domingo, marzo 20, 2005

Psychological Problem or Mood Swings?

3:30 in the mawnin'.

This is a song I wrote. Please do not select it, right click, cut and copy that. Respect my rights as a songwriter, would you? Or maybe since right click is disabled, copy the whole friggen' thing. Puh-lease.

26 Saturdays
by me

It's not the first time my Saturday went like this
It has been a routine to wake up feeling something was amiss
Things haven't been the same since I last felt your kiss
Oh no, I've been empty, I've been lonely, I've been unhappy, I've been pissed

Don't you ever miss my comforting touch
Accompanied by a soothing voice telling you it's way too much
Don't you ever long for my warm, tender embrace
And telling you I'm with you in whatever you face

I guess you don't realize it's been 26 Saturdays
Four thousand three hundred sixty-eight hours
And a hundred eighty-two days
Since I woke up alone
I know I'm not strong
I need someone like you to be with me when the days go wrong

It's been 26 Saturdays since I've last heard from you
Life's been hard since the day you were gone
I guess it's only right that I should move on
Even though I know it'd be hard to carry on

So, whatcha think?

I'm still awake and I don't blame myself. Been to slumber party at Meg's house yesterday and we slept around the same time crimping each other's hair and playing Taboo. Actually, I did the crimping and Meg, Sam, Fiona, Kimi and Tanya did the playing after we watched Princess Diaries 2 while eating burnt popcorn (Meg's fault- ha ha ha!) and drinking Cali.

Woke up half past six 'cause some of us had to go home early. It turned out that Fiona was the only one to go 'cause her 'rents were fetching her, but we all had to wait for Kimi's driver before we go. Went home around ten. Had shouting match with Uncle Owen because he doesn't care if he shut off the friggen' computer wrong. He has to care because my other uncle who's fixing the PC warned us that we better develop the habit of shutting down properly 'cause our PC's nearly broken. Dozed off for three hours after I slammed the door.

Wonder what exactly my problem is. I've been turning into a meanie *gasp* lately. This all started with our thesaurus-derived teacher, whom I had an argument on the first day of finals. Got myself into trouble because of my being mean. Well, she did piss me off. Follow my brother and my uncle. So yun naman pala, that's why my throat hurts. I'm turning into a bitch. My bad.

But the weirder thing is that now all that stupid bitchiness of a crap is gone, for I am happy. Smile smile. I'm not joking, I really am in a good mood and if I'd have to face my thesaurus-derived teacher, my uncle and my brother altogether, I would not totally yell at them. I need to smile. The world needs smiling people like me *giggle*. I'm smiling. Stupoid, stupoid. I think I'm really funny when I'm not. Ha ha. My moods are really weird. I guess it doesn't matter now, because I am tres amusant. At 3:42 in the morning. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I love the world. So very much.

Gotta go, my eyes hurt, for no reason BUT I am not sleepy.

Have a blessed holy week, everyone!