lunes, febrero 14, 2005

Happy Day of Love

Hello, my fabbity-fab chums!! It's February 14, Valentines Day, the Day of Hearts or whatever you might call it.

I never thought I'd be saying this today, but I am not lonely! Hahaha, as a matter of fact, I feel great and happy. I just woke up with a happy feeling and it's been like that until this moment. Why would I be sad? It's a beautiful day, after all. The sun is shining (not) and there's a cool wind outside. Everything just feels so serene and peaceful today.

Maybe because it's half day. Hahaha.

I am in a great mood. Did I tell you already? I had a nice time at school today. We had "junior teachers" for the first two periods (Math) and we just had to answer some excersises I found easy, then just bummed around the third one. Then breaktime. After that was the program for our teacher, Mdme. Racal, who I initially hated at first for accusing me, but now I like her (ish). Took pictures, did teacher impersonations, ate, and posed for the cammy. Real fun! I had to clean, but there wasn't much to clean. Then went to the mall with my two friends and then dropped by JRS Express and went home.

I got a yellow rose from Fio-fio, currently in a vase right now and blooming. Mostly I got hugs from almost everyone. Which is nice. And my friend Daryl got me... er, melted Toblerone.

@ Maky: Happy Valentine's Day! You know, I forgot to add something to my list, but I forgot it again. I was actually wondering why you didn't reply to my IMs over the weekend, and now I know, hahaha! Please do say hi to your friend for me. :) I hope to hear from the both of you soon!