sábado, febrero 12, 2005

I Could Be...

I could be in Ayala right now, enjoying Close Up's Lovapalooza 2, though I can't participate in the kiss.

Instead, I am at home, tuning in to Studio 23's hourly updates. Which is not bad, since I get to be updated at all the Lovapaloozas in the country right now.

I could be attending the USC prom tonight at the Grand Convention, since I was invited to go as a date to my uncle's friend, wearing probably a pretty dress, all made up, hair fixed, reeking of perfume and meeting people.

Instead, I am at home, alone, in a shirt and a pair of shorts, not made up, hair messed up, faintly smelling of Bvlgari Extreme I sprayed on earlier, not meeting people. And I don't mind, since I am not remotely interested to go.

I could be doing my projects right now, catching up on missing requirements, and completing my personal projects. And if I do that, I might actually have free days this February.

Instead, I'm too lazy, so I'm online. So there.