jueves, febrero 17, 2005


I have absolutely, totally NO IDEA how I'm gonna start this blog entry. Why? Because I am so happy, so ecstatic that I'm almost delirious! Aaaaahhhhhh!!

See, today was a fun fun day. After workshop, Pearl and I headed out to the mall because I needed to buy things for my THE Compilation. We were just exiting National, went to the other side of the mall, went up the stairs, and I was totally like looking at my bag. Then Pearl suddenly screeched in an excited voice, "Michiiiiiii!!!!" Oh wait, she wouldn't screech, but she sounded like it. Hahaha.

I was loading. When I looked up from my bag (There's nothing fascinating about it- FYI- lol!), I just remembered seeing Michi barreling towards me! Then my shock wore out and we just ran at each other and then we hugged! I was totally delirious and went like, "Oh my God oh my God Michi!!!" when Pearl and Michi hugged. It was sooo fabulous meeting her again.

See, Michi transferred to SHS-Jesuit two years ago. We used to text last year and I found her on Friendster, but we haven't really talked, like as in, talk. We had a good look at each other for a loong time. Things changed so much since she left. We made chika in Rustans, and it was really fun. We nearly chatted for half an hour before Michi had to go shopping. She's going to Bacolod for a class trip. And us? A field trip in the mountains! Interesting.

Michi (for those who know her) has changed a lot, yet you would know she's still the same person. She even looks like the same. Her hair was the same, except for the bangs, and her school uniform. I've grown taller than her, so she had to deadpan what I drank to grow taller. Hahaha.

Before Pearl and I went, we exchanged new numbers (So that's why we weren't texting! Hahaha!) and we made Michi promise to have a get-together over the summer. We invited her to the Family Day this Sunday, but she can't go because of her overnight Bacolod trip.

Man, that was totally awesome. I'm so happy right now! Wheeee!!