miƩrcoles, marzo 23, 2005


1. 2 hAv my 0wn caR.... s0 i can g0 werEvr i wnt 2! :p
2. 2 hav a pLane>>> travel round d world!<<<
3. hav maGicaL p0werZ!
4. reacH d skY wiD my haNds!! ++ haha ++
5. waLk 0n d laKe, lYk jeZus ^_^
6. bE a pRincEzs and liV in a biG2 paLaz wiD my 0nE trU luv
7. ~*~*~lEarn 2 pLay d guitaR n dA piaNo!~*~*~
8. haV a maGic carpEt rYd wiD my aLadDin!
9. ///// hAv a scuLptUR 0f mYsLf \\\\10. pAinT sumtHin dAt wiLl maKe me Famuz!
11. bec0m a p|r8 {s0 i cN traveL acr0s d sEas!}
12. >>mIt aN aNgEL!<<
13. diSc0veR a cuRe 4 cancR!
14. b iN 2 pLacEs @ 0ncE... lYk a waLk 2 reMembER! ;)
15. bUiLd h0meZ 4 dA h0melEss!
16. -=-=-bE bEnjaMin mcKeNziE's girLfriENd 4 6 m0ntHs!! -=-=-
17. g0 ouT 0n a d8 wiD bRad piTt! tEe-heE! hE's cUtE aNd sinGLe n0w!
18. 4 mY s0nGz 2 bE faMuz!! iM a s0nGwRitEr u knW!
19. fInD 0uT iF caViaR iz riLy yucKi!
20. ``EaT waT i wAnt w/0 gEtInG fAt!``
21. ExPEriEnz sn0w 'cuZ dErs n0 sn0w iN d pHiLz!
22. g0 2 c0LlEgE in paRis! ..o0 la laa..
23. wrYt a bEsTsELLinG n0vEl dAt pp0L wilL neVR 4gEt!
24. bE miss uNivErZE-pEtiTe! haha!
25. [ | [ 0wN mY oWn iSLaNd! ] | ]
26. hAv mY pRiV8 fRanChisE oF HaaGeN daZ... wh0a!
27. hAVe mY 0wN c0ncErT!!
28. sEe aRiEL d mErmAiD iN pErs0n
29. g0 2 dIsNeYLaNd!!!!
30. sLidE a raInBoW str8 2 a p0t oF g0Ld!
31. )))g0 2 d m0on(((
32. * * *rEnAmE d n0rTh sTaR aFtR m0i * * *
33. vIsiT m0na liSa iN d l0uvRe!
34. +++ mEeT mY fAiRyg0dm0tHeR s0 shE caN tuRN mE in2 cINdErELla na wiD gLasS sLipPeRz!+++
35. bE a hEr0!
36. lEarN 2 spIk fRenCh... jE t'aIMe
37. >>mIt a maRtiAn!<<
38. bUngEe jUmP... hEHe
39. bE d 1sT laDy 0f a c0unTri... ;)
40. rUb a b0TtLe -> mIt mY gEniE-> hAv mY wiShEs gRantEd!
41. uSe d iNtErnEt wHeNeVR i wNt!
42. {haV mY 0wN cD, m0vI aNd tV sh0w anD mTv}
43. hAvE wiNgs s0 i caN fLY lYk a bUtTerFly
44. g0 2 eIFFeL t0wEr... i riLy hAv a tHinG 4 fRanCe nO?!
45. hAv a sh0pPinG spReE in nEw y0rK.. wh0a, guCcI, cHaNeL, pRadA, sus daMi!
46. waLk oN d rEd carPeT in mY own m0vIE prEmieR!
47. ---bE aN anGeL aNd maKe sum1 hApi!!---
48. w0rLd peAcE, bEcuz n0 matTer h0w haRd wE prAy 4 iT, it neVr comz tRu!
49. 2 bE kiSsEd bY my 0ne tRu luV
50. gEt maRiEd & lIvE haPiLy eVeR aFtEr wId my pRincE cHarMing...

I know, that is so not me to type like that. Sorry to Fiona, who hates people typing like that *tee-hee*

Be leaving town for a few days. Just leave messages, you know how! See you!