domingo, febrero 13, 2005

The Funny Things About Being Small

I was in the salon earlier, waiting for 48 years. I had to have a trim since my hair became so dry. And mom let me have a hair spa treatment. Ish. While waiting, I was able to conjure up this list. It's about the funny things that a small person experiences (e.g. me):

1. When visiting the salon to have a haircut, the stylist usually raises your chair a few inches upward, or lets you sit on pillows.

2. When having a hot-oil treatment (Or anything that requires your hair to be shampooed), the one assisting you keeps on saying, "Raise yourself up pa,"

3. When something is taken away from you by a tall person, and you want it back, it's hopeless. Tall person will just raise the object high above and you have to jump to get it. Unless of course, Tall Person does give it back.

4. It is easier to hide while playing hide and seek when you're small.

5. Small people usually have a hard time getting the growth tablets from the high shelves. Maybe that's why they don't grow much.

6. Most short people can get away wearing anything.

7. Small people turn out to be someone great. Look at our current president GMA, at national hero Jose Rizal, at Napoleon, at power-belter Sheryn Regis and broadcast-journalist Korina Sanchez. See? Next on that list will be me, hwahaha.

8. Most petite girls are used to high heels. I should know.

9. Most guys like petite girls because they can cuddle the girl.

10. If the arrangement is not by height, most short people find themselves at the back of the line. Always.

Though being short sometimes sucks, I love being petite. Even if I wish I could grow two inches man lang.