sábado, marzo 26, 2005



I spent 3 days and 2 nights in the wilderness. Oh, I mean, in the mountains *giggle*. Clearly I am having a hang-over or whatsit. My mind is still empty.

We went to this resort in San Fernando called Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort. Tacky name, because it IS really hidden. From the highway, you have to turn to this smaller road and it takes 5 kilometers to reach the resort. Have to go through rocky roads and all. I guess it's worth it, because the place is beautiful (ish). It's got three big swimming pools and a lot of, um, cottages. The ones we stayed in cost around P600 so it wasn't that big, but it's okay.

We reached the place around two ish, and we went swimming. Super hassle if you want to go to a specific pool because they had these ridiculously made stairs. But it's okay. They also had this fish pond with a big floating cottage, which I never got to ride, but it's okay.

We stopped swimming around five ish, and then after we all took showers, BROWNOUT!! Hmph. To think there was no generator in the resort. Brownout for two hours, until they announced that the electricity would be back in the morning *horrified gasp*. Spent very uncomfortable night between mum and Nico in a small bed. Many flies and mosquitoes. Ick. I didn't mind though, must be my so-called sense of adventure, but it's okay.

In fairness, I saw the sun rise. My sleep wasn't straight because of the mosquitoes and because of Nico's kicking, so I was roused around five or six, and I saw the sun rise. So beautiful. :) Fully woke up hours later, for the rest of the day, alternating eating, swimming and watching DVDs.

I watched Eurotrip while I was there. Very very funny. Haha, I'm having a LSS to Luster's Scotty Doesn't Know. Wee-hee. Also watched 13-Going-On-30 and Mean Girls.

Some other family members also came over for lunch. And that night, no brownout! Yay! Uh, anyway...

Saturday, woke up at an ungodly hour, 8am! Went swimming after a breakfast of a tuna sandwich and C2. Ahahaha. Had lunch, checked out, went home, and here I am. I wish I had pictures to share. I tend to tan pretty badly because I have fair skin, so good thing I'm not that tanned. Maybe a little peachy pink.

So there, that's how my little escape from city life went. End.