sábado, marzo 12, 2005

Random Stuff II

1- My exams are finally done! Over! Yes!! Now I have luxurious months filled with nothing but bliss. Hmm, just what am I to do this summer? Oh, go to the beach of course. We're having an out-of-town trip in April. Just hope it'd push through. I could also take summer lessons or land a summer job. Or I can play sports, so I'll lose those pounds I managed to put on. About my tests, well, Blodge was the hardest. Damn. But the best part of all? FOR MONTHS, I DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO LECTURES FROM THIS TEACHER WHO DEFINITELY NEEDS TO TAKE GRAMMAR LESSONS!!! I am so, so mean.

2- I am sawa of McDonalds. Don't get me wrong, the food is awesome but if you'd been forced to eat McChicken for three days, someone's bound to get sawa. Really.

3- Finally bought the book I've been looking for! It's P.S. I Love You by this Irish girl who's the daughter of the Irish Prime Minister. I read it today. In fact, that's all I did when I got home! Awww, so touching! I love it. A lot.

4- I can't understand why some people just can't help but butt in other's business. I hate it when they break into my privacy. Can't they just keep to themselves? After all, I do not even invade their privacy, so why should they invade mine?

5- I can't believe this. After school, practically every one went to Ayala or out to lunch somewhere. So boring. C'mon, what's so special about malling?! Oh, I did not go to Ayala or out to a celebratory lunch with my friends. I wasn't invited, and it'd be rude if I just invited myself along. Besides, what's the friggen' point? I want to curl up for the rest of the day in my room anyway.

6- Watched The Bachelor 5 tonight. I got so irritated!! Why did Jessie Palmer give that beeyatch Trish a friggen' rose?! Why is he soooo blind to see the true Trish? I mean, hello!! She hates kids and she's a gold digger and she slept with married men! How could a guy marry a person like that?! I am so annoyed. As in.

7- Songwriter mood tonight. Want to write a song titled 26 Saturdays. Don't ask. But I'll get around to doing it later.

So, TTFN my dear chummies!