use, because, you know, that amount of money could do a whole lot of good for this
country, if you'll think about it.


I am not up to date on the latest news, but I do know that there was a fire
recently, in Manila, and a poor family was trapped inside. One of the members of
this family is Erika Theresa Chua, a Sophomore student. I stumbled upon a blog for
her, made by her classmates. May she, Ciara Abalos, the Madrigals (Not Jamby), Ate Toni's aunt and the rest of the Chuas rest in peace.


Kathleen is coming home today! YAY!


Here is my Summer version of, "What I Want for Christmas." I made it, because I am
bored. Bear with me. I had no idea I was so girly.

an out-of-town trip: I have spent nearly all my summers in this island, so I want to
go somewhere else. Even at neighboring islands would be absolutely fine, as long as
there is the sea and the sand. Of course, my ultimate dream is to go abroad, but I
do not see that happening soon. Oh well. I just hope that weekend getaway of ours
will push through this Friday, because I am seriously bummed!

books: I am such a sucker for books. You know, I wouldn't consider my summer as
boring if I just had a new book every week. I still haven't bought Can You Keep A
, Teen Idol, Sophie's World, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Princess Diaries IV, not to mention my own copies of Angels and Demons and All-American Girl.

a dress: I couldn't help but want those cute summer dresses in stores right now. I
am not the dressy kind of girl (or maybe I am), but they are just so cute. Having
one right now would be fantastic.

a skirt: I love skirts! I only have a few ones, but I so like wearing them because
they're very comfortable and make me feel girlish. I think I have four skirts, one
made of denim, one micro-mini in white, a cheerleader-ish skirt in turquoise and a
long, flouncy one in white with blue stripes, and I can't get enough of them!

a bikini: This is probably the biggest joke in this list, because I am not that
comfortable in showing off. I even feel uncomfortable sometimes in my blue tankini.
But I saw so many bikinis in this magazine that I totally found myself wanting them.
But instead of the regular bottom, I want boyshorts with it.

tanning lotion: For once, I actually want to be tan! I probably look like I haven't
seen the sun this summer. I am so sick of all those whitening stuff already.

new jeans: I can't seem to find a good pair, but I am dying for one. It's really
hard to find one that fits me, because I am small, so I just get those bigger sizes
in the children's section. Nyaha.

a clutch: Mum and I were browsing through stuff in the mall when we came across
these cute clutches! Seriously, they were so cute, but we left them anyway. Why did
we ever leave them?! Hel-lo! *knocks on head*

t-shirts: Enough said.

new Chuck Taylors: I can't seem to get enough of one pair! I am fully going to save up when school returns, so I can buy another pair! Remember my post a few months back, saying that I'm going to save up for this black pair? Well, my saving sorta got out of track, so this time, I am REALLY going to save.

I'll be thinking of more. For now, outta here!

sábado, abril 23, 2005

How My Thursday Went

So, anyway.

in Patty Standard Time (PST)

11:00 a.m.- Roused by brother, birthday boy Nico and our cousins Lynn and Moriah. Had no idea why they were up at the break of dawn. Yelled at them to bug off to catch more Zzz's. Not the most mature and ate-ish thing to do, I know, but my mind was hopelessly in dreamland.

12:20 p.m.- Finally woke up and went downstairs in silk PJs. Found the three musketeers about to eat spaghetti while watching Game Ka Na Ba. Ate spaghetti with Coke. That was breakfast. You're not supposed to have Coke when you wake up, so I can't blame myself for having stomach pains immediately.

1:40 p.m.- Mum arrives from half-day at office. Orders son to take a bath immediately so he can go to Church. Insists bringing Lynn along. Mum refuses, but gives up almost immediately because of sons' nonstop bickering. Brother takes bath with Lynn and Moriah.

2:10 p.m.- Mum finally left with brother and cousin Lynn. Poor Moriah! Tried to cheer her up with some candy from the apple-shaped bowl, but instead takes her afternoon nap.

3:00 p.m.- Uber bored after taking a bath. Mum arrives with Lynn and Nico, while the other musketeer still in deep slumber. Tries to find something upbeat and party-ish music on the radio, but all stations were playing mushy love songs. So not appropriate for a party.

3:20 p.m.- Surrenders on the radio, and puts a pirated dance mix CD. But CD refuses to play. Tries again to no avail. Yells at mum for the CD cleaner, but CD cleaner does not play. Exasperated, I went to my room for my burned CDs, only to discover they were missing. Fully gives up.

4:15 p.m.- Barges to next door after realizing I lent my CDs to them. Found out one neighbor asleep, one in Manila and one shopping. Also found our doggie tied up, whimpering. Takes said dog for a walk, which included running to our home and darting under chairs. Leash and my hands tangled for a while.

4:25 p.m.- Decides to return doggie to prison next door. Tries to pull dog back but the dog refuses, until I nearly choked him with his leash with all that pulling. Once dog is tied up again, discovers that sleeping neighbor is awake. Asked for my CDs and returns home and tries in vain to play them. They play, but they tend to skip. Tries CD cleaner again, to no avail.

5:10 p.m.- No birthday guests yet. Sitting at home with feet on the table and demands celebrant who was playing GameBoy where guests were. Says they're still preparing. Demanded brother if there was a celebrant who was just playing a GameBoy on his birthday. Brother ignores me.

5:40 p.m.- Food is served after guests and celebrant played. Helped mum and helpers serve spaghetti and Coke. Posed as official photographer. Nico blows candle, etc.

After eating, guests and celebrant plays again. Anne, Arnold and I served as hosts. Ha-ha. Played popcorn, Trip to Jerusalem, Bring Me, Newspaper Dance and other games.

5:50 p.m.- Mum's friends from office arrive.

6:30 p.m.- Eating starts. Very impressed at the dishes mum and aunt selected. There's chicken gordon bleu, two kinds of beef courses, veggies, lechon and buko pandan. And the resident mango float which I finally got my hands on. Whee!

To my surprise, cousins Faye and Kyle, with parents arrived. Have not seen them in over a year, since uncle was injured, but I did see Faye last October, during that wedding. Kyle, who's turning 2 or 3 is already walking. Faye, on the other hand, three whole years younger than me, was shockingly nearly as tall as me! I was very, very amazed (and okay- scared) how short I was. Silently vowed to drink more milk. Luckily, I am the same height as Faye's mum, so that's an achievement, I guess.

Lynn and Moriah's little sister, Nia (8 months) arrived with working parents and ate dinner.

7:40 p.m.- After hearing "Say You Love Me" from next door TV set, immediately darted to mum's room to watch Hiram. Fully missed the news, Wazzup Wazzup and The Amazing Race. Asks Ate Judie and Ate Toni a few questions through text, but only Ate Toni replied. Made chika with her on something.

9:30 p.m.- Downstairs already empty, most of the guests already left. Starts cleaning up, but latecomer Aunt arrives, eats what's left and hangs around the house.

10:30 p.m.- Texts Ate Toni goodnight. Gets into PJs and reads a book while whiling away the time.

11:00 p.m.- Switches on the PC to do some Photoshop tinkering while whiling away the time.

12:00 a.m. April 22, 2005- Went online.

And that concludes Patty's Thursday.

By the way, please do visit my Fotopic account. But I don't have many photos yet, as I only created my account last night.

viernes, abril 22, 2005

A Tale of Two Lists

This is the sort of list one would be making at the beginning, or at the end of the year, but whatever.


1. Started my own blog
2. Got a rather low grade on Math (wah wah wah)
3. Fought with stupid teachers who think they're right
4. Started sleeping early and waking early to study
5. Learned HTML
6. Learned Photoshop
7. Made more friends *wink*wink*
8. Watched less of TV
9. Spent more time on Pixie (that's my computer)
10. Got used to having a dog in the house
11. Spent the night at a girlfriend's house
12. Managed not to get a warning
13. Got interested in books again, rather than magazines
14. Raised a grade five points
15. Lowered a grade by nearly 8 points (How could you do this to me, Mdme. G? I have high scores on your tests, for the love of heaven!)

Accomplishment, accomplishment.

And this is the sort of list one should be making at the beginning of summer, but whatever.


1. Lessen intake of soda and iced tea
2. Memorize something useful for the next school-year
3. Learn to touch our dog without being afraid
4. Overcome shyness (yeah right)
5. Learn more HTML and Photoshop
6. Make more friends
7. Spend time outdoors
8. Wear my specs when I am in front of the computer
9. Exercise to straighten spinal cord
10. Stop wasting time answering surveys on Friendster
11. Update my blog regularly
12. Overcome insecurities
13. Dutifully watch Full House, Hiram, The Bachelor/ette, The Amazing Race, Charmed, and The Rebel Billionaire. Except that when I feel diligent to watch Charmed, someone else is hogging the fricken' television set.
14. Sleep
15. Watch movies


16. Not speak to this guy, or whatever he is, who keeps on farting in my face, orders me around, says bad words in front of my brother, promises me things, but never comes around to fulfill it anyway, and basically just pisses me off. Idiot. I'm not talking abut

You know what the sad part is?

Except for numbers 5, 6, 11, and 14 (+16), I will probably not come around to accomplish these stuff.


jueves, abril 21, 2005

The Lost Blog Princess

Been a while, eh? I was just really lazy to make new entries, though I admit I do have quite a lot on my mind.

Happy Birthday to my only brother, SO cute and SO dear to me, Alfonso Nicolas! He's eight for three hours already, and he's asleep. Oh well. He isn't nocturnal like me, so let him be.

We're going to have a birthday bash for him in a few hours. He has invited all his playmates to his party, and mum is serving hotdogs, spaghetti, cakes and juice. Lovely. And then dinner with the family, here at home. To my certain knowledge, it is buffet style since mum kept mumbling about the caterer. Good thing she was the one who chose the food, with my aunt, because if Nico did, then it will all be fried. Of course, there will be lechon later and mango float in the fridge right now. My hands are scratching to eat that float, but I restrain, which is hard to do since it looks very tempting. Ah.

Anyways, I made this new template all by myself! It took me sheer hard work, an old version of Adobe Photoshop, endless tutorials and republishing, and three days, but look at the outcome! It's basic though, since I just meddled with one of Blogger's templates, but still. This is actually version two, because version ones' background is yellow, and it is so not me. If I posted that, then I'd be changing templates in a day, because blogging is supposed to be expressing yourself, and if the template isn't me, then what IS the point?

And so I came up with a new one, and this is it. It's not really done yet, because it may have some glitches, but whatever. I made a template!

I just hope I don't seem SO self-obsessed, because my picture is all over the place. I cannot think of a design, so this is what I came up with. It reminds me of the cover of All-American Girl!

INSTRUCTION: Click the images on my sidebar to reveal more.

Also, I can't help but feel sad, letting go of my previous template which I used for quite some time. I've become too attached to it. Oh my.

And yeah, Natalie Portman, whoever you are, I want you to know that I will NOT appreciate sarcastic comments about my new template, as I've worked very hard on it. It's not like I completely lost my sense of humor, I'm just touchy on this one since it's new. Once I get over the, "Wow-I-made-this-template-all-by-myself!" feeling, then do feel free to hurl your very humorous sarcastic comments at me.

Thank you.

jueves, abril 14, 2005

On Fashion and Photoshop


Needtofindadressdesign. Needtofindadressdesign.


We're to attend my mom's cousin's wedding in May and she requests us to be there. So, my uncle is sewing my dress. Wee, tres fun! Well, he's also a fashion designer so he could totally design it too. But he also told me to look for styles I want and now I'm looking. Which brings us to the topic: Fashion.

Most friends consider me as a 'fashionista' but I really don't think so. I tend to mismatch stuff and when I realize it (usually it's too late), I so feel uncomfortable.

Back to The Topic. Yes, so I'm looking for dress designs (online) and I told my uncle to start sketching designs that I can choose, but he hasn't done that yet. The most he says is that my dress will be a short one, tube, and either peach or orange (Orange is the motif, hello Ate J!). At one point he said I will wear (be prepared) leg warmers!?! That totally does not match, but he says, "Look at Heart (Evangelista), her clothes don't match but she looks fine." Duh.

Anyways, it's a bit exciting to have him sew me a nice dress. I trust him (just not in terms of punctuality!). He had me browsing over several couture and bridal magazines, and telling me to pick a style but I couldn't find anything. Most of them were too outrageous for a simple garden wedding! But I do find Monique Lhuillier's bridal collection so beautiful. I was never a fan of lace, but I found myself liking it now, hehe. Just take a look:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
... oh yes...

Image hosted by
... yay!! (I do sound idiotic here)

Sadly, I could not find the original gown of my dreams that I fell in love with a few months ago. Tammy, a few friends and I were chatting and looking at Ms. Lhuillier's website for gowns. Frustrated. But it's not like I'll be getting married soon!

Image hosted by
I watched Full House earlier, and I really find Jessie's (Song Hye Kyo) fashion style really cool! She dresses like a doll, and she uses very vibrant colors, making her look very fresh. I love how she matches her tops, her skirts, those high-heels, the totes, and that off-center ponytail! Hmm, might be doing that off-center ponytail soon. I just hate Justin's style. It's so.. blah compared to Jessie's fun clothes!

Also, before I went online, I was watching Oprah and their guest was none other than... Valentino! I was mesmerized by the clothes that he designed, like that orange one worn by Jennifer Garner, the black one worn by Julia Roberts when she won best actress for Erin Brockovich, the lavender one worn by Halle Berry, etc! His creations are also so beautiful. I loved this specific dress, in red, tube, and fell just above the knees with poufy stuff on it which looked like roses to me. A model wore a longer version of that dress in the show. It was a signature Valentino creation, and it was just so pretty! But I can't find a picture online. Hey... moving on.


Man, this must be sooo last century ago. I heard a lot about what photoshop can do, but it's only now that I'm making the effort to actually learn it. :) I asked mom for an installation CD, and I now have version 6. I'm kinda looking for version 7, so if you're willing to help, then do so. I can't even apply what I learned in tutorials because there are some features missing in version 6. V. v. frustrating. But I did experiment and I was able to do a few magic tricks:

Image hosted by
I call this Duckie in Paris. This is the first image I ever photoshopped, using photos from samples. I didn't bother editing it well, since I got the hang of it anyway (hmph). Hehe, isn't it cute?

Image hosted by
And this is what I call Muffins and Strawberries. Actually, the tutorial came with an iced tea image but when I downloaded it, it was way smaller than the strawberries and the muffin.

It's 4:15 in the morning now!! Erlack. I told myself not to go beyond 3am. Bad, bad me. Sleeping now. G'night!

martes, abril 12, 2005

Mumble Mumble

Hey! It's been so long since I totally updated, you know? It pains me not to blog (hehe), but since I'm on free internet from midnight onwards, Blogger loads so slowly. It's really a grr.
Eh, what can I say? I miss school! Lol! Believe it or not, I do. Not that I miss the meanie teachers, but I do miss my nice teachers, my friends, my schoolmates, the nice janitors and janitresses, the strict, yet very cool security guards, the hardworking hardineras, the cafeteria food, basically lahat. Yes, I missed you all, and I miss my beloved STC! I miss the pressures of waking up at three in the morning to study, spending hours on the PC writing term papers, spending a ridiculous amount for a creative project... book and movie reviews, algebra... yay! I never thought I'd miss school this early(The irony)! But I don't want summer hols to be over, as I'm not over school yet. But if there'd be a day to go to school just to hang out with everybody else, no WORK whatsoever, then I would definitely go there. :)

Really, I'm having fun with my summer. I've regained my original status as puyatan queen, but don't ask. Mostly I'm stuck at home but I don't really mind. I can do anything I want, with no pressure what-so-ever. I can sleep without being reprimanded and I can eat whenever I want. Speaking of eat, I really must control my very voracious appetite. Even my mum pointed out that I'm fat na (WTF?)! I'm trying to lessen what I eat now. But I had this week-long craving for the soup part of Lucky Me's beef noodles which I was only able to satisfy today. Swear, it was all I could think of, like BEEF NOODLES! BEEF NOODLES! And swear again, I mostly had the soup because I didn't care for the noodles part. Everyone knows you can satisfy cravings by drinking water but it SO didn't work for me. I had enough so I asked Yaya to buy me Lucky Me.

Another bad news is that I can't fit into my favorite white miniskirt without it being fully stretched! Grr. And you could clearly see it fully-stretched. Argh, I so hate that! Bad bad bad!

Meanwhile, I would like to greet my little cousin Lynn a happy birthday! She turned six last Sunday night and had a grand party in their house in Bulacao. It was really fun. They hired a clown to supervise games and etc, and he was really funny. He even tried to persuade me to join the game but I totally refused. I wasn't really game. And they had good food too. So, Lynn, happy birthday! Love you!

My mood these days is always swinging. It seems that I am like that every two weeks. Earlier I was a bit emotional and just wanted to sleep, but now I totally feel giddy for no reason. You know, I'd laugh at something funny (Which I don't really do when I'm reading), and flash this gazillion-watt smile as if photographers are around me, taking my picture, and batting my eyes. Weird no? I am chuckling amusedly as I type this. Forgive my whacko mood. But it is nice to be in a good mood. Really.

Oh yeah, by the way, I took advantage of my high Math grade. I'm so mean, but I do deserve it. I asked nearly everyone to buy me a new book as a reward for my sheer, hard work. And so the people I asked agreed, they're gonna give me new books! So very happy. :)

I've been thinking a lot lately. Nothing really special, but just basic stuff. And I wanted to write about my reflections here, but because of my stupid mood, I forgot all about them. Typical. As for now, I'm working on a poem called Handwriting. And it's not done yet.

Must go to bed. I am sleepy (NOT), and I have cramps. Again. Good night.


Fiona- You lucky lucky girl! Don't forget my pasalubong!

Bloghoppers- Thanks for dropping by! I've been totally lazy but I will visit your blogs soon.

Friends- You do realize my phone, my mobile and my e-mail has been socially inactive (well, except for Liezel). What gives?

lunes, abril 11, 2005

You always ask me
Those words i say
And telling me what it means to me

Every single day
You always act this way
For how many times i told you
I love you
For this is all i know

Come to me and hold me
And you will see
The love i give
For you still hold the key

Every single day
You always act this way
For how many times i told you
I love you
For this is all i know

I'll never go far away from you
Even the sky will tell you
That i need you so
For this is all i know
I'll never go far away from you

Come to me and hold me
And you will see
The love i give
For you still hold the key

Every single day
You always act this way
For how many times i told you
I love you
For this is all i know

I'll never go far away from you
Even the sky will tell you
That i need you so
For this is all i know
I'll never go far away from you

I'll never go far away from you
Even the sky will tell you
That i need you so
For this is all i know
I'll never go far away from you

I'll never go far away from you
Even the sky will tell you
That i need you so
For this is all i know
I'll never go far away from you

I'll never go
[never go away]
I'll never go away
[never go]...

Freezing. Five AM. Gotta go. Brr.

miércoles, abril 06, 2005

Little Miss Natalie

Tres amusant.

I went to this website that Ate J recommended to me. It's really, erm, funny. See, all you gotta do is register, then you upload a good pic, and they determine your race, personality, and your celebrity match.

Click here for an enlarged size.

This is a screenshot of my own page. It says that my race is SouthEast Asian (Which is true) and Anglo-Saxon. Erlack. I asked mum, who was checking the site at the same time, and she said it's an old race of people in the past! In my words, "Sooo last century!" Amazing.

My celebrity look-alike? No other than Natalie Portman, aka Padme Amidala of Star Wars. Amusing. Judging from the photos, we do look alike (kinda). What do you think? Do we look alike?

This is very, very amusing. Mum hasn't registered, so she didn't see her celebrity look a like, but her race is Chinese daw. Ha-ha-ha.

And tell me one more thing: What happened to Jennifer Garner?!

lunes, abril 04, 2005


Dear Lord,

I have so many things to be thankful for, but I feel like I haven't thanked You enough. I know that in my prayers every night I would always say, "Thank You, for the blessings every day," but with all the blessings you give me, I feel that it's not enough.

I would like to thank You for guiding me through the last grading period. I have definitely improved, especially in Math, because of Your guidance. You never left me alone in the dark, and I am thankful for that. You would always tell me to give my all, and look, Lord, I did! I raised my Math grade by five points, and my ranking by 10 places! You are the coolest!

Also, Lord, thank You for giving me my loved ones. I don't know how I could come this far without them, even if they're just a simple acquaintance, an online friend, or a buddy since preparatory, and most especially family members who've been with me since the minute I was born. I would be forever thankful to them for touching my life in a way or another.

Thank You for the simple stuff that you give me, which I mostly take for granted, like the air that I breathe and the water that I drink, the trees that gives us oxygen, the animals that serve as food... my voice, my sense of sight, my sense of hearing, my sense of touch and taste... I cannot enumerate all these blessings as they are too many, but I am thankful for all of them.

Lord, I hope that You would continue to shower us with blessings, even simple ones.

More Incoherence

Had interesting day today. Ish.

Mum took Nico and I out for a shopping spree! Way, way fun. Of course, Nico had the most number of purchases. Well, what's new?

He bought several t-shirts and sando, plus two shorts, one for house, and one for going out. And he also bought a toy. Erlack.

Me, on the other hand, bought three sets of pajamas. I don't know why. I admit I could use a few more tops and a few more jeans, but I bought pajamas. All in color blue! Reminds me of Ate J- lol! I'm wearing my favorite one right now. It's HOT, dark, dark blue silk tank top and matching pants. Very, very comfy.

Ate at Greenwich. Oh, just lasagna and a few garlic sticks. Of course, Nico ate McDo. Well, duh. That was late afternoon, and it's midnight now, so I'm totally hungry!

Didn't realize it until now, but my shoulders totally hurt!! It's sunburnt. Thank goodness that's the only part of me sunburnt, everything else is a-okay. I like my tan now, actually. Except that my face looks like a package of bleach sat on it, it's whiter than the rest of my body! Erlack. I mean, when people would look at my face, they'd say I'm not tan, then they look at my shoulders and they go, "Oh.." Darn.

But I enjoyed the outing. Totally. It's nice to go and swim and swim the whole day.

My stomach, aside from being hungry, is also tied up in knots. Today (Well, it's past 12, aight?) is card-getting day, and I'm uber nervous *shudder*. What if I'd have to take summer classes in Math?! Noo! What happened to Science and to History? My personality grade (if there's such a thing)? Maybe Miss Navaja pulled that down because I argued with her. Hahaha. Yikes. But I know I did my best, so I shouldn't worry too much. I think.

I'm really sad that the Pope died already. I know, I'm not super religious, but I do pray a lot. And I love the Pope. He's the only Pope I've grown to know, too. I know I should be happy because he's suffering no more, but I feel sad about it. Let's all pray for him. This is a special prayer for him.

OREMUS (let us pray)

Blessed are you, Father,
who, in your infinite love,
gave us your only-begotten Son.
By the power of the Holy Spirit he became incarnate
in the spotless womb of the Virgin Mary
and was born in Bethlehem

He became our companion on life's path
and gave new meaning to our history,
the journey we make together
in toil and suffering,
in faithfulness and love,
towards the new heaven and the new earth
where You, once death has been vanquished, will be all
in all.

Praise and glory to You, Most Holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

By your grace, O Father, the Jubilee Year began a new
millennium, a time of deep purification and conversion
wherein you invited the Church and the entire human
race to return to you in and through your Son Jesus
Christ. In such a wonderful way you have given us the
gift of Pope John Paul II, in this significant moment
in the history of the Church and the world, to teach,
pastor and lead us into this millennium.

We now pray for your servant, Pope John Paul II who
has faithfully and tirelessly proclaimed in word and
deed the Good News of Jesus Christ. As he enters the
"autumn" of his wonderful service, Lord, hold Him
close to your heart; heal and comfort him, let Him
know your deep, intimate presence as He continues to
pour himself out for you and, in your Son, for the
sake of the world.

May we truly encounter, as he prayed in the Jubilee,
a time of reconciliation between people,
and of peace restored among nations,
a time when swords are beaten into ploughshares
and the clash of arms gives way to songs of peace.

Father, grant great favor to our beloved Pope,
so docile to the voice of the Spirit,
faithful to the way of Christ,
diligent in listening to your Word
and in leading so many to the wellsprings of grace.

Praise and glory to You, Most Holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

Father, by the power of the Spirit,
strengthen the Church's commitment to the new
evangelization Pope John Paul has proclaimed and guide
our steps along the pathways of the world,
to proclaim Christ by our lives,
and to direct our earthly pilgrimage
towards the City of heavenly light as he has both
taught and demonstrated through his own holy life,
extraordinary teaching and prophetic invitation.

May Christ's followers show forth their love
for the poor and the oppressed;
may they be one with those in need
and abound in works of mercy;
may they be compassionate towards all,
that they themselves may obtain indulgence and
forgiveness from you.

Praise and glory to You, Most holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

Father, grant that your Son's disciples,
purified in memory
and acknowledging their failings,
may be one, that the world may believe.
May dialogue between the followers of the great
religions expand, and may all people discover the joy
of being your children.

May the intercession of Mary, Mother of your faithful
people, the one to whom this Pope consecrated himself,
his fruitful service and the entire Church and world,
in union with the prayers of the Apostles, the
Christian martyrs, and the righteous of every people
and every age, bring comfort, healing, mercy and
consolation to your son, John Paul II and make this
millennium a time of renewed hope and of joy in the
Spirit for each of us and for the whole Church.

Praise and glory to You, Most Holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

To you, Almighty Father, Creator of the universe and
of mankind, through Christ, the Living One, Lord of
time and history, in the Spirit who makes all things
holy, be praise and honor and glory now and forever.


John Paul II Fund:
I will never forget the vibrant energetic smile of
that young Pope, filled with hope, proclaiming "Be Not
Afraid!" on that historic day in October, 1978. The
whole world fell in love with him. He was in the
springtime of his ministry. The world was watered by
the spring rains that flowed from his walk with the
Lord and in the Holy Spirit and the Church awakened to
the promise of his pontificate.

Let us build a living legacy for Pope John Paul II.

Donate Now to the John Paul II Fund

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Join the Oremus Prayer Network, an international
prayer community, praying for marriage and the family,
a new evangelization of culture, Your Catholic Voice,
and its members and their families.

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"Without music, life would be a mistake."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

domingo, abril 03, 2005


Came from the beach! Erlack, I am so, so brown.

I am bored. So...

...I got this from Maky. Originally, I wanted to do a musical survey but I couldn't find any.

A is for AGE: Some things are better left unsaid.
B is for BOYFRIEND's name: None at the moment.
C is for CAREER: I'm still a student.
D is for DAD's name: Manuel
E is for ESSENTIAL item to bring on an airplane: Candy
F is for FAVORITE song at the moment: What You're Made Of by Lucie Silvas
G is for GIRLFRIENDS: Too many to mention
H is for HOMETOWN: Cebu City
I is for INSTRUMENTS you play: A little bit of Piano. I am hopeless when it comes to instruments.
J is for JAM or JELLY you like: Strawberry Jam!
K is for KIDS: None, but I love them.
L is for LIVING arrangements: Living with mom
M is for MOM's name: Debbue
N is for NAME of your best friend(s): Pearl...?
O is for OVERNIGHT hospital stay: None yet, thank goodness
P is for PHOBIA[s]: Speaking in front of people.
Q is for QUOTE you like: What's the point of crying?
R is for RELATIONSHIP that lasted the longest: None!
S is for SINGER(s) you like most: Avril Lavigne and MYMP
T is for TIME you wake up: 6:00 a.m. on school days. Anytime in the afternoon during weekends and summer.
U is for UNIQUE trait: Rolling my eyes.
V is for VEGETABLE you love: Cauliflower.
W is for WORST habit: Nibbling on my cheeks
X is for X-RAYS you've had: None
Y is for YUMMY food you make: Anything instant.
Z is for ZODIAC sign: Scorpio

sábado, abril 02, 2005


I'm supposed to be INCOHERENT!!!

.:: First of all, I'm sorry for not linking and replying to your tags. Really, very sorry. I'm just so tamad to bloghop lately, with my connection so slow and me being sleepy most of the time. I promise to drop by your blogs when I can. :)

.:: A fact that I've only recently discovered: I'm addicted to lip glosses! How come I have never noticed this before? When I would receive a lip gloss as a gift, I would immediately brighten up. Tsk tsk, must add it to Friendster interests. Lip glosses, shimmers and balms I love are GlamShine (Forgot the brand... I think it's Revlon?), The Body Shop's Born Lippy in Strawberry, Dior, Penshoppe's Fruity Pout in (what else?) Strawberry, Careline, Nivea, and more!!! I am seriously considering telling everyone to get me different lip glosses for Christmas but would you take me seriously? Tee-hee. I'm dying to have my own GlamShine, though, because I only had a tester, but I love it, so... *hint! hint!* I cannot live without lip balms, seriously. Everyday I must put some on, because I'd feel so incomplete. Nyaha.

.:: I received this in YM as an offline message

Pope John Paul 2 is dying. He was given last rites. He has high fever due to urinary tract infection. His BP is slowly lowering. Let's all pray for him. PLS PASS...

Please do pray for him!!

.:: Scoliosis. Enough said.

.:: Card-getting at school on Monday. I really don't wanna go, but because I'm the one supposed to be handing out CDs, it can't be avoided. One thing I can avoid though, is going to the classroom. Please don't let me have summer classes in Math. Please. I would even sign up for 10 sessions of Personality Dev't Lessons as long as I won't attend Math Summer Class.

My grades are so bad. I mean, okay, I got a passing grade in 1st and 3rd grading. In 2nd... well, never mind. But what about the fourth?! I swear, I did so well! Only 3 exams went kaboo, and the rest (there were lots) of them were perfect! Or maybe not, but they were good scores, like three mistakes maximum. And I think I did well in the finals. Miss Zerda has to make my grades go higher! Erlack.

.:: Got a new swimsuit. Well, mum was the one who bought it, without me knowing it. Nice, but I doubt if gray really is my color.

.:: I'm bursting with ideas... for fanfiction titles. :D

.:: Current LSS. Ngee, sabay-sabay!

1. Candy Shop- 50 Cent feat. Olivia
2. It's Like That- Mariah Carey feat. Fatman Scoop and Jermaine Dupri
3. What You're Made Of- Lucie Silvas
4. Get Right- Jennifer Lopez feat. Fabolous
5. Scotty Doesn't Know- Lustra

.:: Fiona and I were talking today. Here are some lines I thought were funny. (Yes, Ming, I am bored.)

All About Failng Math

Me: Does 3 quizzes make a difference? We did have a lot of quizzes

Fi: Yes, it does!

Me: But they're not really failing. Does it still make a difference?

Fi: Yes

Me: I am officially going to barf. Fiona!!!! what to do, what to do???!!!

Fi: Barf

The Recent Philippine Airlines-Korina S. Controversy

Fi: I'm going to Manila, btw. Using PAL

Me: Make sure your luggage isn't Louie Vuitton


Me: Can i come with you? Hahaha!

Fi: Sure. You can fit in my bag. (Patty's note: Must-add to my list of Funny Things About Being Small)

Me: With my height, I can. As long as they dont start slashing the bags. *gulp


Me: Because I'd be killed. I can see the headlines now... GIRL FOUND SLASHED IN PASSENGER'S MALETA!

Fi: And I'll make a scene in the airport

Me: Tell me about it

Fi: NOOOO! My bag! My beautiful bag!

*Ming is really fun to talk with. :)

.:: Thinking about getting belly-button pieced. Wala lang, just a stupid thing to do to reward myself for all the hard work I've been doing (esp. in Math). Will mum approve kaya?