viernes, febrero 11, 2005


Haven't blogged in a week.

I am so tired. I have been busy for weeks, since school came back. Not online much, due to heavy workload. I usually come home weak and tired, my legs acting like jelloid, my face blotchy and sweaty, and my body perspiring. Oh, did I mention hungry too? And right now my hands are all sore and bruised due to lugging heavy bags and paperbags. So do my shoulders. Damn.

For weeks now, I have been to drama practices. I'm proud to say I haven't missed one. I don't want to miss one since rehearsals are so fabbity-fab, and to get high scores. But it's draining me out. I have not been home for several Saturdays, only Sundays, which leaves me rest-deprived. And Sundays, I do my projects. I am so tired.

In school, I am consistently pressured to study, for there are usually unexpected exams. I try to listen to every lecture and understand the lesson, and I do, really. I have been getting good scores, so that's one good thing. I try harder in Math to concentrate, and in tests I am doing great, so it makes me happy.

When I go home after school, I study for forthcoming tests and do projects. I don't have much free time. I usually sleep early, then wake up around five to study. Effort, eh?

And this Saturday--tomorrow, I am going to school for the mural painting project of the department. Fabu. I am one of those in the documentation team.

In home economics, I have three personal projects to do and one compilation. Tiring! They don't give me a break!! Ugh!!

I even made this funny, yet truthful schedule. Every day of February, I am supposed to do something. I have to complete my missing requirements for my clearance. Though I'm not missing much. Just those when I was absent. Good.

I finally finished reading The Good Earth. Uh, okay, don't like the ending much. It took me a long time to finish it because it was so, er, descriptive.


A few points:

.:: Just call me Girl Bulol. One day last week, Dixie and I tried out other roles in our play. And I kept on messing up the words. Well, they were in Filipino. When I messed up a word, I go "Bleblebleble!"

.:: I tend to stumble easily. Just one push and I'm down. Like today, I arrived in school early, bringing a heavy paperbag and my bag and I was climbing the stairs when suddenly-tsuk! I stumbled! Wahaha, I must've looked funny, a teen trapped inside a small body carrying a heavy paperbag stumble and going, "Ow shoot!"

.:: There was this one day when everything I put my hands on will fall. First was my notebook. When I arrived at home, I held the chair and suddenly it fell down. It made this clanking sound. Wahoo. Then I tried to rip open this bag of Chicharon and then-tsuk, a piece of chicharon flew! Holy cow and sacre bleu.

.:: Wednesday, I nailed my line!! Yay! Funny though, I just held on to Fiona and suddenly the line came out perfectly. In that annoyingly perfect tone that is supposed to be Jessie! Then yesterday, I tried to nail it again but I looked at my classmate Faye, and she was laughing, so when I said my line, it came out somethingy whatsit like, "Yeshahahahahaha!!"

See, I am so palaw!

* synonimous to "pasaway". I got the word from Fiona. It was contageous, but still, she caught my "LOL", hahahaha!