miƩrcoles, febrero 16, 2005

Weird, Yet Sweet

Just a little thing that happened earlier. I have not been successful in taking my mind off it, but it was really weird, yet sweet in a way.

You see, I was already in our "village" (ha ha ha). As usual, there were adult, sweaty men playing basketball. They stopped their game to give way to me and to other passerbys. Then there was this lonely kid, around seven, wearing a pink shirt and shorts. She was alone, for the other kids her age were playing their own game.

When I passed by, she smiled and asked in our dialect, "Can we be friends?" Needless to say, I was taken aback by the simple question of the girl. I could not trust myself to speak, but I just nodded and gave her a half-smile.

Isn't it weird? But I really found it sweet. :)